Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poppers 101

Reading Cum Craver's blog, I thought I should start addressing poppers. I love them, as you can tell from anything I've ever written about getting plowed, and have settled on a really nice brand and method of taking them that I want to share.

It's more expensive but I prefer English Premium or English Gold and buy them from Fort Troff online. English Premium comes in a gold label. It has a deceptively smooth smell but packs a punch.

Storing them in the freezer is a great way to keep them potent, especially in warmer weather. When you open the bottle after taking if from the freezer and inhale that first whiff, it's like instant horniness running through every vein in your body.

Now I know most guys just unscrew the lid and inhale, then keep their thumb over the hole for easier access while getting fucked. And some dudes go all out with the gas masks and a popper-soaked rag in the canister. I have yet to try gas masks but I am thinking more and more of trying that, especially for situations where I get fucked in a sling by multiple cocks. (Also thinking of buying a sling! Fort Troff will be happy to hear all of this I'm sure. lol.)

But I have a simpler, poorer man's intake method that I want to share with you... I take a white sock (used is fine), hold an edge of the sock over the bottle opening, tilt the bottle to soak that section of the sock, recap the bottle... then roll that wet section so it's nestled inside dry sock. Only one roll is necessary. Then I put that part in my mouth and clamp down on it to hold it in place, and start inhaling air through the sock. It draws fumes from the poppers right down into my lungs, where it enters the blood stream much faster and unfettered than if you inhale through your nostrils. Also, because it's not passing through your sinuses, there's less chance of getting any headache.

I take several deep breaths of poppered air and can feel that tingle immediately racing through my blood stream on its way to my brain... Instant high. And I get horny as fuck, still after several years of regular popper usage. You can regulate your air intake by mixing "fresh" air with popper air by sometimes breathing through your nose instead, and it's weird but I find this influx of fresh air in my lungs sort of a booster to the poppers. Call it turbo-charged.

You need to refresh the poppers in the sock now and then, but for getting ramfucked, this is a great way to keep feeding on your nitrates without having to fumble with a bottle while your whole body is being furiously banged.

I reuse that sock over and over, moving to drier parts when I start all over the next day. But it also keeps some of that smell. I go through a lot of poppers, but it's worth it.

Now for that gas mask... lol. I'll let you know if I go this route. There's a 5-sling New Year's Eve Party coming up, so maybe that'll be the night to try it out. :-)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fuck music 101

I fucking love listening to DJ Bill Bennett’s Morning Club Mix of “Breakaway” while I’m getting plowed or while I’m jacking to some hot raw porn. It’s got an underbeat that just makes you want to be cornholed by a huge phat pole that keeps up the same beat in and out of your ass, all while high on poppers of course.

So I laughed my ass off today as I stumbled on this video presentation of another version of the same song. And I guess it was compiled by Bill Bennett himself.

Very nice. Just wish he’d used the Morning Club Mix (check it out, it’s on iTunes). But then, it would’ve almost qualified as porn if he had. lol.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My First Time Under a Guy

I started out bangin' chicks in high school and college, and sort of still do on occasion. But in college, I got turned on by this dude who was out, totally masculine, and a top. I was curious already I guess, but he responded to my private questions and he eventually let me blow him for my first experience doing that. It was so hot, all I wanted to do was suck dick. He was also uncut, I wasn't, so I became hooked on foreskin.

Never thought I would get into anything more beyond that, but as time went on and I got more and more turned on by other hot jocks, I started wondering more and more what it would be like to actually take a cock in my boy cunt. I had tried fucking a few guys who begged for it, and although it was hot, I found it to be the same as fucking a chick in the ass, which is how I usually break up with a girl when I'm doing one for fun.

Then I met this soccer stud from Brazil. Game over, so to speak. He and I played against each other a few times. He wanted to learn some American games so I took him to a few of my baseball games, and even got him masked up and armed for a few games of lacrosse... But I think we both knew something more was going on there. I was really turned on by him, he had this amazing uncut cock that hung so low in the showers that I fantasized about what it looked like hard, and I guess he liked me too...

He finally broke the ice one night at his place and asked me up front if I had ever tried anything with another guy. In no time at all we were both sort of fessin' up to each other, with a few laughs inbetween over how we came to this point. I finally asked him if he'd ever been fucked, and he said no, he was strictly a top. I had already seen his cock. I knew that fucker must be brutal inside a boy hole, so I started asking questions about how he fucked, how often, etc. He painted for me the picture of my dreams: a rough dominant top who took no prisoners, went for a couple of hours at the minimum, made a boy feel it for days afterward, and when appropriate, plowed raw.

As he described this, we were both now hard as rocks, and I just naturally started strokin' mine. He pulled out his, and I started strokin' that too. My fantasies came true: a real 9 inches, the head still a little bit covered by his skin even when fully hard, and his cock widened out about halfway up before tapering off to the point. My mouth was drooling, bros. He asked if I'd ever deep throated a cock like that, and of course I hadn't, so he taught me how: He laid back flat on the bed naked. I stripped down and crawled in between his legs, ran my arms under his thighs, had my face hovering over his cock, then he crossed his legs over my back to hold me down there, held up his cock with one hand and used his other hand to hold the back of my head, and then ordered me to start swallowing... To my amazement, after only a few gags, I got that monster into the back of my throat... Eyes were waterin' and my nose was snortin in air but I was able to clamp my lips around his base and bite down, which is what he ordered me to do, and his cock literally got bigger inside my throat... Then with both hands now on my head, he started humping his hips upward and fucked my throat, with me not being able to go anywhere. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever accomplished with a dude before.

Took me a while to come down off that, but he told me I wasn't done learning. I asked him whether he meant he was going to fuck me, protesting that I'd never been fucked before and there was no way I could take a cock his size.. But he just told me to be quiet and got me ready.

He had me laying face down on the lowlying bed, my knees on the floor so I was bent over for him. He spread my cheeks and buried his face in my crack. I had been rimmed once before, but not like this. I could feel his wiry facial stubble scraping my ass cheeks and his tongue flickering my shitter. Then plunging in, then coming out, then plunging in, etc... He got me so horned up I was begging for more. Then came his fingers, and while that made me jump a little, the way he had me positioned kept me from running away. With some lube, it was feeling really good. I asked him about poppers, which I'd never done before, and he pulled out a bottle for me to whiff. I swear I had never tried them before, and frankly didn't even know you were supposed to inhale, but I followed his lead and did it, and when I did, I felt I was going to nearly pass out but in a deliriously good way. I also felt my whole body tingling with horniness, a feeling I cannot adequately describe, but it was all good. I felt harder than ever. I felt horny as fuck. I felt I wanted a cock to ramfuck me until I was practically raped. I fell into his trap and that is exactly what he proceeded to do...

After I had a few more hits of poppers till I was dizzy and delirious, he straddled my ass with his legs, poured some more lube in my crack, threw on a condom, lubed that up good too, and proceeded to slowly sink that motherfucker of a cock in my virgin pussy... It felt SOOO fucking good as soon as he popped past my sphincter, I could not believe it.

Then, just as I said to him how good it felt, I realized he only had about an inch or two inside of me. That's when he just plunged into me to the hilt, full force, to the root, and I was in shock. Yeah, it hurt. Boy did it hurt, but feeling his pubes on my ass cheeks my brain slowly started to realize through the poppers that I had this Brazilian stud's 9 inches of thick, veiny uncut cock in my ass, that I was taking a man's dick for the first time in my life, and I wanted it to stay there.

He kept it there, and proceeded to fuck me like you wouldn't believe. Power top, piston fucking like a jackhammer till my eyes were popping out, my nose was dripping snot like it'd been forced out by the hammering inside my guts, the sounds of his body slammin' full force into mine with a wet smackin' sound, over and over and over, my hole quickly opening up to the assault and getting used to the pounding, feeling hot, definitely warm, from the constant friction, feeling the head of his cock actually hitting my inner walls, now pushing me farther up the bed as he proceeded to lay on top of me and do pushups in and out of my ass with his boner, sometimes collapsing on my back for a minute or so, sucking my neck or feeding me more poppers (he addicted me to poppers that night), before he rose up and proceeded to drill me some more, finally pulling out and flipping me over on my back and getting my feet pushed down to either side of my head as he drilled me that way for a long time, his sweat dripping from his face onto my face... me trying to tell him stuff but unable to get enough air to make words other than grunts and "God" or "Fuck" over and over and over till i was a babbling idiot, his relentless brutal ramming of my shitter making me curl my toes like I had never curled them before...

In short, I became a bottom whore that night, spoiled by a 9 inch uncut hog that was only interested in marathon fucks. He fucked me two more times like that over the next couple of weeks, since it took me a while to recover. And then he went back to Brazil.

That was already 2 years ago, but since then, I have bent over to submit to a pounding like that many times... He spoiled me for big cock, uncut is wild but cut is cool too, and have no hangups whatsoever about the color of that cock, white, black, asian or whatever, if it's big and lasts a long time, it's my true love for at least a few hours.

Haven't tried bareback yet, but gotta admit that's my next fantasy. Anyone willing to bust that cherry?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

View from down here

This blog will try to tell the story from the bottom’s perspective. What you are seeing, what you are feeling, what you are experiencing.

I’ll have more on this later, so for now, let’s start.