Thursday, February 18, 2010

All glory and honor are yours, forever

Watching the above flick from Malemotion got me thinking of the first time I experienced a gloryhole, and it got me wishing that I could've had just as hot a time as the bottom in the video shown here.

I had always been curious about gloryholes and was finally horny enough to check some out at an area bookstore. I know those places can sometimes be fun, but I guess I hit it on a bad night. There were a lot of guys there, but many of them were old, out of shape and, at the risk of sounding like a prude, they were just plain dirty and smelly. I figured I would still go inside a booth to take a look, and as soon as I closed the door and dropped a few tokens in the movie slot, a huge fat cock came poking through a hole on one side...

I immediately cupped it in my hand and started feeling it up and down, not stroking it per se but definitely making it feel at home. I got on my knees, licked the head and the slit, and found it tasted like pure sex. My first love was sucking cock, so I went to town. The top on the other side of the wall loved the way i was licking and sucking, so he stuck that entire cock inside my booth, with his thick black pubes poking through the opening as well.

I could feel his head at the back of my throat, ready to gag me, but I would just relax a little bit, let my throat get used to it, then try to advance a little more. I was snorting through my nose and saliva was now drooling down my lips and chin and onto the bare floor, almost extending all the way down in unbroken ropes of thick spit. His slit was undoubtedly leaking pre, but it was so far past my tongue that I couldn't actually taste it. I could feel it, however, oozing down the back of my throat, and I knew he must be getting close to exploding.

Wanting to actually taste his sperm before possibly swallowing it, I eased back a bit and started stroking his pole with my lips formed in a tight O-ring, up and down the long shaft, my nostrils tickling his sweaty bush everytime my chin hit the wall. And sure enough, I could now taste that pre... thicker and thicker with every stroke of my mouth on his cock.

When he started breathing heavily and grunted like a kid in heat, those first blasts hit the back of my throat like canon balls. Quickly he spurted out 1, 2, 3, 4 thick solid gobs of cum in my mouth. I had stopped sucking by this point, because my mouth was now overflowing with a combination of my saliva and his semen. It was forming especially long ropes of white-hot sex all the way to the floor, where it was pooling up with my previous spit spillage.

He started catching his breath, pulled back, and then a few seconds later I heard the booth door next to me open and shut. I was tempted to stick my head out and see exactly who it was that just skull-fucked me, but I figured I was better off if I didn't take a look. Would rather have him live on in my dreams about that encounter as some equally hot stud whose seed I probably ingested.

Anyway, the scene above was sort of reminiscent of my experience, except that it's about fucking raw. That's always been one of my fantasies, but not sure I'll ever actually do it... Will let you know if I do. ;-)

And here's yet one more video from Malemotion that focuses on the bookstore/gloryhole theme... All hail, bros.


  1. We've thought about gloryholes, but have never done. Gotta work on that, right?

  2. can't tell you how many times i've blown my load to that first vid. love gloryhole porn!