Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

Five on tap to tap my ass, one positive but undetectable. Wish me luck.
(Photo from the internet, FYI. No pics or vids, brothers are all d.l.)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Door unlocked for nighttime visit

I shared this with a couple of guys from Xtube, and thought I'd share it with the rest of you... 

One of my hottest hookups ever was with a semi regular fuckbud at the time, and one day I texted him, saying the front door would be unlocked for the next 24 hours or so, that I would be in the house all day naked going about my usual routine but without any clothes on, and that he was welcome to come anytime, let himself in, and the moment he was inside I would be his fuck slave. He texted back asking if that applied to any hour of the day or night, I replied yes, and when I went to bed around midnight I had a feeling i was going to wake up to bare cock in my face....

Sure enough it was around 3 in the morning when I woke up feeling cold and realized dumbly that all my sheets were off me for some reason, and then in the dark, i realized there was a naked guy standing next to my bed, his boner pointing straight at me ... My fuck bud had come to collect on a promise. But instead of having me suck him first as he usually did, he was already pouring lube on his cock, then jumped in bed on top of me, forced me to roll the rest of the way flat and face down, then slipped that snake inside my shitter and proceeded to rawfuck me like a maniac. (He had always used a condom before.)

He was so fucking turned on, he told me later, by anticipating this all day long ... going to bed himself at his home knowing he was going to get up to drive over to my house, lying awake the whole time unable to get it off his mind, then coming to my door in the middle of the night while all my neighbors were asleep, quietly letting himself in, sneaking around the downstairs to make sure I wasn't down there (we had fucked in the living room before), then tip-toeing up the stairs to my room and stripping down while watching and listening to me sleeping soundly (I may have even been snoring a little) ... he said he was so turned by all of this that he gave up on the rubber and had this overwhelming caveman-like urge to breed my hole, rape it even, like he was an actual intruder. And he was so rough I was hurting with my face in the pillows trying to muffle my cries. It was a superhot fuck and an experience I have yet to repeat.

What I would love to do is have a guy like that (he was married and they've since moved to a new house they built) come over sometime and tie me up in a sling in my basement, fuck a load into me, then leave me there, promising to return to do me again and untie me, but not saying when, just leaving me there unable to free myself until he came back, and lie there for however long not knowing when it will end and seeing how my mind reacts to that situation. Ideally, I'll hear his car that night, hear him let himself in, then hear voices as he leads 2 or 3 other guys through my house showing them around before they all come down to the cellar to gangrape me by flashlight.

And if they're all black, that would be the killer. I could die in that sling with a smile on my face.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mystery man comes forward

I got this email today via Xtube after my post about a Grand Central encounter:

that was ME!
wow, i just now read your blog about a guy recognizing you in Grand Central, and believe it or not, that was me. lol. too funny. I would never stalk you bro so no worries there, haha. So fucking awesome to have seen you that day, I thought it was you and yes I did follow you for a few seconds before I was positive enough (and bold enough)to call out your name. You were by yourself so I knew i wasn't going to tip your hand to anyone you knew.

You are as hot as your pictures suggest and even hotter and I hope to see you in action in video someday. Thanks for being cool at Grand Central that day. Any other guy could have really ripped into me I guess. I never thought about it too much. Didn't have time to think at all, in fact. I guess I was so swept up by the whole thing.

Name here is Bill, nice to meet you Will.

So I'm glad to know who it finally was, he's a big fan on Xtube and DN, and it's all good. (that's his xtube profile pic; he's a bottom too). I don't have to look over my shoulder anymore, and as it turns out, we may bump into each other again someday. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tom of Finland

I don't pay for porn, I don't buy or rent porn movies, I don't buy racy books or male magazines. I own some leather gear, my favorite pieces being a harness and armband, and a couple of dildos, but otherwise am pretty skimpy when it comes to gay accessories (other than lube and poppers of course, lol).

That's why I sort of amazed myself when I bought a super deluxe collection of almost all the illustrations ever penned or sketched by Tom of Finland. At about 15 pounds, the book weighs almost as much as the one-handed barbell I keep near my home office desk. Hefting it is a chore. Lying in bed with it resting on my sternum hurts after a while. And it certainly hurt my wallet when I shelled out $150 to buy it.

But I am transfixed and hypnotized, turned on and utterly addicted to its pages, and there are 666 pages. The book is filled with more than 1,000 of Tom's drawings, and they're in sequential order from the very beginning in the 1940s to shortly before his death, the 22nd anniversary of which is coming up next week. It arrived wrapped in a beautiful jacket, encased in a specially designed box, and is printed on acid-free paper measuring nearly 19 inches high and 16 inches wide. (There are a couple of double foldouts forming poster-sized 19-by-43-inch prints, including one of his famous swimming pool scene.) The thickness of this book is more than 3 inches. To keep it out of sight from my straight buds, I have to lock it inside a piece of luggage.

But I've hauled it out over and over, and for days on end will keep it near my bed. I'll wake up in the morning long before it's time to actually get up, and pull the book up with one hand, my 'ceps bulging at the strain, then lie in bed ogling the hottest men on the planet while my cock pops up the covers like a tent.

What I want to do here is share a few pages worth of illustrations, through words and one picture that I think I'll be allowed to show since this is basically a book review. Tom occasionally told stories through the use of panels like those you'd find in a comic book, only there was no dialogue, just pictures. I'm choosing this particular storyboard because as soon as I turned the page and looked at it for the first time, it reminded me of one of the first homoerotic images I ever saw when I was about 11 or 12 years old. That one was a sketch in a book about settlers among the Indians, and I've written about that drawing previously on this blog.

In this series of images, Tom tells the story of a white muscular stud in the jungle. He's sporting a Tarzanesque physique with smooth slabs of massively sculpted pectorals, huge areolas and eraser-sized nipples, a slight smattering of chest hair around the upper sternum, guns that pop out 24/7 and complement his broad muscular shoulders and angular V-shaped build tapering down to a narrow waist, with a rock-hard almost concave set of hairless abdominals and long sinewy limbs. He is naked except for a flimsy breechcloth that barely covers his massively hung thick cock, hanging limp with the giant head poking out from underneath the cloth. His thick untrimmed bush is sprouting up above the breechcloth string.

While distracted from tickling the nuts on a monkey in a tree (yes, spanking the monkey does come to mind), he unwittingly steps into a rope trap that quickly strings him up by one leg. Soon out of the jungle come the natives. Scores of them it seems. These are handsomely brutish black Adonises in their own right, naked from their burr-headed tops to their feet, with massive cocks themselves, hairless chests for the most part, and perfectly, exquisitely, sculpted butt cheeks.

They tie up their prey and bind him to a pole that they then carry to their village. Mike, as we'll call him since that seems to be one of Tom's favorite names, is hanging upside down from the rail, his hands and feet tied to the pole as it is slung over the shoulders of two of the natives. While this trophy white boy is being toted through the jungle, he can't help but have his face snug right up against — and inside — the ass cheeks of the native in front of him. And the big black cock of the
native behind him has his boner lodged inside Mike's cheeks, all while he and the other native are shouldering the rail with Mike's body swaying between them.

They finally reach a clearing that has two sacrificial totem poles in the center, separated about six feet from each other and shaped like giant dildos. They hoist Mike upside down and spread-eagle him, with one foot tied to the highpoint of each of these totem poles and one hand tied to each of the bases. His shoulder blades are now flat against the ground, and his manhole is facing upward while his legs are stretched wide apart. He is totally naked. And he's perfectly positioned for the gangbang of his life.

Now here's my favorite panel: The natives line up ready to take their turns with whitey, and for the most part they are smaller than he is. Here is your stunningly hot white man muscle stud, naked and ass-up to about a dozen horny jungle men, and he's about to have his inner kingdom raped by a tribe of beautifully hung and hard niggas, whether he wants them to or not.

The apparent leader takes the initiative and steps up to his prone victim, waving his hairy cock for all to see. He rubs Mike's ass a few times, then goes for it. He sinks that black shaft deep into Mike's pussy, the black fur of pubic hairs settling down into the moist dry crack of Mike's hole. He gives Mike such a rough raw fuck that he falls over on top of Mike, and decides since his knees are now straddling Mike's head, he'll just lower his ass down over Mike's face and force him to rim his black shitter. Other natives take their cue and proceed to do the same. They fuck Mike raw till they shoot their jungle juice deep inside his pussy, then slide down his body and  lower their cocks into his mouth for proper cleaning and sucking before making him rim them.

Over and over this goes on, and it's hard to know how many natives have now seeded his mancunt. The fucking has been brutal, nasty and rough all along, and finally you see the two totem poles — shaped like magnificent phallic symbols complete with huge ballsacs — start to crack and topple. It doesn't take long before Mike is set free and stands erect, snapping the ropes that once bound him to the totem poles and swinging them freely in his hands as though they were whips. He uses them to such effect, and stands towering tall and triumphant over the jungle denizens in such a way, that he is now their master. The natives he was enslaved to are instead his willing servants — worshippers even — with many on their knees clenching their hands in prayer to this mighty white god.

He cracks one of the rope-whips still tied to his wrist and forces these
natives to now service him. They willingly obey. They line up side by side and bend over, their beautifully sculpted bubble butts arched upward waiting for lube-free penetration from Michael. And his raging gigantic boner indicates he is more than willing to bang each and every last one of them.

But there's one very sexy, sensual feature that now accompanies Michael in every single panel the rest of the way, beginning from just after his brutal gang rape. And that is this: his pussy is leaking cum! And not just a little but great big gobs of what can only be manmade jungle juice spraying out while he's doing other things like bucking his hips as he fucks the shit out of native black cunt. It is all the more delightfully, deliciously decadent because you realize from looking at all the Tom of Finland drawings from the 1940s up to this point, 1972, that he has never before, as far as I can tell, shown semen oozing out a freshly fucked mancunt. You just want to slurp it all up.

Michael proceeds to ramfuck each
native, grinding his bush into their butt cheeks and sweating profusely as he moves down the line, sometimes reaching around and presumably grabbing the big black cocks that were only recently raping his innards. As each native gets his fuck and fill, they drop on the ground and lower a hand to their freshly fucked holes, trying to soothe the pain they may have never before experienced. You definitely get the feeling from the sight of it all that these jungle natives were virgins when it came to taking cock anally.

Finally, in the last panel, which is blown up full page in this book, Mike takes leave of his captors-turned-captives, and while he looks like he's ready to swing away on a vine in classic Tarzan fashion, he turns to wave goodbye, his muscled arms and body as hot as ever, his ass protruding out and up in tantalyzing fashion, that native jungle juice still dripping out of the crinkly folds of his still gaping cunt (which you can now clearly
see), and his cock hanging limp but as engorged as ever, this time with his own white mancum oozing down the shaft and covering his glans. The natives are on their knees reaching out to catch every last drop of this white god's DNA, and one of the black acolytes has his tongue hanging out, hoping, drooling, for a chance to get one more taste of it. 

I'd be right behind him. Then offer myself to him and the rest of his tribesmen, gladly taking Mike's place. It is, after all,  my ultimate fantasy. ;-)


Tuoko Laaksonen died Nov. 7, 1991, at the age of 71 in his native Finland. If you can, check out some of his art. It's male porn that requires your sexiest organ — the brain — to do some of the work. But it's so worth it.

(Note: The regular retail price of Tom of Finland XXL from Taschen is actually $200 but you can get it cheaper through Amazon.)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Outed in Grand fashion

I was walking through Grand Central Station the other day, which I used to do on a more regular basis but not so much anymore, when I thought I heard someone call my name. I turned around and didn't see anyone I recognized, but there was one guy looking straight at me. I was ready to turn back around when he nodded toward me and asked, "Will? Will Win?"
Busted, lol.
My screen name on Xtube and elsewhere (dudesnude, etc.) is obviously not my real last name but when this guy had both names I knew he had to know me from some gay porn site that I belong to, probably one where my full face pic is actually posted (I keep it off of Xtube). I smiled right away and said Hey, then walked over closer and said something like "How you doin?" so anybody who was still nearby would think we might've known each other. No one paid a bit of attention to us, of course. It was New York City after all.
That was it. We didn't pretend to know each other and he didn't bother me with questions or chat or anything else, thank god. I really wasn't looking forward to talking about the latest hot BBC video I had creamed to, or whether my hole was leaking black man jizz at that moment, and there have been times when I've been in Grand Central and other public places where that was a distinct possibility. He just said he thought he had recognized me from my profile photo (I've given a few guys a Facebook link; otherwise, you can just look me up on dudesnude and use the password naked for private pics). I could tell he was a little excited to have actually met the real Will Win, and that made me feel momentarily more important than I really am. He was older, not bad looking, not tall, not overweight, and not a top (or at least not the kind of top that would turn me on), but he was totally cool.
I mumbled something about having to get going and he had to go too but I smiled the whole time and was probably chuckling about it all to myself as I turned and continued heading to my train. I wish now that I had asked his profile name but didn't want to run the risk of outing him either. (Hey, if you read this, hit me up! And thank you for not stalking me! lol). I sort of looked at other people differently from that point on, just in case I sparked another reaction of Xtube recognition. lol.... 

What are the odds of this happening anyway? I once bumped into the metrosexual hotness that is Caleb Lane and chatted with him briefly, but he's an international model and he must get that all the time, not just from folks seeing him in my all-time favorite gay-themed short film, "Seeing You in Circles." Has any other regular joe on Xtube or elsewhere ever been recognized in public based on his profile pic?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YoMuscleBoii ... I want your babies

You've got to check out this hottie on YouTube called YoMuscleBoii. (His real name is Josh Leyva and you can friend him on Facebook.)

Awesome pecs, muscled guns, sculpted abs and stunning looks. And he can act. The video that's my favorite so far is a takeoff on the 5 types of guys who do Instagram. I think it's my favorite because he's shirtless in one of the segments. (His pits are unbelievable.) here's the embed:

If he ever wanted to make a fortune in porn, it's all his. Gay or straight, wouldn't matter. Just hope he's not one of those hotties who isn't hung. Wouldn't mind seeing him bottom for a roomful of raw mammoth black cocks, but would prefer in my fantasy to have him topping me and smothering me in between loads with those sweaty hairy pits... ;-) 

And one more, showcasing his pits, pecs, abs -- and his thrusting abilities. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

1 top, 3 hours, 4 loads

My quasi-boyfriend/breeder texted me the other day and said he'd been saving himself for a multiple-load session with me. I had to work Saturday, but I decided to go for it on Friday night and risk leaking cum during the day at work, which for me meant the possibility of having a wet stain in front of some horny teenage football players who are more savvy than you would believe.
So there I was on my knees after midnight Friday, sucking away at the beautiful black boner I call mine. Rob's cock is 8 inches long, thick, wide-brimmed, fat in the middle, and black. His pubes are thick and curly, and I've been practicing my deep-throat skills so I was getting a lot of that brillo up my nostrils. Suddenly he cupped his hands behind my head and started pumping my throat. Rough. I was gagging. He'd back off slightly to let me gulp some air. Then he'd shove it back in. My eyes were watering, and I realized what he was aiming to do.
Sure enough, his first load of the night came squirting out, inside my mouth, and he shoved the head of his throbbing boner against my uvula, that punching bag of flesh hanging down over the top of my throat, and made me gulp down his seed whole. I never even tasted it.
Without skipping a beat, he had me assume the position over his bed, my body bent in half at the hips with my cheeks upturned for our mutual favorite position of doggie. He slipped his cock in my crack and squeezed out a few more drops of load No. 1 into my slit, then rubbed his cock head up down and got it nice and wet with his sperm. Then he asked if I was ready, I said "fuck me," and he went at it like an animal. Jesus fucking christ, I didn't expect that right away! He hadn't even eaten me out this time, so my hole was super tight and his cock -- still fat from the throat fuck -- hurt like fucking hell. But I had nowhere to run, my knees locked up against the side of the bed, and in a few minutes my hole had gotten ripped out enough to ease the pain.
His second load came a lot quicker than I thought it would, and I only knew it was in me when he actually let me know this time. He had told me on the phone he was saving his load all week for me, so I figured out this was what we had in store for a few hours: Him fucking my throat and ass, and me taking whatever he dished out.
We took a break after the first anal cum but I was soon sucking his cock and getting it slicked up better for round 3. This time he took his time, spending about 45 minutes fucking me before he gave me a third dose of his cum. I could feel this one leaking out of my shitter as he continued humping, no timeout, and in another hour -- YES, an hour more of plunging in and out of my hole -- he finally gave me a fourth and final fillup.
My pussy was wrecked, we were both soaked with sweat, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, I could feel a cool wet line of our combined juices running down the back of my leg. I hopped in the shower and then headed  home, since I had only a few hours to catch some sleep before I had to be at work. I had to cover a football game in the morning, and of course I got to the stadium forgetting I should've probably done something to prevent -- or soak up -- any leakage. Thank god I stayed dry the whole time, but damn, it might've been superhot to be standing in front of some horny teenage manboys with a wet stain on my back door. Wonder if any boys would've given me the all-knowing smirk of approval. ;-)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From a hottie on Xtube

From the "sexual interests" section of Superboy69s' profile on Xtube, reprinted with permission:

"This is what I like to do with a new buddy: I take charge, undress you and get you in bed, slowly I seduce you by kissing you deeply and softly licking the sensitive/ erotic areas around your neck, below your ears, and around your cheeks. Then, as an active top dude -- a fucker -- I pin you down like in a wrestling move, with my legs holding down yours, so that you can't move. I get you on your stomach facing down. My dick is rock hard by now and at its full 7.5 inch length. Superboy hard! I lube-up and my dick throbs and glistens. I align my cock so that my dickhead is right at your anus. I give just enough pressure so that you feel my hard dick slowly penetrate into you. You feel the heat of my cock slowly enter you to my dick's full length. At the same time, I can feel your warmth travel all the way down my shaft to reach my balls. You ask me to grind my dick deeper and deeper into you! Damn! -- this feels so good. I feel strong, virile, maculine with my dick inside you! You want me to unload all the sperm from my balls into you. So, after pumping you for a while, I turn you over on your back and lift your legs up to my shoulders. With my hands holding your shoulders firmly in place, I reenter you. I position the base of my big hard dick so that you feel my shaft right at the bottom of your sensitive bottom hole. I keep on pumping until you feel me squirt a big load of semen through my shaft. In this position you can feel every ejaculation my dick produces and every load of sperm that travels from my balls into you! Fuck yeah!"

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Smokin' hot in the Smokies

I've been quiet for a long time on here, basically keeping my hole in shape with my black fuck bud Robert's 8 incher and slowly training myself to deep throat an 8 inch cock (practising on Robert of course, and also with a soft 8 inch medium thick dildo).

But I went on a backpacking vacation recently and had an encounter like I've never had before while out hiking. I was with two friends, both jock boys who I met on the trail a couple of years ago. They're 6 feet or 6'1" like me, so we have long strides that let us cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. We get together at least once a year for a backpacking trip, sometimes with a few other, older guys. But this time it was just us young guns because we wanted to tackle some serious miles in one of the East Coast's premier wilderness playgrounds, the Smokies.

We had all been through there before at least once, on the Appalachian Trail. But for this trip, we wanted to explore some of the hundreds of miles of other trails that sometimes crisscross with each other throughout this half-million-acre park. Some trails feed into the A.T. on the ridgeline, but we wanted to avoid the A.T. as much as possible because that's where most people go when they're there. This was going to be just us, away from the herd, and we weren't even that concerned with sticking together as a group, either. If one or two of us shot ahead, or fell behind, so be it. We were all self-sufficient in terms of gear and food, etc., and as long as we all ended up at the pickup spot in a few days' time, we were good to go. Each of us had a cell phone, so we were all set in case this trip turned into three separate solo hikes.

On Day 3, we were still basically hiking together when we ran across something very rare on a long-distance trail in the Great Smokies. No, it wasn't a bear. They're everywhere. It wasn't even a park ranger (your chances of seeing a bear are 10 times greater than seeing a ranger, lol). It was a black guy out backpacking, by himself. We stopped and chatted with him for a few minutes, a customary ritual on the trail. You share info about what lies ahead for the other guy, then go on your separate ways. And my buds did just that after hearing about a water source a mile or so up ahead for us.

But I lingered a little, going a bit further with the convo the way hikers do, making small talk out of stuff like what's your "trail name," where you're from, where you went to school, etc. I was already horny to begin with from hanging with my jock bros and inhaling their hiker-sweat from 3 days in the backcountry. And now I had this fucking hot black guy to myself, in the middle of nowhere, his shirt off like mine because of the heat wave in the South, his fucking chiseled abs glistening with sweat, the smell of his man odor filling my nostrils, and his gorgeous smile with pearly white teeth flashing as he talked or laughed while we exchanged info.

And naturally I was getting bonered up bigtime, which is bad because you can't exactly hide it on the trail when all you're wearing is skimpy hiker shorts. I could swear he was checking me out, too, while we talked, so I'd look behind me now and then to let him have a glimpse, and I was pretty sure he liked what he saw on me. I asked where he was planning to stop for the night, and he asked where my group was planning to camp. I told him our ultimate destination in a few days' time, and he indicated he'd be heading out in a day or so, back in this direction in fact.

Finally we said our goodbyes and headed in opposite directions. I fondled my tit a few times while hiking the rest of that afternoon, imagining what his cock looked like. I spent a sleepless night in my tent that night, not daring to jack off because we were tenting so close to each other. Playing with my tits and gently stroking my cock would have to do. Tasting my pre made me nod off with dreams of sucking a sweaty black dick.

That next afternoon one of my buds was explaining that he wanted to pound out some serious miles, hiking faster to test his endurance, and we wished him well. He has never run a marathon before, but he's thinking of doing the New York City Marathon this fall. So off he went, not running per se, but hiking double time as it were. I'm sure on good stretches he would try to run a little, but it's hard with a pack on your back.

Then I hung back to take a break, and suddenly I was hiking solo for the first time on this trip. It felt great, and I was enjoying it a lot thinking of my first time in the wilderness like this, solo, when all of a sudden up came the black dude. Turns out he didn't go much farther the day before, and in the morning he decided to start doubling back to where he parked his car. I was thrilled.

We hiked together the rest of the day, taking numerous breaks wherever you could sit down (in the woods, you take advantage of those spots, especially when it's hot), or wherever there was a water source and we needed to camel up. I was sporting a raging hardon by this point, since my one true weakness is an addiction to black cock. I don't care if I pass a homeless black dude on the street, all I can think of is how big his dick is and what it would be like bent over doggie while he's plowing it home.

It became fairly obvious we weren't going to catch up with my buds, so around 6 or so I suggested we start looking out for a good spot to pitch our tents. About an hour later we found a perfect spot, down off the trail a little ways, alongside a small stream. The trees were evergreens and there was a carpet of soft brown needles on the floor. I think we both knew it was going to be perfect for other reasons, too, since by this time I was pretty sure the vibes that were flowing were not all one way.

We cooked our dinners, even shared a little of our food with each other, I texted my buds to let them know that I was OK, and then we sat back and continued our ongoing conversation about the one thing that bonds college jock types like nothing else: college football. My newfound bud was from Asheville and had gone to Appalachian State. I knew a lot about the Mountaineers, and he was actually good friends with a few of them from when he was in school. We talked about the famous Michigan game, which we both watched on TV that day a few years back, and then about some bigtime games we have actually seen in person. Turned out we were both SEC fans, and we had both gone to games at LSU, Auburn and Tennessee. We were really connecting on this stuff, and by this time, too, I noticed he was frequently touching himself, quickly rubbing his crotch nonchalantly and almost without thinking about it. 

Finally, just as I was talking about one of my favorite players from when I was in school -- and describing how hot he was on and off the field -- Slider's hand went down and brushed his crotch, and this time he kept it there. (Slider is his trail name.) I was still talking, but I trailed off forgetting what I was saying, because all of a sudden Slider tilted his head back and laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked.
"You," he said, smiling with those fucking hot lips and white teeth from ear to ear. "You can't keep your eyes off my pants."

And that was it. I was busted. I laughed nervously, but he assured me it was all alright. He confessed he was getting horned up while I was talking about this hottie football player (it was David Carr, of Fresno State, seen above, and if you ever saw him play or met him in person, you know exactly what I'm talking about), and I guess I was going on a little more than I realized about his chiseled chin, eye-popping biceps (the biggest guns on any quarterback I've ever seen) and his cut pecs and abs. And that was that: Slider was blatantly stroking his cock, and I was staring at him doing it.

Suddenly I was bold enough to confess something of my own, and I knew from that point on it would be the game-changer.

"You know, I've got a confession to make.... I'm one of those white boys who worships black cock."

His smile was now bigger than ever, and it was contagious. "Well get over here boy and worship."

And that is how for the next half hour or so, I was on my knees in front of him as he squatted on his sleeping pad, my head bowed in worship amid the aroma of manly sweat, the beautiful bush of a black man's curly pubes, and the rock hard pole of an 8 inch piece of cut chocolate cock that looked, smelled and tasted of pure hotness. The head was lighter skinned than the rest of the shaft, and I proceeded to polish it even brighter with my lips, tongue, and eventually the back of my throat. He was enjoying it so much, he was moaning loud enough for anyone to hear on the main trail above us. He told me he had days worth of load and he wanted to give it all to me. As it turned out, I should've kept going down on him, since swallowing a few loads would've been ideal protein replenishment out here on the trail.

But the bottom whore in me wanted that cock in my ass. No condoms carried by either one of us. No problem, for either one of us. And we had plenty of lube from the coat of saliva I was slobbering all over his pole. The only problem was, I had no way to clean myself out. And I knew that it might pose a problem. But when you're outdoors with a stranger who's hot, sexy, black and hung and you haven't touched yourself in a few days, nothing else matters except his raw dick and your hole.

We each stripped down, fondled each other's hardons, and I even had him raise his arm over his head so I could burrow in his sweaty smooth pits -- a must as anyone who has read my previous blogs knows. To avoid anyone stumbling on us and seeing everything, we retreated to my tent, which is roomy enough for 2 but you can't really sit up in it, so I laid flat on my stomach and held my ass up slightly. He climbed on top, found my hole, and started going in. Slowly, since I was tight, but determined to squish his pubes against my backsides. (I told him I love that feeling.) He got his cock in me all the way finally, and then slowly started to pump it in and out. Suddenly he rammed it, which made me grunt like a pig, and he proceeded to hump it hard and rough. He had one arm wrapped around my neck in a choke hold, which I love, and his head buried in my neck, his tongue licking my ear and his dreds dangling on my face. I could've gone all night long, and so could he have, too. Just then he started ramming it, pulling back a little, and ramming it again, over and over for about 10 times, never leaving my hole but going deeper and deeper with every thrust. When I asked if he was getting ready to shoot, he sighed that he had been shooting his load with every one of those thrusts and had already planted it deep up my cunt. In all, the fucking took less than 10 minutes.

He laid still for a while, in that position, his dick in my ass still, when I started raising my ass cheeks and squeezing my inner ass muscles to stroke and milk his bone, which was still rock hard. He moaned like I was sucking him again and whispered his hot breath in my ear asking me not to stop. We did this for a little while, and just as he was recharged enough to give me another fuck with another load, his cock suddenly slipped out of my ass. He looked down, and said "Ooops."

I could tell it was all she wrote for our fucking that night. He had literally fucked the shit out of me, and we ended with a rather messy fuck. I apologized, but he was very supportive, acknowledging that we had no way to clean me out beforehand. If I had known I was going to get fucked that night, I might have tried fasting for at least a day, but on the trail, that simply is not possible. So we called it quits, even though we both knew we could've gone all night. We cleaned up thoroughly -- his cock and my ass and then my tent floor -- and we went to bed in our own tents. In the morning, we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, hit the trail, and in about an hour or so came to the side trail he needed to take back to his car.

"This is me," he said, looking down the hill. "Let's do this again sometime. For real."

A hot black jock with an 8 inch cock who fucks like that doesn't have to ask me twice. And since getting home from that trip, we have made tentative plans to meet in Pennsylvania in October. I'll fast, I'll be so cleaned out you can store food in there, I'll have plenty of lube, and I'll come home with plenty of cum.

Hampton Inn, here we come.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just sayin

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Separated at birth?

I love the month of January when college football is retired for the season and pro football takes center stage. This year we've been treated to the Colin Kaepernick show, with a studly, tatted quarterback showing his prowess on the field with full use of his strong legs and muscled arms. Leave it to a team from San Francisco to show that domination can be thrilling. (I read that line in a book once and always wanted to use it!)

Of course I have an ulterior motive to watch every move that Colin-K makes, and that's because he reminds me of one of my favorite porn stars, the prolific Antonio Biaggi. Not as many tatts on Tony but all the muscle, all the strength, all the sexual prowess that Colin has, plus they share that sexy soul patch/goatee that must drive their partner wild when eating pussy, be it male or female snatch. 

In both of their cases, females have likely been the recipient of such pleasurable feelings, since Antonio fucks women as well as guys (he has at least one kid, a girl). Whether Colin is similarly bisexual, who knows, though I sort of doubt it.

Still, we know of course that Antonio has no problem going down on male pussy, and in fact relishes it before he ramfucks his bottom boys in all of his porn flicks. I'm not sure you can find a porn actor who loves the industry more than Biaggi, having seen him do films for almost every single studio out there, even low-budget outfits like the sometimes weird KnightBreeders, whose CEO and star appears to not only shoot all his fuck flicks in a trailer, but I suspect he lives in it as well. But there is Antonio Biaggi, patiently obliging the loud-mouthed Knightbreeder uber-bottom, feeding him his uncut hog the way we love seeing him fuck his willing bitch boys in more polished porn.

So here's to Colin Kaepernick in today's NFC Championship, which is already under way as I write this. Every shot of him -- and the camera loves him -- will remind me of my porn god Antonio Biaggi. I think halftime will find me jerking to one of Biaggi's best, something where he's hammering away at some tight hole, after he's painted it, of course, with that silky tongue and exquisite soul patch. Fuck!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The blog entry that Xtube deleted

I GOT FUCKED recently by a 9-inch black master's cock that was also about 6 or maybe 7 inches around. All he wanted was to fuck, fuck, fuck. He had me cover up my cock in a jock strap and refrained from even touching it. He didn't want me to suck him, didn't force me to rim him, all he wanted was to fuck my hole. And fuck it he did, for about 4 hours straight.

He is an experienced top bull who knows how to fuck and he proved it by taking about an hour to open me up slowly with that monster black cock. It wasn't until that first hour passed before he started giving it to me really hard. He'd pull all the way out, slap my ass with his wet bone, then ram it full tilt and dig and grind and fight his way as deep as he could go. Then he'd pull it all the way out and start over.

He loves holes that are open, wet and sloppy, and that's exactly what he had created during his first hour of slow fucking. Now the serious rape was set to start. His favorite position had me squatting over the edge of the bed so he could just stand there and deliver, over and over, up and in and in some more. I wore my leather harness for him, and he was so grateful, because he knew exactly what it was made for: Grabbing onto the back straps and using them to pull me toward him whenever he was thrusting into me. Our smacking sounds made his dog bark in the hallway outside the closed bedroom door.

But after another hour or so of that, both of us needed to change positions. My legs, folded like they were, were falling asleep and hurting almost as much as my bitch hole. And he just wanted to get off his feet and fuck me laying down, so we spooned as he laid his pipe into me on the bed. Wrapping an arm around my belly he continued to dig deep, until he held me tight while his cock was buried and I knew he was emptying another load.

Yes, you got that right, I was taking it raw from the get-go, and probably already had one load in my pussy. I'll tell you a little more about this in a few. But after he dropped a second pile of semen in me, he stayed inside while we spooned, and in a few minutes he was breathing heavy and I swear he took a little nap. LOL. I needed a breather myself, so as I felt his cock slowly shrivel back, I flexed my outermost ring muscles around his head to prevent it from sliding all the way out, and that brought my black bareback bull out of his slumber, ready for the second half. And man, what a kickoff.

He started shoving his soft cock back inside of me while he found and played with one of my tits, and I started talking dirty back to him, begging him for his load. Begging him to give me more. Begging him to breed me.

And then, I said what apparently were the magic words to his ears. The secret password to unlocking the dom in his inner being and bringing out the true, selfish, unrelenting top fucker that we powerbottoms crave, and more often than not only dream about.

I begged him to poz me.

Yeah, he was positive. I'm negative. And from the get-go, remember, we were fucking raw. I knew what I was doing, and now I told him. I wanted his toxic seed to find its target. I wanted him to breed me in the ultimate way possible. "Charge my pussy, daddy," I told him. And with that, I could literally feel his cock stiffen up inside me, I could feel his head flare out into a hammer-like knob, and I could detect a new mission in every inch of his 6-foot-4 muscular loins.

"Charge my pussy, daddy." ... With those magic words, he turned me onto my stomach, then rolled over on top of me. He ordered me to raise just my ass and I did, knowing what he intended. He inserted his now throbbing cock inside my now dripping cunt and he proceeded to jackhammer my hole. He'd pull it back, then drill it deep till that fat cock head hit my walls. The force of impact was so hard, my head started hitting the wooden headboard of his bed. And I could feel the head of that cock hitting every spot deep inside me. Each pullback and thrust was harder than the one before, and I had all I could do to tap every muscle in my thighs and hips to keep my bubble butt raised up for the onslaught.

"Fuck the headbangin' pain," I said to myself, I knew I was getting the fuck of a lifetime from a bull niggah who was quite possibly changing my life forever. And then it hit me, literally.

His thrusting was building up to a crescendo, and I could sense he was ready to blow. Wrapping his arm around my neck to put me in a classic choke hold and with an audible deep breath, he cocked the trigger of his body one more time and dove forward with all his might, driving that toxic fuck stick as far as it would go, and then driving it in some more until finally, for the first time in my life, I felt a cock go where no cock had ever gone before, with the very tip of his dick breaking through an elusive ring in my inner sanctum that I could absolutely feel all the way around, 100 percent, as his penis slit punched through it. And then he froze stiff. He held me there, the hair on my head grinding -- literally grinding -- into the grain of the wood of that fucking headboard.

The package was being delivered.

Not sure how much he had to give, but he was giving me the gift that may never stop giving. He was seeding me, breeding me, charging me -- making me his poz niggah* by injection. (*a term he freely used and encouraged me to use during our rut.) 

                            * * *

It's been six days since my negative innards were invaded by poz sperm, and my hole sure doesn't feel right, but I don't know yet if I got charged. If it happens, it happens. The bull niggah wants another crack at my ass and also wants to arrange a gang rape with 3 other hung black studs on New Year's Day, with me tied in a sling. That is undoubtedly my ultimate fantasy, the pinnacle of a white bitch powerbottom's drooling worship of superior big black cock, but whether my pussy will be healed by then, and whether the question of my status is moot by that point, we'll just have to see.

Maybe I'll hold out till Martin Luther King Day. My own special way of paying tribute to king cock.