Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dexter does it again

If you've been following along, I raved when a new hot top hit the Xtube airwaves a couple of months ago [see January post in archives].

Well, my bud from Bavaria has done it again... This time a 13+ minute raw rough fuck of his gorgeously willing bottom, mostly shot from the side angle this time, giving you a better idea of how well built Dexter is for serious ramfucking on that couch of his... Enjoy:

P.S. Watching this gives me an idea for a new piece of exercise equipment at my gym: just a variation of an existing machine, really, but one where you crunch your abs while simulating Dexter's awesome ramfucking strokes. You can almost see his abs burning here.

Thanks D. You have proven once again how fucking HOT you really are. Wish I could show folks what you look like: they'd be head over heels for sure. ;-)


  1. Amazing. Thanks for sharing....that guy is just a fucking STUD. And that is one happy bottom...Would you post the direct X-tube link?

  2. That's AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You can find this vid directly on Xtube at this link. From there, visit his profile page to see all of his previous vids as well. As you bang a few out with Dexter, please take a moment to vote for him on his profile page, just below his pic. THANKS!