Monday, January 7, 2013

The blog entry that Xtube deleted

I GOT FUCKED recently by a 9-inch black master's cock that was also about 6 or maybe 7 inches around. All he wanted was to fuck, fuck, fuck. He had me cover up my cock in a jock strap and refrained from even touching it. He didn't want me to suck him, didn't force me to rim him, all he wanted was to fuck my hole. And fuck it he did, for about 4 hours straight.

He is an experienced top bull who knows how to fuck and he proved it by taking about an hour to open me up slowly with that monster black cock. It wasn't until that first hour passed before he started giving it to me really hard. He'd pull all the way out, slap my ass with his wet bone, then ram it full tilt and dig and grind and fight his way as deep as he could go. Then he'd pull it all the way out and start over.

He loves holes that are open, wet and sloppy, and that's exactly what he had created during his first hour of slow fucking. Now the serious rape was set to start. His favorite position had me squatting over the edge of the bed so he could just stand there and deliver, over and over, up and in and in some more. I wore my leather harness for him, and he was so grateful, because he knew exactly what it was made for: Grabbing onto the back straps and using them to pull me toward him whenever he was thrusting into me. Our smacking sounds made his dog bark in the hallway outside the closed bedroom door.

But after another hour or so of that, both of us needed to change positions. My legs, folded like they were, were falling asleep and hurting almost as much as my bitch hole. And he just wanted to get off his feet and fuck me laying down, so we spooned as he laid his pipe into me on the bed. Wrapping an arm around my belly he continued to dig deep, until he held me tight while his cock was buried and I knew he was emptying another load.

Yes, you got that right, I was taking it raw from the get-go, and probably already had one load in my pussy. I'll tell you a little more about this in a few. But after he dropped a second pile of semen in me, he stayed inside while we spooned, and in a few minutes he was breathing heavy and I swear he took a little nap. LOL. I needed a breather myself, so as I felt his cock slowly shrivel back, I flexed my outermost ring muscles around his head to prevent it from sliding all the way out, and that brought my black bareback bull out of his slumber, ready for the second half. And man, what a kickoff.

He started shoving his soft cock back inside of me while he found and played with one of my tits, and I started talking dirty back to him, begging him for his load. Begging him to give me more. Begging him to breed me.

And then, I said what apparently were the magic words to his ears. The secret password to unlocking the dom in his inner being and bringing out the true, selfish, unrelenting top fucker that we powerbottoms crave, and more often than not only dream about.

I begged him to poz me.

Yeah, he was positive. I'm negative. And from the get-go, remember, we were fucking raw. I knew what I was doing, and now I told him. I wanted his toxic seed to find its target. I wanted him to breed me in the ultimate way possible. "Charge my pussy, daddy," I told him. And with that, I could literally feel his cock stiffen up inside me, I could feel his head flare out into a hammer-like knob, and I could detect a new mission in every inch of his 6-foot-4 muscular loins.

"Charge my pussy, daddy." ... With those magic words, he turned me onto my stomach, then rolled over on top of me. He ordered me to raise just my ass and I did, knowing what he intended. He inserted his now throbbing cock inside my now dripping cunt and he proceeded to jackhammer my hole. He'd pull it back, then drill it deep till that fat cock head hit my walls. The force of impact was so hard, my head started hitting the wooden headboard of his bed. And I could feel the head of that cock hitting every spot deep inside me. Each pullback and thrust was harder than the one before, and I had all I could do to tap every muscle in my thighs and hips to keep my bubble butt raised up for the onslaught.

"Fuck the headbangin' pain," I said to myself, I knew I was getting the fuck of a lifetime from a bull niggah who was quite possibly changing my life forever. And then it hit me, literally.

His thrusting was building up to a crescendo, and I could sense he was ready to blow. Wrapping his arm around my neck to put me in a classic choke hold and with an audible deep breath, he cocked the trigger of his body one more time and dove forward with all his might, driving that toxic fuck stick as far as it would go, and then driving it in some more until finally, for the first time in my life, I felt a cock go where no cock had ever gone before, with the very tip of his dick breaking through an elusive ring in my inner sanctum that I could absolutely feel all the way around, 100 percent, as his penis slit punched through it. And then he froze stiff. He held me there, the hair on my head grinding -- literally grinding -- into the grain of the wood of that fucking headboard.

The package was being delivered.

Not sure how much he had to give, but he was giving me the gift that may never stop giving. He was seeding me, breeding me, charging me -- making me his poz niggah* by injection. (*a term he freely used and encouraged me to use during our rut.) 

                            * * *

It's been six days since my negative innards were invaded by poz sperm, and my hole sure doesn't feel right, but I don't know yet if I got charged. If it happens, it happens. The bull niggah wants another crack at my ass and also wants to arrange a gang rape with 3 other hung black studs on New Year's Day, with me tied in a sling. That is undoubtedly my ultimate fantasy, the pinnacle of a white bitch powerbottom's drooling worship of superior big black cock, but whether my pussy will be healed by then, and whether the question of my status is moot by that point, we'll just have to see.

Maybe I'll hold out till Martin Luther King Day. My own special way of paying tribute to king cock.


  1. I wrote this in December and posted it on Xtube. It picked up a few comments, then today I noticed it had been deleted. No explanation.

    So here it is. Please, no preaching. It is what it is.

    1. On Xtube? Was it just a blog post? Cause if there was video involved I'd be all over it! I remember seeing it here and then it mysteriously disappeared.

      So how was New Years?

  2. You dirty sick fuck! I love this blog. You're a sexual warrior. Rage on! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  3. This is hot. You are a fellow brave sexual adventurer and I totally get where you are and admire you for going for it. Most guys just fantasize about these things. Guys like us do it. Keep doing it.

  4. I need to follow in your footsteps :)

  5. fuck that is so hot. hope you got what u wanted
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