Saturday, April 7, 2012

Banging to the beat of a decadent drummer

A question on a forum at Black Man's Revenge asked what kind of fuck music is appropriate to play while a Big Black Cock bangs the hell out of a willing white bottom. I was pleased to see that one of the responses made a reference to this blog. Thanks!

But then I went to try and find what I'd written about what I call "Fuck Music" and realized it needed updating, so here goes:

My regular BBC top and I have learned to love cranking up certain music while he tries to match his rhythm and strokes with the undulating beat. So you know you need fuck music that's got a heavy, persistent percussion beat to give you the most bang from his bucking.

To top it off, it took me a while but I found a "splitter" cable ... a Y-shaped cable that you plug into your iPod on one end, and the other end has 2 jacks for 2 separate pairs of earphones. That way you can both be listening to the exact same song and have it cranked as high as you like without waking the city block. (Thanks to my bud Larry for turning me onto this nifty device... I found it online finally and I think it was about $20.)

So here's the hottest hits from the playlist that's on my iPod right now for when Robert fucks my hole like he was banging a drum:

My playlist, by the way, is called WFM, for Will's Fuck Music:

FUCK ME HARDER (Thunderpuss Club Mix) by Chris Cox — This was hard to find as I recall but I got it. We hit the replay button for this one so it loops over and over again until Robert has had his fill of my cunt, so to speak. It's a song that was made for manfucking.

CROWD PLEASERS by DJ Mike Garrick Byrne — this song is several different themes strung together rather seamlessly and lasting 55 minutes. We've fucked through this entire piece, however, so it CAN be done!

ALLOW THE DRUMS (DJ Paulo's Collaboration Mix) by DJ Paulo

URBAN PRIMITIVE by M. Arana @Play, Vol. 1 — this is great for a dungeon scene in a sling

HUNG by M. Arana, off of Residue — not as good as Urban Primitive but still dark, dirty

DARK BEAT (DJ Dero Dub Mix) — we've imagined this one for flogging but we're not into that; still, very hot for satanic-like fucking

BREAKAWAY (Bill Bennett's Morning Club Mix) — classic beat for pounding boi pussy

And, in a classical vein, here are just 2 from Led Zeppelin that do the trick for me:

IN THE EVENING (after the slow intro, it kicks into high gear. your ass will be sore after this bros)

CAROUSELAMBRA (no specific, steady beat, just a general fuck your manhole song that only Led Zeppelin could produce)

These are just the hottest on my list... Now I want to hear from other guys what they've got in their fuck music arsenal, so please share below:


  1. I'm going to try your fuck list - sounds hot.

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    1. I removed this comment after deciding to make it a regular post in its own right... Nothing more sinister than that, FYI. lol

  3. Hello

    Thanks for the list of songs. I was able to find most of them on spotify, as it turns out.
    The minute I started listening, I got a raging hard on, just imagining the fucking to the rhythm.