Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dexter does it again

If you've been following along, I raved when a new hot top hit the Xtube airwaves a couple of months ago [see January post in archives].

Well, my bud from Bavaria has done it again... This time a 13+ minute raw rough fuck of his gorgeously willing bottom, mostly shot from the side angle this time, giving you a better idea of how well built Dexter is for serious ramfucking on that couch of his... Enjoy:

P.S. Watching this gives me an idea for a new piece of exercise equipment at my gym: just a variation of an existing machine, really, but one where you crunch your abs while simulating Dexter's awesome ramfucking strokes. You can almost see his abs burning here.

Thanks D. You have proven once again how fucking HOT you really are. Wish I could show folks what you look like: they'd be head over heels for sure. ;-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I have to hand it to the folks at Fort Troff. They pulled off a pretty cool event last Friday night in a decent space on West 54th Street. They had boxes for guys to store their clothes while changing into their leather gear. Then, going through a curtain, you entered the main room. They had about 15 slings (maybe more) set up side by side, a few fuck benches, even a couple of crosses. They had a bathroom reserved as a piss zone, and two back rooms: The first had about 5 more slings (these were leather), and behind another curtain, a very dark, sultry room for anything goes.

A whole table was filled with cups stuffed with boy butter for lube, and all the condoms you could possibly want for an event like this. (Most of the fucking was raw.) They also had a couple of barrels of bottled water on ice -- a very nice touch.

It took a little while for things to get started, but soon enough, guys were pairing off for some sling action, including a fair number of fistings. The main cross was put to use very early, with guys getting flogged, including one or two who seemed to take it pretty damn hard. You could hear the crack of the whip so to speak all the way into the back back room. And in that back unlit room, guys were gettting sucked and fucked right away.

My first adventure of the night was to suck several guys back there, and at first I was able to kneel on the floor while getting throat fucked. Later on in the night, though, I realized when I went back in there and slipped on the floor that I wasn't going to be kneeling anymore -- the floor was now covered in cum and spit. I know I had some drool myself spill on the floor the last time I was in there getting skullfucked. Luckily I didn't fall. That would've been pretty fucking embarrassing. Not to mention sort of gross. lol.

I know some guys will be upset to hear this but I only got fucked once at the Manuevers. I was fine with that, it being my first real big event like this. I was enjoying myself more from watching other guys going at it in the slings or in the back room, stroking a load out at one point on a guy's chest as he was getting fisted. Besides, at the warmup party on Wednesday in Connecticut, I got fucked 4 times (More on that later) so I was glad to just soak in the scene.

I asked one of the few black dudes at Manuevers if he would fuck me, after I spent a little while sucking his cock. He was about 8 1/2 inches long, decent thickness, and cut. I could taste his pre while sucking him, and I was getting high on the smell of his crotch. When I whispered to him that I wanted him to fuck me, and he readily agreed, I whispered back that I'd prefer to use a condom. No problem, he said.... And I had some in my vest, so we wasted no time.

I know some guys will moan and groan over this, but I think I made the right choice. Especially since, by Monday when I got home, I had come down with a wicked cold which is still bothering me. I sort of forgot how fast cold germs can spread, especially when you're wrestling tongues with multiple guys, sucking cocks that have already been slobbered over by other guys. I'm not upset about the cold or anything, it's just a reminder about how things spread.

Hopping up on the sling, laying back, and having this black adonis feed my feet through the stirrups, I was in heaven. My hole was ready, he slobbered on some boy batter, and in he sank. His girth was a bit more than I thought but I love that. Thicker is always better. I could feel my sphincter wrapped tight around his cock, and that last 3/4 of it were sucked in by my hole. He had a slow method, where he stood still and rocked the sling backward slowly, while his cock slid almost the whole way out, then pulled the sling back toward him, impaling me almost to the hilt. He was able to do this for the longest time, which I absolutely loved.

One guy was able to stand next to me for a short while, but he was up against the curtain to the back back room and was getting bumped now and then so he didn't stay long. It would've been nice to have some cocks to suck but the setup wasn't really conducive to that. I never got the name of my hole puncher but at one point I moaned for him to fuck me harder, and he picked up the pace. I could feel his wiry pubes on my ballsac now, and that sweet, sweet sound I know I'm not alone in worshipping: A sloppy hole (in my case, smothered in boy butter) getting plowed over and over to make the wet, smacking sound of man-to-man sex.

Then, without warning, he leaned way over and starting humping like a maniac. He ran his stubble cheek across mine, then we made out. My ass was feeling so great. It was so awesome to be spread-eagled like that. A few guys watching me take it. The black on white motif I so crave. And then he came, pushing me -- rocking me -- in that sling while he fucked his last drops out. We kissed afterward, and that was that. He helped me get my feet out of the stirrups, and I headed back out into the main room while he headed for the bathroom.

Soaked in sweat from that sultry room, I found a guy whose pit I wanted to lick out, and when he willingly held up his arm for me, he raised mine so he could reciprocate at the same time. I knew he was in heaven: my pits were soaked with sweat. The rest of the night for me was filled with a few more blowjobs, lots of stroking while watching threesomes and even one fourway fuck in the back back room, and chatting up a couple of guys out in the main room near the water barrels.

I will definitely be back, and will clear the decks so I can finally check out the main Black Party on Saturday night, which was held a few blocks over at the Roseland Ballroom. (It would be hot to watch HotPigg in action. He definitely would've been the hit of the party if he were at Manuevers.) A friend has turned me on to some other events in NYC that weekend as well, which the hosts from the warmup party also told me about later. I've even thought about some other events later this year, including Folsom East in NYC. I'll let you all know if it happens.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Party week in NYC, etc.

I'll add to this as time allows but just wanted to let you guys know I did attend some Black Party-related events last week and will be posting some experiences from them over the next couple of days.

I started out on Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, with a warmup sling party held at a house in Connecticut, with many of the guys there planning on going to Black Party events in the city starting Friday. (That's how I got the invite to go to a couple of them.)

Wednesday night was my intro to a real sling party, with about 20 or 25 guys in attendance. It had a leather theme, so it was also my first time doing something like that. Many thanks to all the guys on Dudes Nude, especially Larry, for helping me figure out the leather thing. I bought a vest, armband, wristband, and leather-pouch jockstrap, but wasn't sure about a harness despite a strong recommendation from my bud Larry... At the party Wednesday night, I tried on someone else's harness, and man, I could feel my boner getting better... Even my tits felt like they were popping. I had to get me one of those!

So Friday night before the event I went to in NYC, I stopped in at the Leather Man in the Village and got a nice harness for the evening... I finally felt like this leather gear was for me.

Then it was on to the first event of the weekend: Fort Troff's Manuevers. The guys who had hosted that party on Wednesday had yet another party to go to after that, so they left a little early, but I stayed almost till closing time, which was 4 a.m. This was the "big time" for me so far. It's what I plan to post more about later. In a nutshell: there were about 20 or more slings in the first room, along with a couple of crosses, fuck benches and other things... One of the bathrooms was a piss zone. And the back room had 4 or 5 more slings (with leather pads), and then beyond that, behind a curtain, was the back-back room, where guys were crammed in there, in the dark, bent over to suck or get fucked, making out, chewing on tits, slurping up sweaty pits, slipping on the cum-covered floor, etc. When I say that it was hot, I mean it was really hot, as in sultry. The air was humid with body heat and sweat, plus the aroma that wafted up from all that body heat's effect on leather. Very, very intense.

Because of another commitment, I wasn't able to hang around for Saturday night's major event, the actual Black Party itself, held not far from where the Manuevers were. But I know I'll be back next year, perhaps with one more addition to my leather attire: a pair of chaps.

I wasn't quite sure about chaps until I saw this Adonis of a hot jock stud at the Manuevers walk in wearing nothing but chaps -- no harness -- just a wrist band to let me know we were both bottom boys, and a single thin string of leather tied around his neck and dangling down to his sternum. He was about 6 feet 5 inches tall, making him easy to spot from anywhere in the room. Definitely a jock. His pecs were exquisite, his tits showing signs of having been worked many times before. Defined abs. Nice guns. Beautiful face. Lucious lips. And the chaps... he made my cock melt and my mouth water everytime I saw him from the rear. When he walked by, oozing mansmell, I saw the reason why chaps are so fucking hot: the opening for his back door provided the hottest frame for his perfectly sculpted bubble-like mounds of inviting ass flesh. I decided then and there he was the hottest fucking god in the place that night. It made my heart ache more that he, too, was a bottom... But I got the thrill of the evening when he paired up with a big-cocked top and laid back in a sling to get pounded for a little while, his long chap-covered legs extending way past the hole-puncher as he stood there delivering rabbit-like thrusts very hard and very deep into my boy. I could've cum all over studboy's pretty face.

My own sexploits for this and the previous night will be written up later. For now, though, just wanted to pass along a quick update. I was anxious to see if HotPigg wrote up his adventures from Saturday night at the main event, which he said he was planning to attend. I just saw that he has, in fact, posted a lot on his blog (link above on the right). Just gave it a quick read, and it sounds like the main Black Party was very, very hot, with a few issues that I hope the organizers make note of for next year. I trust HotPigg's opinions on this, so they should take his advice to heart!

Later, studs.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

An amazing cumfuck

It's no secret T.I.M. has broken the envelope of raw fuck vids, but the usual lineup of bottoms was getting kind of tiresome there. Especially Dawson. But a short 3-minute clip posted on MaleMotion has me appreciating Dawson a lot more.

This could be the hottest cum fuck ever recorded. (The fact that it focuses on Dawson's cummy hole and not his face helps a lot.) So check this out, and play some fuck music (above) while you watch.

(NOTE: apparently TIM cracked down and had Malemotion remove this vid, so the embed code no longer worked. Instead, I inserted a screen grab from the video. I finally broke down and bought it online, downloading a digital version of the whole movie. But you can always buy just the scene. I think it's like 10 bucks for the scene. The movie is called "Loaded" and the scene is one of the first on Disc 1.)