Friday, December 17, 2010

Fucking hot sling action

This top stud named Roy in San Francisco has been banging the shit out of these willing bottom boys with his dark, uncut and RAW monster cock.

Check out his hot fuck action with this sling vid he posted this week... God I love how he fucks, and anything with a sling makes my hole quiver.

Add to that the dark, uncut hog he rams, and I'm in love. lol...


Robert revisited

I had a recent rendezvous with Robert, but before I give you a few details, I want to apologize for being offline for so long. I usually disappear during warm weather, when I'm outside as much as I can be. But where I'm at, the weather hasn't been very warm for a few months now. In fact, lately it's been freezing my nuts off. lol. But I guess I was just in a stretch where I wasn't doing much sexually, so I wasn't motivated to write anything.

Still, I should've passed along some really hot fuck vids, but I didn't even do that. I'll make amends for that soon.

So back to my black fuck bud Robert ... We've been in touch and have hooked up a few times but this past Saturday was pretty hot. He came to my place again (we've been doing that more lately ... FUCK the neighbors), and this time I had the floor in front of the fireplace cleared out (moved the coffee table out of the way, etc), and lit some candles in there. That's the extent of romance when it comes to me getting fucked. lol.

I laid down a few sheets and we were ready to go. I was wearing my leather harness, which he loves to grip onto as he's banging me doggy style, and I had some lube out. That was it. No condoms, and this time, no poppers. I've sort of given them up for a while after experiencing some unexplainable spikes in bad cholesterol. (Long story, and I have no proof, but I think the nitryl has spiked my triglycerides, and I mean SPIKED.)

No problem on the poppers, though, since I feel like I've been hornier than ever since dropping them a month or so ago.

Robert stripped down, kicked his jeans to a corner, and started hefting his cock for me... Always a beauty, it is thick and long and unrelenting. I was on my knees ready to start slurping. But instead of swallowing his cock, I manuevered my head underneath his balls and started tonguing him along that line from his sac to his ass. I'd been chewing some minty gum, and still had the gum in my mouth in fact, thinking it would help me pleasure him the way I had in mind.. It worked great... He responded right away by placing a foot on the love seat nearby, opening a path for my tongue to glide from his leathery sac over to his crack, and yes, I let my tongue wander up to his hole. I don't normally do this, but I wanted to give it to Robert as sort of a Christmas gift, so the gum helped me overcome any issues. He was ecstatic. He quickly repositioned himself and bent over the love seat so I could rim him the best I knew how.

He was stroking his cock as I rimmed him and got so horny so fast, he turned around after only a couple of minutes and told me to get on all fours. He proceeded to give even better than he received, since he is a master ass licker. My hole was ready in no time. Staying on all fours, I soon felt his fat and heavy cock rubbing up and down my ass cheeks. He slapped me a few times on each buttock, then spit a huge gobber into my crack. So much for bothering with the lube. lol. He had that lucious head knocking at my door a second later, and in a quiet voice asked if I was ready. I pushed my ass pucker out a little, just as he started shoving inside. It helps glide the cock in easier. I gulped a deep breath, closed my eyes and felt him sink in all the way. Those curly pubes were soon pressed on my ass skin, and I knew he was in to the root.

Pulling all the way out, he let my hole recover from the first stretch by going down on it again. He was basically feeding me more spit. God I love this guy. He slapped my ass a few times again, then went back in, a little faster this time. I responded by flexing my ass muscles a few times, stroking him with my cunt. He let it slide out again, then shoved his face back in there. He is so fucking good at getting my hole horned and hungry.

The third and final entry, at least for the next 25 minutes or so, came like a sledgehammer. He didn't relent after that. It was his usual merciless ramfuck, making me grab onto the sheet i laid on the floor to help hold me up for his beating. His balls were swinging wildly, as were mine, but as he swung his sac back and forth, it fanned the smell of mint toward my face while I was looking back between my legs during his exquisite pounding. I had some fuck music playing but the sound of his body smackin into mine was all the music I needed to start leakin' like a faggot pussy -- both out of my piss slit and my ass, with all his spit leaking down my ballsac and splattering the sheet here and there.

We banged like this for almost a half hour I guess. Me holding my ass firm and high, sometimes gently pushing back against his forward thrusts. You know, the usual in-sync rhythm that he and I have developed between us. When he was ready for a break, I had one more present for him (well, for me really!) and told him to lie flat on his back. I sat on his crotch area, leaned forward and sucked on his neck. He returned the favor, and we both sucked as hard as hell on each other. He could probably never show a hickey on that beautiful black skin of his. But I was another story. I had a neck mark from his mouth for about 2 days.

Then I straightened up and told him to hold his cock up for me. I was going to ride him. I've never been much into that, but I was all for it today, what with the fireplace glowing alongside of us. I lowered my ass over his cock and slowly sank down till he was in all the way. Then we started fucking again. I started bouncing and he started humping and together we were making that noise all over again, although this time it was really squishy sounding. My ass was opening up, and now it was getting soaked with more than just his spit. He was leaking his precum. He swears he doesn't have any, but I've tasted it before while sucking him a long time. He leaks like a North Korean submarine. And now it was slowly oozing inside my shitter.

I rode him a long time. It was probably an hour and I am not exaggerating. I had never before realized how fucking hot it was to raise and lower myself on a raw boner like this, and I didn't want it to end. I played with his tits, he played with mine. I'd be on my knees, then I'd scootch up so i was on my feet for more serious bouncing action. It reminded me of a hot video I've seen where this white guy rides a big black dick like this for a long time till cum starts coating the niggah cock and you know the top has blasted at least 2 loads up inside this white pussy. Well, no loads were shot by Robert, yet. It was just his cock and pre getting worked up slowly for the ultimate gusher.

He always wants to give it to me in our favorite position, so eventually, I climbed off of him and bent over the love seat with both hands firmly planted on the back of the seat. My ass was positioned for him to stand behind me for the final, full fury of his fucking. He wasted no time either, so I knew he was getting close. He started ramfucking without mercy, hammering it inside of me like his cock was a metal spike. Quietly and with some effort, he gasped out his usual question: "Where do you want it?" I didn't bother answering. I just shoved back on him, and he proceeded to piston fuck even more savagely. I could tell he was cumming as his strokes lengthened, his breathing sort of moaned, and my ass started feeling all warm and wet inside.

When he started to slow down and finally stop, he left his cock in me a little while, then just let it slide out on its own. And then I felt a small warm trickle-like sensation oozing out of me, knowing full well it was his breedseed.

It was the only batch I got Saturday, but it was a big one for 2 hours' work. Robert had given me his Christmas present in return for mine.

Hope you all have an equally hot Merry Christmas. Till next time,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some new amateur videos

A new batch of videos is being published by a photographer out of New York City who has decided to post them on his own blog rather than rely on Xtube, which has just disintegrated over the past few days into a useless pile of code.

I mean, what the fuck is going on at Xtube? Did someone cum all over their keyboard or what? Videos take forever to start, and when they finally do, you get only about 10 seconds worth of film before it freezes up and stops working altogether. There have been some pretty decent-looking videos of good length posted over the last few days, but none of them can be seen.

So here's a better solution if you're posting on Xtube. Do what NYC_photographer on Xtube has done... load your videos on your own blog and use Xtube only to publicize where they're at. If Xtube ever gets its act together (clean the cum out of your servers, boys), you can still watch the vids there, but in the meantime, just put them on your own blogs. A blog is so easy to create for yourself, even a caveman can do it.

(I believe even a caveman would do a better job of running Xtube these days.)

Let's hope the folks at Xtube didn't leave some old geezer alone at the switch for the long holiday weekend, and when they walk in Tuesday morning they find him keeled over his keyboard with his cock out and all the circuits screwed up...

Oh yeah, here's where you can find NYC_photographer's videos: Enjoy!

For now, here's a sample of one of his vids, but be forewarned: It's a link to Xtube, so it may not load for you. (Not even Xtube's embed codes are working, so I have to give you just the link.) Here goes:

Later bros,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Something to perk you up

My load enticement of the week: a fucking hot S+M clip from a master named Marek and his bitch, named Martin, in the Czech Republic. Marek is uncut, the fucking is rough and raw, and I have filled an old T-shirt several times over with my jizz just from watching this the last few days.

hope you add to the DNA production . . .

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hot fuck vids for you

While I'm here, I might as well pass along a couple of hot fuck vids I ran across recently... They were posted by HugeCocksInc on Xtube. Enjoy...

Part 1:

Part 2:

Summer high-8-ass

Hey studs... Just a quick note to let you know I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... lol. It always happens as soon as the weather gets warmer for me: I head outside bigtime, leave the computer at home to rest a while, and don't post or email very often.

You probably noticed viewership on Xtube has fallen off dramatically since I've been offline. lol.

I spend the warmer months on a lake that just barely has phone service, so the only mouse I see is the occasional field variety. I manage to jack a lot -- the balls work wherever I go -- but even my sexual activities take a noticeable downturn.

But don't worry... I've had a few encounters and plan to post about them soon. I've also gone ahead and signed up for Facebook, so look me up there. the link to my profile page with full face pic is under my profile: just click where it says "My Web Page" in left-hand rail. Can't promise I'll get back to you right away but I'll try.

And yeah, Robert and I have plans to hook up again soon. He ripped my ass apart that last time, and I mean, he ripped it apart. It took me a month, almost 2 actually, before it even felt like it was up for a finger. But it's back 100 percent now, it's had a few encounters like I said, and it's rarin' for another reception of Robert, though not as brutal this time.

Stay tuned....

p.s. No sign of my bud Dexter this summer either! I have got to get my ass over to Germany sometime for the fuck of the century.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Taking Rob raw

A longtime relationship with my favorite fuckbud got kicked up a notch Friday when I finally relented and let him fuck me raw the whole session, spewing seed in me when he came both times. I've known Rob for a few years; we met online, and I quickly became infatuated with his black beauty of a boner... a full 8 inches, probably a little more. Thick, as in wide... it's one of those cocks that isn't necessarily round, nor flat of course, but is shaped for slightly harder entry into a mouth trying to open wider while the jawbone is stretched to the max for deep throating. And he never "pops a boner" per se. That is, it doesn't stand straight up when he's fully hard, but rather points outward, rising up only halfway from its hang-down position, which is perfect once again for some serious, get-on-your-knees and worship-this-cock-with-your-throat service.

The thing I love most about his cock is that it gets thicker/wider about 2/3 of the way up from the base, then tapers off a little toward the head. If you've ever taken a dick like that in your hole, you know what that means... It stretches your hole as it first breaks the plane, then, with your sphincter stretching to accommodate that buldge just past the head, it suddenly tapers off, your sphincter recognizes the difference and your cunt starts to literally suck that cock the rest of the way inside of you. Pure heaven.

But up until now I've always asked Rob to wear a condom. Sure, I'd let him fuck me raw for a few strokes now and then. But after a few poundings, I'd insist he suit up for more. I have always tried to be careful with everyone, and while I have had my cherry popped as far as taking raw dick and load (it was someone I knew and trusted pretty well), I had never done that with Rob despite his pleadings. The last time we'd fucked, in fact, he was almost childish about it, claiming for the first time that he was "allergic" to Latex, something that never seemed to bother him on numerous previous trysts.

But I love his cock. I love how he uses it. I may, in fact, love him. Not sure if it's only lust still, but there are times I cannot get him out of my mind. Then again, maybe it's his cock I'm infatuated with, his cock that I worship from afar, and not actually him.

Anyway, I guess absence makes the heart as well as the hole grow hornier. I e-mailed him early last week, called him after that, and arranged for a Friday get-together. And oh yeah, I told him upfront, "I want to take you raw."

When I got to his place, he was as excited as a little kid at Christmas. He was even more turned on when I pulled the sweater off over my head to reveal my new leather harness. Except for that, we were both naked in no time and I was on my knees in front of Black Beauty after a too-long separation. I started sucking, slurping, sliding my tongue all over it, shoving my tongue tip in his slit, and lapping up those heavy balls of his. Turned out he hadn't touched himself for a couple of days in anticipation of our meeting, so he was carrying two full spermtanks. His sac was pulled up and tight, covered with rich black crinkly folds of skin that felt so sensuous when I ran my tongue across them. And his smell... fuck bro, he was on fire and the musk from his body heat was getting me horned up and high.

But my usual round of sloppy service was cut a little short Friday, and for good reason. He was afraid he was going to shoot his load all over my face and the floor if I continued. So he had me assume our favorite position to start with -- doggy -- and then he got on his knees behind me to commence the key ingredient to his personal repertoire of sexual manuevers.

He rimmed me.

Rob has always been the best I've ever had, and that day was no exception. He shaves his head bald, which in itself is really hot and sexy, but when he knows he's going to fuck, he usually tries to let a little stubble sprout over his head. When he goes to town on an ass, he likes to stop munching for a minute so he can shove his whole head in there, like it was the head of his cock, rubbing and twisting and squirming that fuzzy melon all over my cheeks and as close to my hole as he can possibly get. Talk about a head butt.

Then he lifts his head and shoves his face back in there and continues to tongue-bathe my anus. He gets all my black hairs matted down. He paints the pink parts all around the crinkly folds of my hole. He teases my shitter with the tip of his tongue, occasionally slapping one of his hands on the side of my butt to add a little pain to the pleasure. And finally, he tongue-fucks my chute with one fucking hot strong mouth muscle that goes surprisingly deep inside of me. He knows -- and I have long since learned -- that this is the best way, the only way, to adequately prepare a tight cunt for a phat cock. And he does it so well. In fact, I think if he continued another five minutes in addition to the 10 or 15 that he was spending down there, I would've sprayed his carpet with white goo.

After a couple more spanks on my ass, he was ready. And so was I. While rimming me, I was flexing my hole for him, trying to push it out as much as I could. I've learned from HotPigg this cool bottom trick to push out your hole as the head of your top's cock is starting to push in, and things will go a lot smoother for all parties. With my hole literally dripping wet, Rob would have no trouble at all. And since we were going raw, he used just a minimum amount of lube on his cock. (He usually slobbers it all over the condom and my crack for the benefit of both of us, but not this day.)

I love the feeling of being on the floor like this, palms and knees touching the ground, my head lowered and my ass raised up, feeling the 'ceps on both my arms steel themselves for the onslaught about to occur on my rear flank, and Rob's hands gripping both cheeks of my ass as he navigates this massive bomb toward its target. The moment the slit and the crown make contact is like no other. I let out a sigh and push my sphincter extra hard. Rob lets the head circle around a little, feeling its own way, trying not to use his hands to do the work of gravity and animal magnetism. Then he starts to push inward. The corona of Rob's cock is slightly flared out, making that first breach of my ass ring slightly painful, but then the skin-on-skin glide commences and my sphincter starts expanding to fit his 6-inch-diameter wide spot.

I know he's in me when my ass begins its natural sucking action, drawing the rest of him deeper, until I feel that most amazing of all sensations for any bottom: The nuzzling of fur against my tailbone, or in Rob's case, the brush of his Brillo pad against my whiteboy flesh. God I love this dude's curlies. They are short and thick and stiff and always leave a mark on my heiney afterward. Mostly little indents from where they slammed into my skin over the course of a couple of hours or more, but also a sort of red rash from where they scraped me raw. Just like Brillo.

Rob holds his cock in me to let me adjust. And to let me take another huge hit of poppers. I actually employ my sock trick here, soaking a corner of a gym sock with poppers, rolling it inside the dry part of the cloth, then putting that in my mouth. I inhale deeply through my mouth, and the poppers-soaked sock acts as a sort of filter, bringing popper-laden fumes into my lungs, and thus into my bloodstream, a lot faster and more efficiently than if you try snorting poppers through your nostrils. The key is getting it into your lungs, so why take a longer, more circuitous route?

Anyway, I was poppered up for sure by this time, and Robert took it from there. He pulled back so the wide spot is at my back door again, then he went back in. Backward, forward, back and forth, just like that for a while. Later, he will pull back past the wide spot but not all the way out, then shove it back in past my ring. And still later, he will be exiting my hole completely and ramming it back in full force, when we're both lying flat on his bed, when my hole has been pummeled enough for this brutal form of banging which I absolutely love.

Friday, the sex sounded so different, and sort of felt different, knowing he was not only raw the whole time, but was not going to pull out when he was climaxing. And this friction on our favorite body parts started to work its magic on the climaxing. Because he hadn't shot a load in a few days, and because we were barebacking, it took Rob no time at all to shoot his first load. And it was a gusher. He started panting, in fact, when he came close, and started to give me a few hard ramfucks as he began to spew, finally slamming my ass with one wicked thrust and holding himself inside there while he shot ropes against my walls. There was no mistaking it either. I know you can't really feel wads of cum hitting your insides physically, but you can definitely feel the change in temperature in your ass, and the change in the way that cock is gliding in and out of you.

Rob let that first batch finish, then continued where he left off, never once pulling completely out of my hole. In no time at all, we started hearing the delicious sound of a sloppy hole being squished over and over again by a ramrod cock and a moistened bush. For every thrust from Rob, my arms held me up, and I even pushed back a little so that when my buttocks and his pelvis met, the wet smacking sound of male skin on male skin was loud and unmistakable. We were really fucking now. I almost didn't have to work at it. That harness I was wearing? Rob was ecstatic. He was able to grab onto the closest straps with either one hand or both hands, and just pull me into him as he thrust forward.

I knew once Rob got that first load out of the way, he would go for a long time till the next one, and I would stay right with him. My hole goes numb after a while, it's been stretched open, ripped apart, abused, used and misused, and I love it. I start slamming back harder. We stun ourselves at our countless little impacts. Rob's boner is bigger than ever. Sweat is covering our skin everywhere. Pre is pouring out of my slit but I dare not touch it, I dare not shoot. This, to me, is always about the top. I'm there to take it. To take whatever he dishes out. To me, the turnon is knowing this, picturing what this looks like. Me, the jock boy, on my hands and knees in servitude to a dominant top -- white or black or asian doesn't matter -- seeing how long this stud's cock can go before blowing a final huge load, usually all over my face but today, up my ass.

We change positions a few times, using the nearby couch for starters in a position Rob loves with me leaning against the back of the couch while he's pounding away at my pussy from behind. But we usually end up in his bed, and today is no exception. We were on the floor and couch for roughly an hour when Rob had me stand up, his cock still in my hole, and fucked me standing up for a little while. It was then that I first noticed the sensation of something moist running down my leg. It felt cold almost. Yes, it was used cum. He had finally fucked out his first load as we stood up, and it was starting to form a moist path down the back of my leg. I wouldn't call it a river... I think I'd need to get gangbanged raw for that to happen -- Dawson-wise, LOL -- but it was incredibly hot nonetheless. Some of it was even collecting in Rob's bush, adding a whole new smell to our lovemaking. "How much did you shoot before?" I asked. Rob wasn't sure, but he knew he had a lot more to add soon.

So now it was time for the brutal banging in bed that we both knew would send Rob over the top. I collapsed on the sheets, he collapsed on top of me, then raised his pelvis over my cheeks, aimed his cock for my hole, and started his piston-fucking. Slamming like he's never slammed before. Making a racket with his rickety old bed, forcing out more than a few loud chants of "Oh God" from my lungs, my toes curling from the beating, over and over and over he plunged inside from outside, ripping his bone out of me and leaving a gaping exit wound every time, only to shove it all back inside my cunt when he returned fire. Missing his target on occasion and slamming that fuckstick into my ass cheek or against my balls -- OUCH -- then getting back in the groove and feeling almost soothing, almost like this is what was meant to be, this is heaven, this is perfect.

I have never been much of an art freak, but to me, the most beautiful scene in nature is the male form. Multiply that with two males locked in conjugal bliss, and I think you have as close to the ideal art form as humans can get. Mapplethorpe understood this, and so did others like Tom of Finland. Now make one of those males white and the other black, and it is perfection.

Rob was starting to pant again, so I knew this bliss would end soon. He settled on top of me for the final countdown, humping me from behind but keeping his cock sheathed in my now very sloppy skin-lined chute. He wrapped his arm around my neck and was sucking, licking the back of my sweaty shoulderblades and the nape of my neck. I propped myself up a little bit on my elbows so his other hand could get under my torso, where his thumb and forefinger started playing with one of my tits. He whispered with his lips pressed against my ear those magic words: "Want to cum together?" Fuck yeah, let's do it... So he proceeded to edge while I started humping the sheets underneath me, rubbing my cock back and forth while his big black boner was sitting inside my ass. I could feel the head of my cock slick with precum, so I knew I could do this... but I reached one of my hands down to my crotch to start stroking as best I could, and the first touch of my cock sent tingles through my body.

"Dude, I'm gonna cum."

He picked up the pace again, starting to fuck me a little harder, and all of a sudden I gave him the second-best gift you can give a man: the involuntary spasms of your sphincter wrapped around his cock while you're climaxing a load of cum underneath. Those sensations were enough to unleash the reserve tanks in Rob's sac, and he filled me a second time, this time overflowing my hole, so both us -- and the bed too -- were now bathed in jizz.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long passionate BB fuck

I hate to overdo it, but I can't resist new videos from that marathon fucker in Germany, Dexter, who today posted a 26-minute raw fuck of his gaping-holed boyfriend. This one is more passionate, and patient, than previous ramfucks by Dex, but it is hot nonetheless. Perhaps even more so for those who love a marathon edging session that culminates in an ass full of load.

You can literally see Dexter's toes curling at various points in the video, especially toward the climax. The simple background, including the bedsheet, and the great camera they use make it all the more beautiful to see a bronzed top pounding away at his white bottom. Dexter's previous video showed us all the sweat he produces when he fucks. More is evident here, leading me to think that aerobics were never more fun than this. He sinks into his boy so deep, you will feel your own toes curling, your own sweat starting to ooze.

And those handcuffs on the bedpost, the poppers on the night stand ... Fuck, man, I want to be this stud's bitch!

If guys were paid for the semen they jacked out, Dexter could boost production to the point where world unemployment was wiped out. Well, maybe I'm getting too worked up. The cum I just sprayed watching this has stuck to my pubes and happy trail, and has glued my T-shirt to my belly. Ouch. Hate when that happens. LOL.

Later, studs.

p.s. The direct link to Dexter's profile on Xtube is here. I want you to go there first and "rate" him 5 stars, then check out all his videos. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dexter does it again

If you've been following along, I raved when a new hot top hit the Xtube airwaves a couple of months ago [see January post in archives].

Well, my bud from Bavaria has done it again... This time a 13+ minute raw rough fuck of his gorgeously willing bottom, mostly shot from the side angle this time, giving you a better idea of how well built Dexter is for serious ramfucking on that couch of his... Enjoy:

P.S. Watching this gives me an idea for a new piece of exercise equipment at my gym: just a variation of an existing machine, really, but one where you crunch your abs while simulating Dexter's awesome ramfucking strokes. You can almost see his abs burning here.

Thanks D. You have proven once again how fucking HOT you really are. Wish I could show folks what you look like: they'd be head over heels for sure. ;-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have to hand it to the folks at Fort Troff. They pulled off a pretty cool event last Friday night in a decent space on West 54th Street. They had boxes for guys to store their clothes while changing into their leather gear. Then, going through a curtain, you entered the main room. They had about 15 slings (maybe more) set up side by side, a few fuck benches, even a couple of crosses. They had a bathroom reserved as a piss zone, and two back rooms: The first had about 5 more slings (these were leather), and behind another curtain, a very dark, sultry room for anything goes.

A whole table was filled with cups stuffed with boy butter for lube, and all the condoms you could possibly want for an event like this. (Most of the fucking was raw.) They also had a couple of barrels of bottled water on ice -- a very nice touch.

It took a little while for things to get started, but soon enough, guys were pairing off for some sling action, including a fair number of fistings. The main cross was put to use very early, with guys getting flogged, including one or two who seemed to take it pretty damn hard. You could hear the crack of the whip so to speak all the way into the back back room. And in that back unlit room, guys were gettting sucked and fucked right away.

My first adventure of the night was to suck several guys back there, and at first I was able to kneel on the floor while getting throat fucked. Later on in the night, though, I realized when I went back in there and slipped on the floor that I wasn't going to be kneeling anymore -- the floor was now covered in cum and spit. I know I had some drool myself spill on the floor the last time I was in there getting skullfucked. Luckily I didn't fall. That would've been pretty fucking embarrassing. Not to mention sort of gross. lol.

I know some guys will be upset to hear this but I only got fucked once at the Manuevers. I was fine with that, it being my first real big event like this. I was enjoying myself more from watching other guys going at it in the slings or in the back room, stroking a load out at one point on a guy's chest as he was getting fisted. Besides, at the warmup party on Wednesday in Connecticut, I got fucked 4 times (More on that later) so I was glad to just soak in the scene.

I asked one of the few black dudes at Manuevers if he would fuck me, after I spent a little while sucking his cock. He was about 8 1/2 inches long, decent thickness, and cut. I could taste his pre while sucking him, and I was getting high on the smell of his crotch. When I whispered to him that I wanted him to fuck me, and he readily agreed, I whispered back that I'd prefer to use a condom. No problem, he said.... And I had some in my vest, so we wasted no time.

I know some guys will moan and groan over this, but I think I made the right choice. Especially since, by Monday when I got home, I had come down with a wicked cold which is still bothering me. I sort of forgot how fast cold germs can spread, especially when you're wrestling tongues with multiple guys, sucking cocks that have already been slobbered over by other guys. I'm not upset about the cold or anything, it's just a reminder about how things spread.

Hopping up on the sling, laying back, and having this black adonis feed my feet through the stirrups, I was in heaven. My hole was ready, he slobbered on some boy batter, and in he sank. His girth was a bit more than I thought but I love that. Thicker is always better. I could feel my sphincter wrapped tight around his cock, and that last 3/4 of it were sucked in by my hole. He had a slow method, where he stood still and rocked the sling backward slowly, while his cock slid almost the whole way out, then pulled the sling back toward him, impaling me almost to the hilt. He was able to do this for the longest time, which I absolutely loved.

One guy was able to stand next to me for a short while, but he was up against the curtain to the back back room and was getting bumped now and then so he didn't stay long. It would've been nice to have some cocks to suck but the setup wasn't really conducive to that. I never got the name of my hole puncher but at one point I moaned for him to fuck me harder, and he picked up the pace. I could feel his wiry pubes on my ballsac now, and that sweet, sweet sound I know I'm not alone in worshipping: A sloppy hole (in my case, smothered in boy butter) getting plowed over and over to make the wet, smacking sound of man-to-man sex.

Then, without warning, he leaned way over and starting humping like a maniac. He ran his stubble cheek across mine, then we made out. My ass was feeling so great. It was so awesome to be spread-eagled like that. A few guys watching me take it. The black on white motif I so crave. And then he came, pushing me -- rocking me -- in that sling while he fucked his last drops out. We kissed afterward, and that was that. He helped me get my feet out of the stirrups, and I headed back out into the main room while he headed for the bathroom.

Soaked in sweat from that sultry room, I found a guy whose pit I wanted to lick out, and when he willingly held up his arm for me, he raised mine so he could reciprocate at the same time. I knew he was in heaven: my pits were soaked with sweat. The rest of the night for me was filled with a few more blowjobs, lots of stroking while watching threesomes and even one fourway fuck in the back back room, and chatting up a couple of guys out in the main room near the water barrels.

I will definitely be back, and will clear the decks so I can finally check out the main Black Party on Saturday night, which was held a few blocks over at the Roseland Ballroom. (It would be hot to watch HotPigg in action. He definitely would've been the hit of the party if he were at Manuevers.) A friend has turned me on to some other events in NYC that weekend as well, which the hosts from the warmup party also told me about later. I've even thought about some other events later this year, including Folsom East in NYC. I'll let you all know if it happens.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Party week in NYC, etc.

I'll add to this as time allows but just wanted to let you guys know I did attend some Black Party-related events last week and will be posting some experiences from them over the next couple of days.

I started out on Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, with a warmup sling party held at a house in Connecticut, with many of the guys there planning on going to Black Party events in the city starting Friday. (That's how I got the invite to go to a couple of them.)

Wednesday night was my intro to a real sling party, with about 20 or 25 guys in attendance. It had a leather theme, so it was also my first time doing something like that. Many thanks to all the guys on Dudes Nude, especially Larry, for helping me figure out the leather thing. I bought a vest, armband, wristband, and leather-pouch jockstrap, but wasn't sure about a harness despite a strong recommendation from my bud Larry... At the party Wednesday night, I tried on someone else's harness, and man, I could feel my boner getting better... Even my tits felt like they were popping. I had to get me one of those!

So Friday night before the event I went to in NYC, I stopped in at the Leather Man in the Village and got a nice harness for the evening... I finally felt like this leather gear was for me.

Then it was on to the first event of the weekend: Fort Troff's Manuevers. The guys who had hosted that party on Wednesday had yet another party to go to after that, so they left a little early, but I stayed almost till closing time, which was 4 a.m. This was the "big time" for me so far. It's what I plan to post more about later. In a nutshell: there were about 20 or more slings in the first room, along with a couple of crosses, fuck benches and other things... One of the bathrooms was a piss zone. And the back room had 4 or 5 more slings (with leather pads), and then beyond that, behind a curtain, was the back-back room, where guys were crammed in there, in the dark, bent over to suck or get fucked, making out, chewing on tits, slurping up sweaty pits, slipping on the cum-covered floor, etc. When I say that it was hot, I mean it was really hot, as in sultry. The air was humid with body heat and sweat, plus the aroma that wafted up from all that body heat's effect on leather. Very, very intense.

Because of another commitment, I wasn't able to hang around for Saturday night's major event, the actual Black Party itself, held not far from where the Manuevers were. But I know I'll be back next year, perhaps with one more addition to my leather attire: a pair of chaps.

I wasn't quite sure about chaps until I saw this Adonis of a hot jock stud at the Manuevers walk in wearing nothing but chaps -- no harness -- just a wrist band to let me know we were both bottom boys, and a single thin string of leather tied around his neck and dangling down to his sternum. He was about 6 feet 5 inches tall, making him easy to spot from anywhere in the room. Definitely a jock. His pecs were exquisite, his tits showing signs of having been worked many times before. Defined abs. Nice guns. Beautiful face. Lucious lips. And the chaps... he made my cock melt and my mouth water everytime I saw him from the rear. When he walked by, oozing mansmell, I saw the reason why chaps are so fucking hot: the opening for his back door provided the hottest frame for his perfectly sculpted bubble-like mounds of inviting ass flesh. I decided then and there he was the hottest fucking god in the place that night. It made my heart ache more that he, too, was a bottom... But I got the thrill of the evening when he paired up with a big-cocked top and laid back in a sling to get pounded for a little while, his long chap-covered legs extending way past the hole-puncher as he stood there delivering rabbit-like thrusts very hard and very deep into my boy. I could've cum all over studboy's pretty face.

My own sexploits for this and the previous night will be written up later. For now, though, just wanted to pass along a quick update. I was anxious to see if HotPigg wrote up his adventures from Saturday night at the main event, which he said he was planning to attend. I just saw that he has, in fact, posted a lot on his blog (link above on the right). Just gave it a quick read, and it sounds like the main Black Party was very, very hot, with a few issues that I hope the organizers make note of for next year. I trust HotPigg's opinions on this, so they should take his advice to heart!

Later, studs.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

An amazing cumfuck

It's no secret T.I.M. has broken the envelope of raw fuck vids, but the usual lineup of bottoms was getting kind of tiresome there. Especially Dawson. But a short 3-minute clip posted on MaleMotion has me appreciating Dawson a lot more.

This could be the hottest cum fuck ever recorded. (The fact that it focuses on Dawson's cummy hole and not his face helps a lot.) So check this out, and play some fuck music (above) while you watch.

(NOTE: apparently TIM cracked down and had Malemotion remove this vid, so the embed code no longer worked. Instead, I inserted a screen grab from the video. I finally broke down and bought it online, downloading a digital version of the whole movie. But you can always buy just the scene. I think it's like 10 bucks for the scene. The movie is called "Loaded" and the scene is one of the first on Disc 1.)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Swing low, sweet cherry

As most of you know by now, I'm a huge fan of slings -- even though I haven't saved up yet to buy one of my own, and have had limited first-hand experience lying in one to get royally fucked.

But there's still nothing hotter than a fuck vid with a sling, especially if there's a hot bottom getting his hole plundered by a group of big-dicked guys. This vid I saw on MaleMotion by way of BB4BBMen is one of those gems that should have you squirtin' before it's over. Which means it will have a very long shelf life in your porn library.

Would've been an all-time perfect sling fuck vid if there were a long, phat black cock taking his turn, but maybe next time. ;-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All glory and honor are yours, forever

Watching the above flick from Malemotion got me thinking of the first time I experienced a gloryhole, and it got me wishing that I could've had just as hot a time as the bottom in the video shown here.

I had always been curious about gloryholes and was finally horny enough to check some out at an area bookstore. I know those places can sometimes be fun, but I guess I hit it on a bad night. There were a lot of guys there, but many of them were old, out of shape and, at the risk of sounding like a prude, they were just plain dirty and smelly. I figured I would still go inside a booth to take a look, and as soon as I closed the door and dropped a few tokens in the movie slot, a huge fat cock came poking through a hole on one side...

I immediately cupped it in my hand and started feeling it up and down, not stroking it per se but definitely making it feel at home. I got on my knees, licked the head and the slit, and found it tasted like pure sex. My first love was sucking cock, so I went to town. The top on the other side of the wall loved the way i was licking and sucking, so he stuck that entire cock inside my booth, with his thick black pubes poking through the opening as well.

I could feel his head at the back of my throat, ready to gag me, but I would just relax a little bit, let my throat get used to it, then try to advance a little more. I was snorting through my nose and saliva was now drooling down my lips and chin and onto the bare floor, almost extending all the way down in unbroken ropes of thick spit. His slit was undoubtedly leaking pre, but it was so far past my tongue that I couldn't actually taste it. I could feel it, however, oozing down the back of my throat, and I knew he must be getting close to exploding.

Wanting to actually taste his sperm before possibly swallowing it, I eased back a bit and started stroking his pole with my lips formed in a tight O-ring, up and down the long shaft, my nostrils tickling his sweaty bush everytime my chin hit the wall. And sure enough, I could now taste that pre... thicker and thicker with every stroke of my mouth on his cock.

When he started breathing heavily and grunted like a kid in heat, those first blasts hit the back of my throat like canon balls. Quickly he spurted out 1, 2, 3, 4 thick solid gobs of cum in my mouth. I had stopped sucking by this point, because my mouth was now overflowing with a combination of my saliva and his semen. It was forming especially long ropes of white-hot sex all the way to the floor, where it was pooling up with my previous spit spillage.

He started catching his breath, pulled back, and then a few seconds later I heard the booth door next to me open and shut. I was tempted to stick my head out and see exactly who it was that just skull-fucked me, but I figured I was better off if I didn't take a look. Would rather have him live on in my dreams about that encounter as some equally hot stud whose seed I probably ingested.

Anyway, the scene above was sort of reminiscent of my experience, except that it's about fucking raw. That's always been one of my fantasies, but not sure I'll ever actually do it... Will let you know if I do. ;-)

And here's yet one more video from Malemotion that focuses on the bookstore/gloryhole theme... All hail, bros.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Porn site of the week

They're calling it a "brand new community of amateur gay porn video sharing," and so far it's been pretty good. It's called Malemotion, and you don't have to sign up to enjoy up to 5 videos each day. A sample is attached above.

Signing up is free, so you might as well. It allows you to watch unlimited videos, and you can save your favorites for viewing later.

It offers a mix of bareback and condom fuck vids, allows you to filter recently added videos, top favorites, most watched, etc., and it has numerous categories for easier searching (anal, BDSM, blacks, fist, cumshots, group sex, etc.) It doesn't bother with a keyword search, which is fine.... those are usually not very reliable anyway.

The two things I like the most about this site are 1) they tell you how long each video is, right up front, so if you're not interested in something as short as 2 minutes, you can look elsewhere for your daily pop. And 2) hovering your mouse over the frame of a video gives you a few scenes from that video so you can see whether it's something you want to invest your stroking in. This last feature works really well, too, not like the clumsy, clunky version that Xtube experimented with a while back.

Here's the link: I added it to my list of free porn down below on the right...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Picture says it all

From the Super Bowl
Sunday night.
'Nuff said.
(thanks larry)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Xtube's hottest stars: Sexy Jay in Tampa

I'm going to try to highlight some of the really hot amateurs on Xtube nowadays who are posting some of the hottest fuck vids out there... Most of the fuck vids I'll call attention to are raw fuck vids... They're so hot. And to start things off, you should check out this power bottom, Sexyjaytampa, who has posted two nice, long videos where he's fucked raw.

The first of the longer recent vids has him double penetrated by two twinks, then he spends the rest of the vid impaled on one or the other. The two tops could've been hotter, but Jay makes up for it with his lust for getting tag-teamed.

The most recent video he posted is the hottest. Turn up the volume at the beginning, because you want to hear what his hot black top asks him, and then you want to hear what Jay says a few seconds later... It's smokin' hot to think that a huge load has just painted his inside walls.

And even though the black top has just shot a huge load, he keeps on fuckin our boy, in several different positions, until he unloads all over again. The pounding gets pretty good.

So grab your poppers, head to Xtube and feast on this sexy hot bottom boy taking on all cummers. And if you're ever in the Tampa area, look him up. He's willing to shoot some new scenes with any hot muscle tops who come to Tampa, provided you agree to be seen on film.

Check out Sexy Jay's video with the hot black top here: I like black dick, too

Two half-naked jocks

Two of my favorite jock hotties have been showing more than the usual amount of skin lately, one of them for money as part of a global advertising campaign. The other one not for money because he's, um, the stereotype of a dumb jock, I guess.

I'm referring to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker who plays for Real Madrid, and Grady Sizemore, the slugger-outfielder for the Cleveland Indians. Both of these guys are at the pinnacle of their respective sport, both have smokin' hot bodies, and thus both have women (and men) wetting themselves whenever they appear with their shirts off. Which, in Ronaldo's case, is just about every time he plays a match. So let's start with him.

Cristiano never had abs this hot before, and I suspect he's fallen head over heels in love with himself. He's almost too pretty, in a European sort of way. (I can almost hear Kathy Griffin asking him, "When you look in a mirror naked, do you pleasure yourself?") From the looks of things, they airbrushed his cock outline, but it's still visible on some of the shots.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge CR fan. He has put sex back in soccer like no one else before him, including that wimpy-looking guy married to Posh Spice. And in a few months, I'll be glued to my TV set when one of the most riveting matches in history unfolds that first week of the World Cup: Portugal vs. Brazil.

Two Portuguese-speaking countries, the mother country and its offspring, facing off against each other on arguably the biggest stage in sport. And when Portugal pulls off an upset win, I'll be wetting myself along with millions of others as Cristiano shows us those abs in the flesh.

And now about Mr. Sizemore... Apparently, our hot, sexy outfielder thought he'd be really cute with his Playboy-model of a girlfriend and show her what he could now do with his new cell phone: take sexy, half-naked pictures of himself and email them to her from afar. Trouble is, dumbass, once you hit the send button, you might as well have plastered the photos in Times Square.

Sure enough, the girlfriend shared them with a friend, and that friend shared them with the rest of the world. But who's complaining? For a few years, I've been sort of smitten with his lucious lips and wondered what his chest must look like. Now we know the rest of the story: His nipples are as lucious looking as his lips, and judging from the cock outline, his penis is equally mouth watering.

So enjoy the pics, guys... Let me know what you think...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long may Dexter stay on top

Sources of good, free porn on the Internet come and go fairly fast, even for the high-speed age. One week, you're able to download high-resolution fairly decent quality gay fuck films off of, and the next week it's taken offline. (I feel sorry for anyone who sent them money for “faster” downloads... I doubt they'll be getting it back.)

There used to be several fairly reliable blogs that passed along links or embedded videos to some great porn, usually the stuff that appealed the most to the person whose blog it was. Boned N Stoned comes quickly to mind, but even that hot little bottom stud in Canada recently raised the white flag and announced he would no longer be able to keep posting links to hot porn he'd found. He said what a lot of other folks are finding out: Sources for free porn are drying up.

Of course, the drought may not last long, and by next month we could be back in the groove with a lot of free porn sites, at least until the next crackdown by the filmmakers or their studios.

There is one fairly consistent porn source, and it's Xtube. Sure, a lot of the porn is so amateur, it isn't worth the time. And a lot of it is now only about 15 seconds long, which means they're hoping you'll pay to see the rest of the flick, even if it's just 7 minutes long all together.

But ever
y now and then you get a hot little amateur porn star who loves the attention he gets from posting his videos on Xtube for all to see and enjoy, and he becomes the porn king of the hour. There's one out there right now, and his screen name is Dexter_33.

I've become a huge slut of a fan of his. I've already dropped about six loads to this guy since finding his vids at the start of this weekend. From his Xtube profile, we know he says he's about 6 feet tall, has green eyes, black hair, trims his pubes to be neat, has an uncut cock that's decent size and shape, and he loves to top hot little tight holes. He published his first videos a couple of months ago -- short little scenes that were dubbed with fuck music and filled with some hot nasty fucking. But they were only a couple of minutes in length.

It wasn't until this past week that he grabbed us by the balls with his posting of three hot new videos, at least 9 minutes in length each, and got rid of the bad background fuck music. He now just records whatever sound is occurring, whether it be the sound of German being spoken on the TV/radio (is our hot hunk European?) to the wet smacking sound of a sloppy, well-used boy cunt getting slammed hard over and over and over by a hot jock top who knows what a mancock and boi-hole are for.

Ready to cum along for the ride? Here's one of the flicks he posted this past week that's had me draining my sac a few times.
It's called
Nice Bare Fuck.
The screen grab above is from this video, offering the one rare glimpse we've gotten so far of Dexter's face. Enjoy, studs.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seeing You in Circles

OK, this posting is not about hot, rough sex or cum-filled cavities. Here's my attempt to get culture on you. It's a movie review. Anybody who has ever seen my profile on either xTube or DudesNude knows that I plug a short film titled "Seeing You in Circles."

It was written by Sam McConnell and Nick Citton, directed by McConnell, and stars Michael Cavadias, Sean Labbe and Caleb Lane. You might recognize Michael Cavadias from his brief role as the transvestite in "Wonder Boys" with Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. ... And if you've been paying attention to hot male media the past few years, you might recognize Caleb Lane.

When I say it's a short film, I'm talking about 20 minutes. The first time I saw it, it was on the Logo network's Click List of gay shorts. I was totally blown away by this film. Not only is the writing original, it's true to life. The characters, in so short a time, become real people, even the peripheral characters like the drunk at the bar, the piano player, and, my god yes, the classic waitress. So even though it lasts only 20 minutes, the actors put their heart and soul into their performances and you won't forget them after seeing this.

But I guess the thing that really grabbed me about this film was the way in which it was presented by Sam McConnell, the writer/director. The title is something of a clue here. The word "circles" basically refers to how the movie progresses. If you love films and are familiar with Quentin Tarantino, think "Pulp Fiction." That movie technically doesn't begin at the beginning, but through very subtle moves you begin in the middle, progress to the end, then revert back to the beginning, all rather seamlessly.

I first came across this technique in college a few years ago when I read John McPhee's "Coming Into the Country," a neoclassic wri
tten in the 1970s about the Alaskan wilderness. McPhee goes on a journey down a wild river in Alaska and you don't realize until a certain point that he has started his narrative halfway downstream, takes you to the end, then magically starts you on the beginning of his trip halfway through the story. The ability to tap this technique with skill is so rare, these are the only three examples of it I can cite. Some better-read, more well-versed folks may be able to cite scores of such works, but I'm happy to at least have recognized it when I saw and fell in love with "Seeing You in Circles."

Without giving away too much about the story itself, it's basically about 3 guys. Two are current lovers, and one of them is the former lover of the third guy, played by Cavadias. It is his character's 33rd birthday, something of a crisis for him, and to help him get over it, his former lover, played by Sean Labbe, meets him at one of their former hangouts -- an all-night diner in Brooklyn. The former lover brings along his current boyfriend, and that's where Caleb Lane comes in.

OK, here's one of the secrets to Will (me) for anybody who didn't already know: Caleb Lane is one of my idols. He's the hottest fucking stud I've ever had the chance to say hey to, and have him say hey back... Yeah, sounds like a girlie-like crush on Taylor Lautner, I know. But fuck, bros, he is hot, sexy, smart and funny. Check out his pics here... Do his guns look familiar? LOL. Not an accident. But getting back to the movie, Lane holds the key to understanding this little gem. So pay attention to him. ;-)

One other ode to this piece and another shoutout to Sam McConnell is the use of music in this film. There are only 3 songs throughout the piece, other than some music in the background being played by the piano man -- a Billy Idol tune that plays a small part in the plot, some Gershwin, and "Eleanor Rigby." The three other songs that he uses fit the mood and storyline of this film perfectly, so kudos to Sam for his choices here. It's that kind of attention to detail that makes this flick so nice.

The attention to detail, by the way, extends to the on-site location used in the filming. It was shot almost entirely inside an actual, classic greasy spoon called the Miss Williamsburg Diner in Brooklyn. I wanted to make a pilgrimage to it after I first saw this film, but sadly, it burned in a fire shortly after filming was done. Nothing much is left of the place nowadays but it lives on in Sam McConnell's film.

If you're interested in seeing this film now that I've made it immortal (lol), you can check it out through You can download your own copy for $1.99.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Big Ball Drop

Hey bros... I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been thinking about buying a portable sling I can set up in my basement or elsewhere for getting fucked by some of the hot tops I've hooked up with... Truth is, I had never really been fucked in one, but I've always been turned on by hot porn that features some sling action, especially those vids with Sly, a huge-dicked black dude, banging the shit out of some hot jock white bro -- RAW -- and in a sling. (See the still image for a smokin' hot sample!)

I thought I would have my chance finally to give a sling a test drive when I heard about a sling party that was set for New Year's Eve. This would be perfect, I thought. The guy hosting the party said there would be 5 slings set up! He was calling it the Big Ball Drop, and he got the idea from some other guy in the area who had a similar party the year before. I couldn't stop thinking about 5 slings in constant use for the better part of the night, but unfortunately, I had to work that night. (It's the curse of working for a newspaper ... Yeah, being a sportswriter can be a lot of fun sometimes, but it sucks when your paper publishes 365 days a year!)

So I thought instead I would contact the organizer and see whether something else could be arranged. In about 2 hours, I was strung up by my ankles, buck naked, my hands gripping the chains behind my head as I was getting poked raw by the guy organizing the party. I was finally getting my ass plowed in a sling!

When I explained to him that I couldn't make it for the Big Bang theory (lol), I asked him if it was OK if I headed over ahead of time to at least see what it would look like to have 5 fuckin slings set up almost one after another in his house. He said he hadn't finished setting up yet, but if I didn't mind giving him a hand, I could come over.

I was there in a flash. He had the perfect house for this party: It was fairly secluded from his neighbors, with thick forested tracks on either side and behind him. Even though there were no leaves on the trees, you couldn't really see what was happening inside the house as it was set back from the road. So I cleaned myself out and headed over as fast as I could. He was almost finished setting up so I gave him a hand with the last one from scratch.

Once we were done, he invited me to give it a test drive and told me to strip down. Naked in seconds, I hopped up on the leather sling, slid my feet through the stirrups, then stroked his tits as he stood there, also buck naked, waving his glistening uncut boner at my spread-apart ass cheeks. He asked me if I wanted him raw, and I did, but asked that he cum on my face. No prob. He was OK fucking me, and I figured he was trying to conserve his energy for the next night, so I didn't press him to fuck harder. I was starting to get a little warm, and wondered how the crowds would do the next night. Still, it was hot to finally get my cherry popped in a sling, and I can now see the attraction.

With heavy poppers, some fuck music that I'd brought along on an iPod, and a determination that it would hurt, just a little, I got my hole fucked good by the white host of the evening. About halfway through, I was smiling.

"What the fuck is wrong?" my top asked me, frowning. I shot back that I was just trying to put on a good face for when I saw everyone again.

Next time, the party is in my cellar. (!)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Palm power

I hooked up with a guy once who took spanking my ass to a whole new level. He asked me if I was sure I wanted him to do that, and I said absolutely...

Then, this hot muscle stud formed perfect paddles with his palms, and slammed them, full force, one on each cheek at the exact same moment.... sending shock waves through my system...

It fucking hurt like hell. I had no idea it would hurt that badly. And the sound it made was almost ear shattering because he cupped enough air in his palms to make a popping sound part of the smacking sound, AND THEN, without asking, he proceeded to give that exact same punishment for two or three straight smacks for a total of about 5 in quick succession.

I took it like a champ, though, and then he fucked like a maniac.

But my point in mentioning this is that from an early age, I've been turned on by rough play. When I was a young and horny teenager, we had this old book in the house that might have belonged to my Dad when he was a teenager. It was a collection of stories about settlers and cowboys and their battles with Indians, and among the illustrations was a drawing of a white man tied to a wooden post, his shirt stripped off so you could see his bulging muscles, with an Indian tormenting him with a lit torch. This image stirred something in my ballsac that could only be relieved in the attic of my parents' house, with that book on the floor in front of me while I laid on a few sheets so I could dry hump the folds in the soft cloth and fantasize about that hot guy's body, all while playing with my nipples.

This experience formed a lasting impression, because that remains today my favorite way to jack off. Not with my hand. In fact, it frees both my hands to play with my swollen hard nipples. I rub my cock in those sheets, sometimes listening to my collection of fuck music or watching some raw porn or both. I squirt cum every time.

But the thought of being dominated, letting someone have their way with me, possibly tied up in a cellar with my hands bound over my head, or better yet, my hands tied in a sling, is what gets me harder faster than almost anything else. Some of the guys on DudesNude are not what I'd call pretty or cute, but they have these incredible looking bodies, worked hard with excellent muscle mass in all the right places (the pec mounds, legs, guns and belly), they're as tall as I am or taller, they're packing some serious meat -- phat, cut or uncut -- and they have that look that says, "Get on your knees and suck it, then bend over and assume the position." These guys turn me on bigtime, just like that old image from the book above. You don't have to have a face like Tom Cruise. Just a hot body and a hot attitude. I want guys who aren't afraid to dish it out, to see how much I can take. Guys who can paint my ass red then spray it white. Then start all over...

You hard yet?