Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some new amateur videos

A new batch of videos is being published by a photographer out of New York City who has decided to post them on his own blog rather than rely on Xtube, which has just disintegrated over the past few days into a useless pile of code.

I mean, what the fuck is going on at Xtube? Did someone cum all over their keyboard or what? Videos take forever to start, and when they finally do, you get only about 10 seconds worth of film before it freezes up and stops working altogether. There have been some pretty decent-looking videos of good length posted over the last few days, but none of them can be seen.

So here's a better solution if you're posting on Xtube. Do what NYC_photographer on Xtube has done... load your videos on your own blog and use Xtube only to publicize where they're at. If Xtube ever gets its act together (clean the cum out of your servers, boys), you can still watch the vids there, but in the meantime, just put them on your own blogs. A blog is so easy to create for yourself, even a caveman can do it.

(I believe even a caveman would do a better job of running Xtube these days.)

Let's hope the folks at Xtube didn't leave some old geezer alone at the switch for the long holiday weekend, and when they walk in Tuesday morning they find him keeled over his keyboard with his cock out and all the circuits screwed up...

Oh yeah, here's where you can find NYC_photographer's videos: Enjoy!

For now, here's a sample of one of his vids, but be forewarned: It's a link to Xtube, so it may not load for you. (Not even Xtube's embed codes are working, so I have to give you just the link.) Here goes:

Later bros,