Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fuck music 101

I fucking love listening to DJ Bill Bennett’s Morning Club Mix of “Breakaway” while I’m getting plowed or while I’m jacking to some hot raw porn. It’s got an underbeat that just makes you want to be cornholed by a huge phat pole that keeps up the same beat in and out of your ass, all while high on poppers of course.

So I laughed my ass off today as I stumbled on this video presentation of another version of the same song. And I guess it was compiled by Bill Bennett himself.

Very nice. Just wish he’d used the Morning Club Mix (check it out, it’s on iTunes). But then, it would’ve almost qualified as porn if he had. lol.


  1. you're right, totally did cheer me up! ^_^


  2. Will:

    Ha! Thanks for sharing. Would you believe me if I told you that I have a special "sexcapade" playlist on my iPod for my hooksups? Gonna look for the CLub Mix version you mentioned. It's always nice to add a new piece to the collection. If anything, ups the fucking time by another 3- mins. *wink.