Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poppers 101

Reading Cum Craver's blog, I thought I should start addressing poppers. I love them, as you can tell from anything I've ever written about getting plowed, and have settled on a really nice brand and method of taking them that I want to share.

It's more expensive but I prefer English Premium or English Gold and buy them from Fort Troff online. English Premium comes in a gold label. It has a deceptively smooth smell but packs a punch.

Storing them in the freezer is a great way to keep them potent, especially in warmer weather. When you open the bottle after taking if from the freezer and inhale that first whiff, it's like instant horniness running through every vein in your body.

Now I know most guys just unscrew the lid and inhale, then keep their thumb over the hole for easier access while getting fucked. And some dudes go all out with the gas masks and a popper-soaked rag in the canister. I have yet to try gas masks but I am thinking more and more of trying that, especially for situations where I get fucked in a sling by multiple cocks. (Also thinking of buying a sling! Fort Troff will be happy to hear all of this I'm sure. lol.)

But I have a simpler, poorer man's intake method that I want to share with you... I take a white sock (used is fine), hold an edge of the sock over the bottle opening, tilt the bottle to soak that section of the sock, recap the bottle... then roll that wet section so it's nestled inside dry sock. Only one roll is necessary. Then I put that part in my mouth and clamp down on it to hold it in place, and start inhaling air through the sock. It draws fumes from the poppers right down into my lungs, where it enters the blood stream much faster and unfettered than if you inhale through your nostrils. Also, because it's not passing through your sinuses, there's less chance of getting any headache.

I take several deep breaths of poppered air and can feel that tingle immediately racing through my blood stream on its way to my brain... Instant high. And I get horny as fuck, still after several years of regular popper usage. You can regulate your air intake by mixing "fresh" air with popper air by sometimes breathing through your nose instead, and it's weird but I find this influx of fresh air in my lungs sort of a booster to the poppers. Call it turbo-charged.

You need to refresh the poppers in the sock now and then, but for getting ramfucked, this is a great way to keep feeding on your nitrates without having to fumble with a bottle while your whole body is being furiously banged.

I reuse that sock over and over, moving to drier parts when I start all over the next day. But it also keeps some of that smell. I go through a lot of poppers, but it's worth it.

Now for that gas mask... lol. I'll let you know if I go this route. There's a 5-sling New Year's Eve Party coming up, so maybe that'll be the night to try it out. :-)


  1. cues up NBC's "The More You Know" bit. thanks for the pop-in-sock trick, i'll have to try that the next fuck part i attend.


  2. I know this will sound morbid, but a close friend of mine died using it. because of that (and the fact that i get bad migraines from poppers), i don't use it. just be careful with how much you inhale. my pal passed on xmas day.

  3. Thanks man, you jut opened me to a whole new world..I have always loved poppers and cant have sex without it...but the wet sock method took me to an entire different place (mind blowing),,,DAMN! Thanks!