Monday, November 28, 2011

Love note from a hot BBC top

That's what I like -- a man that enjoys getting his brains fucked while I push my dick deep up in your cocksocket so my fat dickhead stretch open your second hole, wrap you legs around my back so I can ride your cumwetcunt until you explode all over me, when I make your ass wet and cum drip from your cock I have done what a man is suppose to do when you give him your secret garden. I love the way my dickhead feels when I am so deep up your ass muscles grip and hold it as I jackhammer your ass with force to get as deep as I can and you under me or infront of me moaning because my cock is igniting that fire in your hole that only a man that loves fucking your ass can satisfy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Interracial 101: A pictorial essay

This lesson comes courtesy of Blk9ontop from Xtube. Pay attention in case you ever find me on my back in front of you:

Note the smile on bottom boy's face. Here endeth the lesson.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Too many details?

If you've been following the sex scandal at Penn State, the Associated Press reported this detail from the grand jury report, FYI... I hadn't seen this yet, but holy FUCK! ...


The grand jury report said a graduate assistant was in the locker room that night to put away some new sneakers when he heard "rhythmic slapping sounds" and looked into the showers. He reportedly saw a naked boy, about 10 years old, with his hands against the wall as Coach Sandusky subjected him to anal sex.

It seems to me, at that age, the sounds of intense screaming also should've been heard.

Now, are you ready for this next little detail?? You cannot make this stuff up. The title of Coach Sandusky's autobiography???

Here's a photo of the cover of his book:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More meat to drool over

Have not had uncut cock in a while, so I need to listen to my inner cravings and satisfy that hunger/thirst for foreskin. In the meantime, two beauts worthy of worship: