Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From a hottie on Xtube

From the "sexual interests" section of Superboy69s' profile on Xtube, reprinted with permission:

"This is what I like to do with a new buddy: I take charge, undress you and get you in bed, slowly I seduce you by kissing you deeply and softly licking the sensitive/ erotic areas around your neck, below your ears, and around your cheeks. Then, as an active top dude -- a fucker -- I pin you down like in a wrestling move, with my legs holding down yours, so that you can't move. I get you on your stomach facing down. My dick is rock hard by now and at its full 7.5 inch length. Superboy hard! I lube-up and my dick throbs and glistens. I align my cock so that my dickhead is right at your anus. I give just enough pressure so that you feel my hard dick slowly penetrate into you. You feel the heat of my cock slowly enter you to my dick's full length. At the same time, I can feel your warmth travel all the way down my shaft to reach my balls. You ask me to grind my dick deeper and deeper into you! Damn! -- this feels so good. I feel strong, virile, maculine with my dick inside you! You want me to unload all the sperm from my balls into you. So, after pumping you for a while, I turn you over on your back and lift your legs up to my shoulders. With my hands holding your shoulders firmly in place, I reenter you. I position the base of my big hard dick so that you feel my shaft right at the bottom of your sensitive bottom hole. I keep on pumping until you feel me squirt a big load of semen through my shaft. In this position you can feel every ejaculation my dick produces and every load of sperm that travels from my balls into you! Fuck yeah!"