Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Big Ball Drop

Hey bros... I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been thinking about buying a portable sling I can set up in my basement or elsewhere for getting fucked by some of the hot tops I've hooked up with... Truth is, I had never really been fucked in one, but I've always been turned on by hot porn that features some sling action, especially those vids with Sly, a huge-dicked black dude, banging the shit out of some hot jock white bro -- RAW -- and in a sling. (See the still image for a smokin' hot sample!)

I thought I would have my chance finally to give a sling a test drive when I heard about a sling party that was set for New Year's Eve. This would be perfect, I thought. The guy hosting the party said there would be 5 slings set up! He was calling it the Big Ball Drop, and he got the idea from some other guy in the area who had a similar party the year before. I couldn't stop thinking about 5 slings in constant use for the better part of the night, but unfortunately, I had to work that night. (It's the curse of working for a newspaper ... Yeah, being a sportswriter can be a lot of fun sometimes, but it sucks when your paper publishes 365 days a year!)

So I thought instead I would contact the organizer and see whether something else could be arranged. In about 2 hours, I was strung up by my ankles, buck naked, my hands gripping the chains behind my head as I was getting poked raw by the guy organizing the party. I was finally getting my ass plowed in a sling!

When I explained to him that I couldn't make it for the Big Bang theory (lol), I asked him if it was OK if I headed over ahead of time to at least see what it would look like to have 5 fuckin slings set up almost one after another in his house. He said he hadn't finished setting up yet, but if I didn't mind giving him a hand, I could come over.

I was there in a flash. He had the perfect house for this party: It was fairly secluded from his neighbors, with thick forested tracks on either side and behind him. Even though there were no leaves on the trees, you couldn't really see what was happening inside the house as it was set back from the road. So I cleaned myself out and headed over as fast as I could. He was almost finished setting up so I gave him a hand with the last one from scratch.

Once we were done, he invited me to give it a test drive and told me to strip down. Naked in seconds, I hopped up on the leather sling, slid my feet through the stirrups, then stroked his tits as he stood there, also buck naked, waving his glistening uncut boner at my spread-apart ass cheeks. He asked me if I wanted him raw, and I did, but asked that he cum on my face. No prob. He was OK fucking me, and I figured he was trying to conserve his energy for the next night, so I didn't press him to fuck harder. I was starting to get a little warm, and wondered how the crowds would do the next night. Still, it was hot to finally get my cherry popped in a sling, and I can now see the attraction.

With heavy poppers, some fuck music that I'd brought along on an iPod, and a determination that it would hurt, just a little, I got my hole fucked good by the white host of the evening. About halfway through, I was smiling.

"What the fuck is wrong?" my top asked me, frowning. I shot back that I was just trying to put on a good face for when I saw everyone again.

Next time, the party is in my cellar. (!)



  1. Fuckin nice Will! HOT! Slings are great!

  2. Way to go mate. I had a similar experience when I finally got fucked in a sling for the first time, only replace the host with a 9in hung black top and his equally hung white German partner and a few other friends they invited over.

    I left that apartment walking funny with my hole wet/leaking and a shit-eating grin on my face all the way back to my car. ^_^

    Blog looks great, keep'em cuming!!