Monday, March 22, 2010

Black Party week in NYC, etc.

I'll add to this as time allows but just wanted to let you guys know I did attend some Black Party-related events last week and will be posting some experiences from them over the next couple of days.

I started out on Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, with a warmup sling party held at a house in Connecticut, with many of the guys there planning on going to Black Party events in the city starting Friday. (That's how I got the invite to go to a couple of them.)

Wednesday night was my intro to a real sling party, with about 20 or 25 guys in attendance. It had a leather theme, so it was also my first time doing something like that. Many thanks to all the guys on Dudes Nude, especially Larry, for helping me figure out the leather thing. I bought a vest, armband, wristband, and leather-pouch jockstrap, but wasn't sure about a harness despite a strong recommendation from my bud Larry... At the party Wednesday night, I tried on someone else's harness, and man, I could feel my boner getting better... Even my tits felt like they were popping. I had to get me one of those!

So Friday night before the event I went to in NYC, I stopped in at the Leather Man in the Village and got a nice harness for the evening... I finally felt like this leather gear was for me.

Then it was on to the first event of the weekend: Fort Troff's Manuevers. The guys who had hosted that party on Wednesday had yet another party to go to after that, so they left a little early, but I stayed almost till closing time, which was 4 a.m. This was the "big time" for me so far. It's what I plan to post more about later. In a nutshell: there were about 20 or more slings in the first room, along with a couple of crosses, fuck benches and other things... One of the bathrooms was a piss zone. And the back room had 4 or 5 more slings (with leather pads), and then beyond that, behind a curtain, was the back-back room, where guys were crammed in there, in the dark, bent over to suck or get fucked, making out, chewing on tits, slurping up sweaty pits, slipping on the cum-covered floor, etc. When I say that it was hot, I mean it was really hot, as in sultry. The air was humid with body heat and sweat, plus the aroma that wafted up from all that body heat's effect on leather. Very, very intense.

Because of another commitment, I wasn't able to hang around for Saturday night's major event, the actual Black Party itself, held not far from where the Manuevers were. But I know I'll be back next year, perhaps with one more addition to my leather attire: a pair of chaps.

I wasn't quite sure about chaps until I saw this Adonis of a hot jock stud at the Manuevers walk in wearing nothing but chaps -- no harness -- just a wrist band to let me know we were both bottom boys, and a single thin string of leather tied around his neck and dangling down to his sternum. He was about 6 feet 5 inches tall, making him easy to spot from anywhere in the room. Definitely a jock. His pecs were exquisite, his tits showing signs of having been worked many times before. Defined abs. Nice guns. Beautiful face. Lucious lips. And the chaps... he made my cock melt and my mouth water everytime I saw him from the rear. When he walked by, oozing mansmell, I saw the reason why chaps are so fucking hot: the opening for his back door provided the hottest frame for his perfectly sculpted bubble-like mounds of inviting ass flesh. I decided then and there he was the hottest fucking god in the place that night. It made my heart ache more that he, too, was a bottom... But I got the thrill of the evening when he paired up with a big-cocked top and laid back in a sling to get pounded for a little while, his long chap-covered legs extending way past the hole-puncher as he stood there delivering rabbit-like thrusts very hard and very deep into my boy. I could've cum all over studboy's pretty face.

My own sexploits for this and the previous night will be written up later. For now, though, just wanted to pass along a quick update. I was anxious to see if HotPigg wrote up his adventures from Saturday night at the main event, which he said he was planning to attend. I just saw that he has, in fact, posted a lot on his blog (link above on the right). Just gave it a quick read, and it sounds like the main Black Party was very, very hot, with a few issues that I hope the organizers make note of for next year. I trust HotPigg's opinions on this, so they should take his advice to heart!

Later, studs.


  1. Come on the dirty details!!

    Glad you got the leather and hit the sling party!

  2. welcum to the darkside stud! ^_^ nothing like a hot fuck party weekend full of hard, hung, cum filled leather fuckers.