Saturday, January 30, 2010

Long may Dexter stay on top

Sources of good, free porn on the Internet come and go fairly fast, even for the high-speed age. One week, you're able to download high-resolution fairly decent quality gay fuck films off of, and the next week it's taken offline. (I feel sorry for anyone who sent them money for “faster” downloads... I doubt they'll be getting it back.)

There used to be several fairly reliable blogs that passed along links or embedded videos to some great porn, usually the stuff that appealed the most to the person whose blog it was. Boned N Stoned comes quickly to mind, but even that hot little bottom stud in Canada recently raised the white flag and announced he would no longer be able to keep posting links to hot porn he'd found. He said what a lot of other folks are finding out: Sources for free porn are drying up.

Of course, the drought may not last long, and by next month we could be back in the groove with a lot of free porn sites, at least until the next crackdown by the filmmakers or their studios.

There is one fairly consistent porn source, and it's Xtube. Sure, a lot of the porn is so amateur, it isn't worth the time. And a lot of it is now only about 15 seconds long, which means they're hoping you'll pay to see the rest of the flick, even if it's just 7 minutes long all together.

But ever
y now and then you get a hot little amateur porn star who loves the attention he gets from posting his videos on Xtube for all to see and enjoy, and he becomes the porn king of the hour. There's one out there right now, and his screen name is Dexter_33.

I've become a huge slut of a fan of his. I've already dropped about six loads to this guy since finding his vids at the start of this weekend. From his Xtube profile, we know he says he's about 6 feet tall, has green eyes, black hair, trims his pubes to be neat, has an uncut cock that's decent size and shape, and he loves to top hot little tight holes. He published his first videos a couple of months ago -- short little scenes that were dubbed with fuck music and filled with some hot nasty fucking. But they were only a couple of minutes in length.

It wasn't until this past week that he grabbed us by the balls with his posting of three hot new videos, at least 9 minutes in length each, and got rid of the bad background fuck music. He now just records whatever sound is occurring, whether it be the sound of German being spoken on the TV/radio (is our hot hunk European?) to the wet smacking sound of a sloppy, well-used boy cunt getting slammed hard over and over and over by a hot jock top who knows what a mancock and boi-hole are for.

Ready to cum along for the ride? Here's one of the flicks he posted this past week that's had me draining my sac a few times.
It's called
Nice Bare Fuck.
The screen grab above is from this video, offering the one rare glimpse we've gotten so far of Dexter's face. Enjoy, studs.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Seeing You in Circles

OK, this posting is not about hot, rough sex or cum-filled cavities. Here's my attempt to get culture on you. It's a movie review. Anybody who has ever seen my profile on either xTube or DudesNude knows that I plug a short film titled "Seeing You in Circles."

It was written by Sam McConnell and Nick Citton, directed by McConnell, and stars Michael Cavadias, Sean Labbe and Caleb Lane. You might recognize Michael Cavadias from his brief role as the transvestite in "Wonder Boys" with Michael Douglas, Tobey Maguire and Robert Downey Jr. ... And if you've been paying attention to hot male media the past few years, you might recognize Caleb Lane.

When I say it's a short film, I'm talking about 20 minutes. The first time I saw it, it was on the Logo network's Click List of gay shorts. I was totally blown away by this film. Not only is the writing original, it's true to life. The characters, in so short a time, become real people, even the peripheral characters like the drunk at the bar, the piano player, and, my god yes, the classic waitress. So even though it lasts only 20 minutes, the actors put their heart and soul into their performances and you won't forget them after seeing this.

But I guess the thing that really grabbed me about this film was the way in which it was presented by Sam McConnell, the writer/director. The title is something of a clue here. The word "circles" basically refers to how the movie progresses. If you love films and are familiar with Quentin Tarantino, think "Pulp Fiction." That movie technically doesn't begin at the beginning, but through very subtle moves you begin in the middle, progress to the end, then revert back to the beginning, all rather seamlessly.

I first came across this technique in college a few years ago when I read John McPhee's "Coming Into the Country," a neoclassic wri
tten in the 1970s about the Alaskan wilderness. McPhee goes on a journey down a wild river in Alaska and you don't realize until a certain point that he has started his narrative halfway downstream, takes you to the end, then magically starts you on the beginning of his trip halfway through the story. The ability to tap this technique with skill is so rare, these are the only three examples of it I can cite. Some better-read, more well-versed folks may be able to cite scores of such works, but I'm happy to at least have recognized it when I saw and fell in love with "Seeing You in Circles."

Without giving away too much about the story itself, it's basically about 3 guys. Two are current lovers, and one of them is the former lover of the third guy, played by Cavadias. It is his character's 33rd birthday, something of a crisis for him, and to help him get over it, his former lover, played by Sean Labbe, meets him at one of their former hangouts -- an all-night diner in Brooklyn. The former lover brings along his current boyfriend, and that's where Caleb Lane comes in.

OK, here's one of the secrets to Will (me) for anybody who didn't already know: Caleb Lane is one of my idols. He's the hottest fucking stud I've ever had the chance to say hey to, and have him say hey back... Yeah, sounds like a girlie-like crush on Taylor Lautner, I know. But fuck, bros, he is hot, sexy, smart and funny. Check out his pics here... Do his guns look familiar? LOL. Not an accident. But getting back to the movie, Lane holds the key to understanding this little gem. So pay attention to him. ;-)

One other ode to this piece and another shoutout to Sam McConnell is the use of music in this film. There are only 3 songs throughout the piece, other than some music in the background being played by the piano man -- a Billy Idol tune that plays a small part in the plot, some Gershwin, and "Eleanor Rigby." The three other songs that he uses fit the mood and storyline of this film perfectly, so kudos to Sam for his choices here. It's that kind of attention to detail that makes this flick so nice.

The attention to detail, by the way, extends to the on-site location used in the filming. It was shot almost entirely inside an actual, classic greasy spoon called the Miss Williamsburg Diner in Brooklyn. I wanted to make a pilgrimage to it after I first saw this film, but sadly, it burned in a fire shortly after filming was done. Nothing much is left of the place nowadays but it lives on in Sam McConnell's film.

If you're interested in seeing this film now that I've made it immortal (lol), you can check it out through You can download your own copy for $1.99.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Big Ball Drop

Hey bros... I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been thinking about buying a portable sling I can set up in my basement or elsewhere for getting fucked by some of the hot tops I've hooked up with... Truth is, I had never really been fucked in one, but I've always been turned on by hot porn that features some sling action, especially those vids with Sly, a huge-dicked black dude, banging the shit out of some hot jock white bro -- RAW -- and in a sling. (See the still image for a smokin' hot sample!)

I thought I would have my chance finally to give a sling a test drive when I heard about a sling party that was set for New Year's Eve. This would be perfect, I thought. The guy hosting the party said there would be 5 slings set up! He was calling it the Big Ball Drop, and he got the idea from some other guy in the area who had a similar party the year before. I couldn't stop thinking about 5 slings in constant use for the better part of the night, but unfortunately, I had to work that night. (It's the curse of working for a newspaper ... Yeah, being a sportswriter can be a lot of fun sometimes, but it sucks when your paper publishes 365 days a year!)

So I thought instead I would contact the organizer and see whether something else could be arranged. In about 2 hours, I was strung up by my ankles, buck naked, my hands gripping the chains behind my head as I was getting poked raw by the guy organizing the party. I was finally getting my ass plowed in a sling!

When I explained to him that I couldn't make it for the Big Bang theory (lol), I asked him if it was OK if I headed over ahead of time to at least see what it would look like to have 5 fuckin slings set up almost one after another in his house. He said he hadn't finished setting up yet, but if I didn't mind giving him a hand, I could come over.

I was there in a flash. He had the perfect house for this party: It was fairly secluded from his neighbors, with thick forested tracks on either side and behind him. Even though there were no leaves on the trees, you couldn't really see what was happening inside the house as it was set back from the road. So I cleaned myself out and headed over as fast as I could. He was almost finished setting up so I gave him a hand with the last one from scratch.

Once we were done, he invited me to give it a test drive and told me to strip down. Naked in seconds, I hopped up on the leather sling, slid my feet through the stirrups, then stroked his tits as he stood there, also buck naked, waving his glistening uncut boner at my spread-apart ass cheeks. He asked me if I wanted him raw, and I did, but asked that he cum on my face. No prob. He was OK fucking me, and I figured he was trying to conserve his energy for the next night, so I didn't press him to fuck harder. I was starting to get a little warm, and wondered how the crowds would do the next night. Still, it was hot to finally get my cherry popped in a sling, and I can now see the attraction.

With heavy poppers, some fuck music that I'd brought along on an iPod, and a determination that it would hurt, just a little, I got my hole fucked good by the white host of the evening. About halfway through, I was smiling.

"What the fuck is wrong?" my top asked me, frowning. I shot back that I was just trying to put on a good face for when I saw everyone again.

Next time, the party is in my cellar. (!)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Palm power

I hooked up with a guy once who took spanking my ass to a whole new level. He asked me if I was sure I wanted him to do that, and I said absolutely...

Then, this hot muscle stud formed perfect paddles with his palms, and slammed them, full force, one on each cheek at the exact same moment.... sending shock waves through my system...

It fucking hurt like hell. I had no idea it would hurt that badly. And the sound it made was almost ear shattering because he cupped enough air in his palms to make a popping sound part of the smacking sound, AND THEN, without asking, he proceeded to give that exact same punishment for two or three straight smacks for a total of about 5 in quick succession.

I took it like a champ, though, and then he fucked like a maniac.

But my point in mentioning this is that from an early age, I've been turned on by rough play. When I was a young and horny teenager, we had this old book in the house that might have belonged to my Dad when he was a teenager. It was a collection of stories about settlers and cowboys and their battles with Indians, and among the illustrations was a drawing of a white man tied to a wooden post, his shirt stripped off so you could see his bulging muscles, with an Indian tormenting him with a lit torch. This image stirred something in my ballsac that could only be relieved in the attic of my parents' house, with that book on the floor in front of me while I laid on a few sheets so I could dry hump the folds in the soft cloth and fantasize about that hot guy's body, all while playing with my nipples.

This experience formed a lasting impression, because that remains today my favorite way to jack off. Not with my hand. In fact, it frees both my hands to play with my swollen hard nipples. I rub my cock in those sheets, sometimes listening to my collection of fuck music or watching some raw porn or both. I squirt cum every time.

But the thought of being dominated, letting someone have their way with me, possibly tied up in a cellar with my hands bound over my head, or better yet, my hands tied in a sling, is what gets me harder faster than almost anything else. Some of the guys on DudesNude are not what I'd call pretty or cute, but they have these incredible looking bodies, worked hard with excellent muscle mass in all the right places (the pec mounds, legs, guns and belly), they're as tall as I am or taller, they're packing some serious meat -- phat, cut or uncut -- and they have that look that says, "Get on your knees and suck it, then bend over and assume the position." These guys turn me on bigtime, just like that old image from the book above. You don't have to have a face like Tom Cruise. Just a hot body and a hot attitude. I want guys who aren't afraid to dish it out, to see how much I can take. Guys who can paint my ass red then spray it white. Then start all over...

You hard yet?