Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Long passionate BB fuck

I hate to overdo it, but I can't resist new videos from that marathon fucker in Germany, Dexter, who today posted a 26-minute raw fuck of his gaping-holed boyfriend. This one is more passionate, and patient, than previous ramfucks by Dex, but it is hot nonetheless. Perhaps even more so for those who love a marathon edging session that culminates in an ass full of load.

You can literally see Dexter's toes curling at various points in the video, especially toward the climax. The simple background, including the bedsheet, and the great camera they use make it all the more beautiful to see a bronzed top pounding away at his white bottom. Dexter's previous video showed us all the sweat he produces when he fucks. More is evident here, leading me to think that aerobics were never more fun than this. He sinks into his boy so deep, you will feel your own toes curling, your own sweat starting to ooze.

And those handcuffs on the bedpost, the poppers on the night stand ... Fuck, man, I want to be this stud's bitch!

If guys were paid for the semen they jacked out, Dexter could boost production to the point where world unemployment was wiped out. Well, maybe I'm getting too worked up. The cum I just sprayed watching this has stuck to my pubes and happy trail, and has glued my T-shirt to my belly. Ouch. Hate when that happens. LOL.

Later, studs.

p.s. The direct link to Dexter's profile on Xtube is here. I want you to go there first and "rate" him 5 stars, then check out all his videos. Thanks!


  1. Oh Will, Will Will! DAMN Dexter is GOOD! As much as we love him too, we're crowning you his #1 fan. We humbly accepted 2nd place. FUCK he's a champ! And talk about his bf taking it like a champ!

  2. damn, that was hot and good for a nice big load from me while watching!

    thanks for sharing stud!

  3. this video is fucking hot . just like you!

  4. Even I got some new techniques watching Dexter making love. This was definitely more than fucking and I like his style and patience, and it takes a great bottom to make a great top!