Friday, February 26, 2010

Swing low, sweet cherry

As most of you know by now, I'm a huge fan of slings -- even though I haven't saved up yet to buy one of my own, and have had limited first-hand experience lying in one to get royally fucked.

But there's still nothing hotter than a fuck vid with a sling, especially if there's a hot bottom getting his hole plundered by a group of big-dicked guys. This vid I saw on MaleMotion by way of BB4BBMen is one of those gems that should have you squirtin' before it's over. Which means it will have a very long shelf life in your porn library.

Would've been an all-time perfect sling fuck vid if there were a long, phat black cock taking his turn, but maybe next time. ;-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

All glory and honor are yours, forever

Watching the above flick from Malemotion got me thinking of the first time I experienced a gloryhole, and it got me wishing that I could've had just as hot a time as the bottom in the video shown here.

I had always been curious about gloryholes and was finally horny enough to check some out at an area bookstore. I know those places can sometimes be fun, but I guess I hit it on a bad night. There were a lot of guys there, but many of them were old, out of shape and, at the risk of sounding like a prude, they were just plain dirty and smelly. I figured I would still go inside a booth to take a look, and as soon as I closed the door and dropped a few tokens in the movie slot, a huge fat cock came poking through a hole on one side...

I immediately cupped it in my hand and started feeling it up and down, not stroking it per se but definitely making it feel at home. I got on my knees, licked the head and the slit, and found it tasted like pure sex. My first love was sucking cock, so I went to town. The top on the other side of the wall loved the way i was licking and sucking, so he stuck that entire cock inside my booth, with his thick black pubes poking through the opening as well.

I could feel his head at the back of my throat, ready to gag me, but I would just relax a little bit, let my throat get used to it, then try to advance a little more. I was snorting through my nose and saliva was now drooling down my lips and chin and onto the bare floor, almost extending all the way down in unbroken ropes of thick spit. His slit was undoubtedly leaking pre, but it was so far past my tongue that I couldn't actually taste it. I could feel it, however, oozing down the back of my throat, and I knew he must be getting close to exploding.

Wanting to actually taste his sperm before possibly swallowing it, I eased back a bit and started stroking his pole with my lips formed in a tight O-ring, up and down the long shaft, my nostrils tickling his sweaty bush everytime my chin hit the wall. And sure enough, I could now taste that pre... thicker and thicker with every stroke of my mouth on his cock.

When he started breathing heavily and grunted like a kid in heat, those first blasts hit the back of my throat like canon balls. Quickly he spurted out 1, 2, 3, 4 thick solid gobs of cum in my mouth. I had stopped sucking by this point, because my mouth was now overflowing with a combination of my saliva and his semen. It was forming especially long ropes of white-hot sex all the way to the floor, where it was pooling up with my previous spit spillage.

He started catching his breath, pulled back, and then a few seconds later I heard the booth door next to me open and shut. I was tempted to stick my head out and see exactly who it was that just skull-fucked me, but I figured I was better off if I didn't take a look. Would rather have him live on in my dreams about that encounter as some equally hot stud whose seed I probably ingested.

Anyway, the scene above was sort of reminiscent of my experience, except that it's about fucking raw. That's always been one of my fantasies, but not sure I'll ever actually do it... Will let you know if I do. ;-)

And here's yet one more video from Malemotion that focuses on the bookstore/gloryhole theme... All hail, bros.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Porn site of the week

They're calling it a "brand new community of amateur gay porn video sharing," and so far it's been pretty good. It's called Malemotion, and you don't have to sign up to enjoy up to 5 videos each day. A sample is attached above.

Signing up is free, so you might as well. It allows you to watch unlimited videos, and you can save your favorites for viewing later.

It offers a mix of bareback and condom fuck vids, allows you to filter recently added videos, top favorites, most watched, etc., and it has numerous categories for easier searching (anal, BDSM, blacks, fist, cumshots, group sex, etc.) It doesn't bother with a keyword search, which is fine.... those are usually not very reliable anyway.

The two things I like the most about this site are 1) they tell you how long each video is, right up front, so if you're not interested in something as short as 2 minutes, you can look elsewhere for your daily pop. And 2) hovering your mouse over the frame of a video gives you a few scenes from that video so you can see whether it's something you want to invest your stroking in. This last feature works really well, too, not like the clumsy, clunky version that Xtube experimented with a while back.

Here's the link: I added it to my list of free porn down below on the right...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Picture says it all

From the Super Bowl
Sunday night.
'Nuff said.
(thanks larry)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Xtube's hottest stars: Sexy Jay in Tampa

I'm going to try to highlight some of the really hot amateurs on Xtube nowadays who are posting some of the hottest fuck vids out there... Most of the fuck vids I'll call attention to are raw fuck vids... They're so hot. And to start things off, you should check out this power bottom, Sexyjaytampa, who has posted two nice, long videos where he's fucked raw.

The first of the longer recent vids has him double penetrated by two twinks, then he spends the rest of the vid impaled on one or the other. The two tops could've been hotter, but Jay makes up for it with his lust for getting tag-teamed.

The most recent video he posted is the hottest. Turn up the volume at the beginning, because you want to hear what his hot black top asks him, and then you want to hear what Jay says a few seconds later... It's smokin' hot to think that a huge load has just painted his inside walls.

And even though the black top has just shot a huge load, he keeps on fuckin our boy, in several different positions, until he unloads all over again. The pounding gets pretty good.

So grab your poppers, head to Xtube and feast on this sexy hot bottom boy taking on all cummers. And if you're ever in the Tampa area, look him up. He's willing to shoot some new scenes with any hot muscle tops who come to Tampa, provided you agree to be seen on film.

Check out Sexy Jay's video with the hot black top here: I like black dick, too

Two half-naked jocks

Two of my favorite jock hotties have been showing more than the usual amount of skin lately, one of them for money as part of a global advertising campaign. The other one not for money because he's, um, the stereotype of a dumb jock, I guess.

I'm referring to Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese striker who plays for Real Madrid, and Grady Sizemore, the slugger-outfielder for the Cleveland Indians. Both of these guys are at the pinnacle of their respective sport, both have smokin' hot bodies, and thus both have women (and men) wetting themselves whenever they appear with their shirts off. Which, in Ronaldo's case, is just about every time he plays a match. So let's start with him.

Cristiano never had abs this hot before, and I suspect he's fallen head over heels in love with himself. He's almost too pretty, in a European sort of way. (I can almost hear Kathy Griffin asking him, "When you look in a mirror naked, do you pleasure yourself?") From the looks of things, they airbrushed his cock outline, but it's still visible on some of the shots.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge CR fan. He has put sex back in soccer like no one else before him, including that wimpy-looking guy married to Posh Spice. And in a few months, I'll be glued to my TV set when one of the most riveting matches in history unfolds that first week of the World Cup: Portugal vs. Brazil.

Two Portuguese-speaking countries, the mother country and its offspring, facing off against each other on arguably the biggest stage in sport. And when Portugal pulls off an upset win, I'll be wetting myself along with millions of others as Cristiano shows us those abs in the flesh.

And now about Mr. Sizemore... Apparently, our hot, sexy outfielder thought he'd be really cute with his Playboy-model of a girlfriend and show her what he could now do with his new cell phone: take sexy, half-naked pictures of himself and email them to her from afar. Trouble is, dumbass, once you hit the send button, you might as well have plastered the photos in Times Square.

Sure enough, the girlfriend shared them with a friend, and that friend shared them with the rest of the world. But who's complaining? For a few years, I've been sort of smitten with his lucious lips and wondered what his chest must look like. Now we know the rest of the story: His nipples are as lucious looking as his lips, and judging from the cock outline, his penis is equally mouth watering.

So enjoy the pics, guys... Let me know what you think...