Friday, January 1, 2010

Palm power

I hooked up with a guy once who took spanking my ass to a whole new level. He asked me if I was sure I wanted him to do that, and I said absolutely...

Then, this hot muscle stud formed perfect paddles with his palms, and slammed them, full force, one on each cheek at the exact same moment.... sending shock waves through my system...

It fucking hurt like hell. I had no idea it would hurt that badly. And the sound it made was almost ear shattering because he cupped enough air in his palms to make a popping sound part of the smacking sound, AND THEN, without asking, he proceeded to give that exact same punishment for two or three straight smacks for a total of about 5 in quick succession.

I took it like a champ, though, and then he fucked like a maniac.

But my point in mentioning this is that from an early age, I've been turned on by rough play. When I was a young and horny teenager, we had this old book in the house that might have belonged to my Dad when he was a teenager. It was a collection of stories about settlers and cowboys and their battles with Indians, and among the illustrations was a drawing of a white man tied to a wooden post, his shirt stripped off so you could see his bulging muscles, with an Indian tormenting him with a lit torch. This image stirred something in my ballsac that could only be relieved in the attic of my parents' house, with that book on the floor in front of me while I laid on a few sheets so I could dry hump the folds in the soft cloth and fantasize about that hot guy's body, all while playing with my nipples.

This experience formed a lasting impression, because that remains today my favorite way to jack off. Not with my hand. In fact, it frees both my hands to play with my swollen hard nipples. I rub my cock in those sheets, sometimes listening to my collection of fuck music or watching some raw porn or both. I squirt cum every time.

But the thought of being dominated, letting someone have their way with me, possibly tied up in a cellar with my hands bound over my head, or better yet, my hands tied in a sling, is what gets me harder faster than almost anything else. Some of the guys on DudesNude are not what I'd call pretty or cute, but they have these incredible looking bodies, worked hard with excellent muscle mass in all the right places (the pec mounds, legs, guns and belly), they're as tall as I am or taller, they're packing some serious meat -- phat, cut or uncut -- and they have that look that says, "Get on your knees and suck it, then bend over and assume the position." These guys turn me on bigtime, just like that old image from the book above. You don't have to have a face like Tom Cruise. Just a hot body and a hot attitude. I want guys who aren't afraid to dish it out, to see how much I can take. Guys who can paint my ass red then spray it white. Then start all over...

You hard yet?

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