Friday, April 20, 2012

The feeder's dictate

This contract was posted on the Raw Masculinity blog, and it has made the rounds before that, so I don't have any qualms about sharing it here. Reading it will give you a boner, whether you're a feeder or cocksucker. If the latter, talk it over with your significant others, or keep it in your head next time you're on your knees at a glory hole. Enjoy. — will

As a Cocksucker, I realize my place is between the legs of my Feeder.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my sexual fulfillment depends on the pleasure I give my Feeder and his generosity in allowing me to gain nourishment from him.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my only real sexual organs are my mouth, tongue, and throat.
As a Cocksucker, I realize my only need is to pleasure my Feeder. When I am at my true place between his legs, I HAVE NO NEEDS OTHER THAN THIS.

As a Cocksucker, I solemnly vow, without hesitation or regret to...
• Possess a willing mouth
• Know I belong on my knees in the presence of a true Feeder
• Accept my Feeder's milk, his nourishment, his cum, in any manner my Feeder requires
• Give my Feeder my best, for this is what he deserves for allowing me to nourish myself
• Maintain such focus on his cock and his pleasure that it becomes the center of my universe
• Learn when he needs me to suck, swallow, gag, stroke, and choke without having to tell me
• Know my place in the world and love and embrace being a Cocksucker, as this is the only way I can perform to my Feeders satisfaction
• Make my Feeder moan
• Accept that my Feeder is allowed to say whatever he wants or call me whatever he wants while I am pleasuring him
• Show my addiction and need for my Feeder's cock and cum by begging for it if need be...for a Cocksucker has no pride
• Make my mouth a willing and anxious hole for his nourishing seed
• Wear my Feeder's cum with pride
• Learn every nuance of his cock and what pleasures him the most
• Never bite unless my Feeder desires it
• Surrender to deep throating
• Surrender to face-fucking
• Surrender to multiple cocks or being used
• Never stop until my Feeder is finished with me and truly satisfied
• Be ready for my Feeder at any time, or multiple times.

As a Cocksucker, my sexual identity is tied to the cock of another man. I know that in life I will only achieve fulfillment through the graciousness and charity of my Feeder and hereby vow with all sincerity to service my Feeder to the best of my ability and strive to improve my technique.

The consequences in breaking this contract will result in my spiritual, sexual, and physical starvation...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fuck music folo

I was down South this past week backpacking with some hiking buds — all in their 30s, all in top shape, some smokin' hot — and it was so fucking hot out at times, some of us hiked shirtless. Add to that scenario the fact that I was sometimes poundin' out the miles with my earbuds screwed in while listening to some of my favorite WFM tunes — Will's Fuck Music (see entry below).

Needless to say I was pitching a tent while hiking through the woods of northern Virginia. But the time to really explore some previously overlooked tunes got me turned on to one I failed to mention below. It's "Time" by Mike Koglin v DJ Uto. I can't remember where the fuck I found this tune (can't seem to find it now on iTunes so it's possible I got it elsewhere) but if you can find a copy, check it out. The runtime is 8:47.

The beat is more appropriate for the dance floor at the white party, but that never stopped me from cranking up a tune like that to get in the mood. And out on the trail the other day, this beat was quickly turning my "feeling a little frisky" titillation to "rape-me-now" horniness.

I would've given anything to get hog tied to a tree and repeatedly rawfucked by just about every one of my hiking companions, over and over till they left me for dead with an oozing gaper. This music can do that to you, and I thank God in a way that all my poppers were back home. Otherwise, well, I could've become one of those wildmen you read about now and then.

But when we finally finished the trip and I got back to my car for the drive home, I went like 80-plus mph hoping to get laid when I returned, no matter how late at night it was. There was nothing going on at BBRT or A4A or elsewhere so my hand had to do the honors, all with my newfound fuck music blasting my eardrums. If I had a camera that worked, my palm would've made a great fuckin photo: It was almost totally covered in cream.

My main fuckbud finally called me back the next day, laughing at the phone message I'd left him... He promises he'll make up for the lack of meat in my ass later this week for what he says will be a true "fuck your brains out" session...

Just goes to prove the power of music. lol.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Banging to the beat of a decadent drummer

A question on a forum at Black Man's Revenge asked what kind of fuck music is appropriate to play while a Big Black Cock bangs the hell out of a willing white bottom. I was pleased to see that one of the responses made a reference to this blog. Thanks!

But then I went to try and find what I'd written about what I call "Fuck Music" and realized it needed updating, so here goes:

My regular BBC top and I have learned to love cranking up certain music while he tries to match his rhythm and strokes with the undulating beat. So you know you need fuck music that's got a heavy, persistent percussion beat to give you the most bang from his bucking.

To top it off, it took me a while but I found a "splitter" cable ... a Y-shaped cable that you plug into your iPod on one end, and the other end has 2 jacks for 2 separate pairs of earphones. That way you can both be listening to the exact same song and have it cranked as high as you like without waking the city block. (Thanks to my bud Larry for turning me onto this nifty device... I found it online finally and I think it was about $20.)

So here's the hottest hits from the playlist that's on my iPod right now for when Robert fucks my hole like he was banging a drum:

My playlist, by the way, is called WFM, for Will's Fuck Music:

FUCK ME HARDER (Thunderpuss Club Mix) by Chris Cox — This was hard to find as I recall but I got it. We hit the replay button for this one so it loops over and over again until Robert has had his fill of my cunt, so to speak. It's a song that was made for manfucking.

CROWD PLEASERS by DJ Mike Garrick Byrne — this song is several different themes strung together rather seamlessly and lasting 55 minutes. We've fucked through this entire piece, however, so it CAN be done!

ALLOW THE DRUMS (DJ Paulo's Collaboration Mix) by DJ Paulo

URBAN PRIMITIVE by M. Arana @Play, Vol. 1 — this is great for a dungeon scene in a sling

HUNG by M. Arana, off of Residue — not as good as Urban Primitive but still dark, dirty

DARK BEAT (DJ Dero Dub Mix) — we've imagined this one for flogging but we're not into that; still, very hot for satanic-like fucking

BREAKAWAY (Bill Bennett's Morning Club Mix) — classic beat for pounding boi pussy

And, in a classical vein, here are just 2 from Led Zeppelin that do the trick for me:

IN THE EVENING (after the slow intro, it kicks into high gear. your ass will be sore after this bros)

CAROUSELAMBRA (no specific, steady beat, just a general fuck your manhole song that only Led Zeppelin could produce)

These are just the hottest on my list... Now I want to hear from other guys what they've got in their fuck music arsenal, so please share below:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Remind you of anyone?

If my fuck bud Robert and I were to ever make a video (he doesn't even like having his picture taken, so don't hold your breath), I would hope it would be as hot as this video, whose lifespan on Xtube may not be long since I suspect it's a professional vid...

In any case, check it out... I think this captures what kind of a fucker Rob is.