Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tiger Milner's wild adventure

Video from The Orlando Gang Bang promoting Saturday night's "Tiger Bang."

There's a hottie powerbottom named Tiger Milner who's about to spend several hours of his life on Saturday night getting gangbanged by an organized group in Orlando who will also film the entire event for a future DVD.

Tiger Milner has become known to quite a few Xtube junkies as the guy whose raw fuck videos from a bathroom stall in a shopping mall have won him kudos for such a brazen and beautiful butt pounding while people come in and out of this public restroom. 

He has started writing about his exploits and posting videos on his blog, You can find him on Xtube through links on his blog.

You can catch a little of the advance excitement about his Saturday night gig from his blog, but he also shared with me some of the nervous feelings he has heading into the gangbang showdown. It'll be his tight little ass against at least five and possibly as many as a dozen cocks, most of them wanting to drill his pussy raw. 

But the preparations, the hotel space, the use of equipment and the hiring of people to run that equipment will take a huge bite out of Tiger's budget.

Here's where you may come in.

Tiger is now considering setting up a PayPal donation box on his blog ( and he may offer an incentive for people to contribute. I'm encouraging him to do it regardless of any incentives he may offer. Think about it: His expenses are going up, and it would be great if all of his fans on Xtube and elsewhere kicked in $5 or $10 via his blog.

That way he'll be able to spread his legs with peace of mind on Saturday night and actually enjoy himself while getting plowed by cock after cock, all while the cameras are rolling for our future entertainment. 

Keep tabs on his blog for more details, including on how to buy this blockbuster of a DVD when it's finally ready to be released.


  1. The video of Tiger Bang isn't working :(

    I really want to see especially bc I am in Orlando.

    Do u know where he was in Orlando?

  2. yeah i get nuttin with the video either. i am a huge fan and pattern myself after TM. I have wanted to do a gang bang but would like to see how TM does it