Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wicked hot website on Tumblr

Fellow fans and brother white boi worshippers of big black cock need to check out this page on Tumblr ... Blk/In/White ... at

It's got tons of photos, cartoons and some video clips featuring my favorite combo: Black cock, white hole. Join Tumblr like I did so you can leave comments and show your likes for your favorite hot scenes.

Talk about deep digging, I have been scrolling through all the photos since I woke up this morning with a boner, and I still haven't hit the bottom. FUCK. Was pleasantly surprised to see a few things I've written here copied and pasted into the pages of this sexy scrapbook... Much appreciated to feel, well, appreciated!

But the hottest part of this is all the photos of incredibly sexy Black Doms-to-White Bottom Boi situations... It got me horny as fuck to be banged / dominated / bitched out / whatever Right Now by Big Black Cock, and I got what I thought was my fill of seed this past week from my FB Robert...

Seriously, I need to unload a major buildup of sperm just from looking at this Tumblr page, so I'm cutting this blog post short and jacking off before my brother and other buds come over for today's football games. (NFL fans gotta love this Christmas Eve Saturday.)

Hope you check out ... Whether you're a top or bottom, you'll find it hot.


P.S. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all my fuck buds. ;-)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Love note from a hot BBC top

That's what I like -- a man that enjoys getting his brains fucked while I push my dick deep up in your cocksocket so my fat dickhead stretch open your second hole, wrap you legs around my back so I can ride your cumwetcunt until you explode all over me, when I make your ass wet and cum drip from your cock I have done what a man is suppose to do when you give him your secret garden. I love the way my dickhead feels when I am so deep up your ass muscles grip and hold it as I jackhammer your ass with force to get as deep as I can and you under me or infront of me moaning because my cock is igniting that fire in your hole that only a man that loves fucking your ass can satisfy

Friday, November 11, 2011

Interracial 101: A pictorial essay

This lesson comes courtesy of Blk9ontop from Xtube. Pay attention in case you ever find me on my back in front of you:

Note the smile on bottom boy's face. Here endeth the lesson.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Too many details?

If you've been following the sex scandal at Penn State, the Associated Press reported this detail from the grand jury report, FYI... I hadn't seen this yet, but holy FUCK! ...


The grand jury report said a graduate assistant was in the locker room that night to put away some new sneakers when he heard "rhythmic slapping sounds" and looked into the showers. He reportedly saw a naked boy, about 10 years old, with his hands against the wall as Coach Sandusky subjected him to anal sex.

It seems to me, at that age, the sounds of intense screaming also should've been heard.

Now, are you ready for this next little detail?? You cannot make this stuff up. The title of Coach Sandusky's autobiography???

Here's a photo of the cover of his book:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

More meat to drool over

Have not had uncut cock in a while, so I need to listen to my inner cravings and satisfy that hunger/thirst for foreskin. In the meantime, two beauts worthy of worship:

Monday, September 19, 2011

The epitome of what I'm all about

Thank you, Xtube, for being the place where a video like this can be posted and shared by guys like "cumdump4black," who's the bottom in this video...

I could've used a little more hard bangin, but this is a masterpiece for what it is: Raw, cum-coated big black cock owning a willing white hole.


Dreaming of a glorious pounding

Planning to meet up with a regular fuck bud at a glory hole near his house but I have to admit I've been dreaming of finding this piece of meat waiting for me through the hole. I've never really done anything before in an adult bookstore, let alone shove my boi cunt up against a hole in the wall to await entry by a slicked up bare boner, but man, wouldn't it be heaven to feel this massive black beaut peeling its skin back as it punched past my pucker and started sinking in to the hilt till I could feel the slit pressing against my innermost wall....



Hope it comes true. ;-)


p.s. this cock is a dude from Dudesnude. Fucking awesome.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Response to Miro Collas' questions about interracial sex

I just sat down and composed this response to a series of questions posed by Miro Collas on his fucking HOT blog ...

Here are the basic questions he asked about interracial sex:

Tell me why - why does it turn you on? What about it makes your cock hard - or your ass tingle?

When did you first realize that it was a turn-on, something you wanted to do, to experience?

And what about your first interracial experience? How did it come about?


Wow, I stumbled on our blog while searching for bareback tops to follow on Twitter, and I feel like I've found a soulmate, someone who understands exactly what it is that turns me on to black tops. I was also surprised/shocked/titillated (choose one) to find that you and I are both INFJs, the rarest of all personality types. I'm not 100 percent sure how those 16 types work in terms of relations with each other, and doubt it's like the interconnections you hear about with zodiac signs in terms of one sign getting along great with another but clashing with a third, but I hope to hell two INFJs can get along with each other. lol...

My feeling toward black on white sex is exactly how you describe it. It's an amazingly evocative juxtaposition, and other than male vs. female, it's the starkest contrast in the human form. Black and White. Robert Mapplethorpe understood it best, I think, and I can only imagine how psyched he'd be today if he were around to read your blog. I stumbled on his "black and white" photos long after he'd passed, and it was like I had found someone who knew my secret addiction. It's the key to unlocking the sexual beast inside of me. Black cock just gets my juices flowing like nothing else. When I see a black man in public, I take him in through my eyes. It's not staring, it's respectful worshiping. My mind races a million ticks a second at scenarios ranging from whether he's uncut, whether he's got sweaty hairy pits, whether he fucks whiteboi hole raw, whether he'll go on to one day become president. I've never returned a look from a black man without a smile, or a sexy smirk, or at the very least, warm welcoming eyes.

Like you say, it's not about race. It's about being intrigued by someone who is as different from you as you can possibly get. I am fascinated by black skin color. Growing up in a white middle-class environment, I didn't have black friends until high school, and that is probably where my initial lustful desires first began to stir. Sports teams, gym class, the community pool and even some organized camping trips slowly introduced me to the beauty of the black male form. I'd lie in bed fantasizing about it. Flipping through magazines, I'd pause at erotic photos of black men in ads, or even just photos of fully-dressed black athletes in their uniforms. So mine is a healthy attraction, born out of curiosity and fed by a building desire that has transformed into almost instant lust.

Now, at the ripe age of 31, I crave, seek out and worship big black cock.

And being a powerbottom, I truly get off on the domination factor: I get turned on by being dominated by a top, and the imagery of that top being black makes it complete. Him being raw and unwrapped makes it natural and true. And the combination of all these things makes it perfect. Beautiful. Hot.

Of all the sexual hookups I've had with men, the absolute hottest, the ones that have gotten my heart beating the hardest and my juices flowing the thickest, are the times I've been dominated by big black cock. Perhaps the best way to describe it is to compare it to the effect you get from poppers: Kneeling in front of a black phattie unlocks neurons or electrons or all sorts of electrical stimuli in my brain, which in turn gets my nipples rock hard, which in turn gets my penis stiff and standing at attention, which in turn gets my mouth watering for the initial contact inside my mouth and into my throat if possible. From there, animalistic instinct takes over, always mindful of whatever it is my top wants, getting off mentally by getting him off physically, serving him the best way I can, priding myself on how well I can stand up to and hold myself steady and/or push myself back against his brutal onslaught, over and over and over, until my 'ceps are hot and bulging, the pucker of my slightly hairy hole is ripped out like an exit wound from a flared-out missile, my ass cheeks are red from the raw rubbing of a black man's brillo-like pubes (one of my all-time favorite sensations) and my thighs and calves have gotten a gym-like aerobic workout...

When we are finally finished, when his precious seed is either inside my ass or in my belly or all over my face or any combination of the three, I take huge pleasure knowing when I leave that he wants me again as much as I want him again. That, my brother, is pure harmony.

I'll save the story of my first time with black cock for another post.... I haven't thought about that experience for a while, and I want to go back in my mind and savor the memory so I can write something worthy of my initiation into the brotherhood of black-on-white. I carry on the spirit of that first encounter every time I bend over for my black fuck bud Robert, whom I have realized I truly love, faults and all. He is the one who has broadened my horizons, so to speak, with the joys and pleasures and stimulations of servicing a coal-black cock. I've written about this before on my blog, but today I was reminded of all that turns me on about black cock from your fucking awesome blog, which I'll be visiting regularly from now on. I always get turned on by tips and advice for bottoms like me.

thanks for getting me hard today, bro.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rob's surprise

I hooked up with my fuck bud Robert again recently... He promised me a surprise so I agreed to head down to his place, even though it's usually a pigsty and now smells of cigarette smoke, since he started smoking again.

But I was so fucking horned up, I didn't care... I got there around 1 p.m. When I walked in the door, I grabbed his cock through his shorts right away and got on my knees to coax it out of his pants... So I started sucking him right then and there. He started talking dirty, something sort of new for him, calling me white boy and ordering me to lick his balls or stroke his cock harder as I sucked. After a while he asked me if I liked how he was talking dirty and I had to answer yes with his cock in my throat... it really made it hotter than usual having him talk that way. he didn't use the N-word but it was still hot.

Robert's cock is a full 8 and a half inches or so, and very wide, sort of flat even, so sucking it head on, so to speak, is the best way. He's cut, unfortunately, but it's a beauty of a black boner and I love having it in my ass.

When he reminded me he had a surprise for me, he tapped my head to get off his cock, told me to get up and he led me to the spare bedroom, which has always been piled with junk. Instead, it was cleared just enough for a sling. He slapped me on my ass and told me to start stripping. I was naked in no time and up in the sling... and that's where I was for basically the next couple of hours. He couldn't believe how good my ass felt, which I took for code that he was happy he had no condom on. He fucked and fucked and fucked. I think it was about 3 when he finally shot load 1. He took a break but I stayed in the sling, stroking my cock and tits.

When he came back, I had him put on these earplugs that are attached to my iPod, with a spur line so I can also be wearing earplugs at the same time. I wanted him to fuck my hole to my favorite fuck music, using a song aptly titled "Fuck Me Harder" -- the Thunderpuss Club Mix by Chris Cox. It's got a really really hot fuck beat and Robert was really into it. He knew right away he was supposed to thrust hard and deep in step with the fuck beat, so it was exactly how I wanted it to be... I almost came in fact, it was so fucking hot, and I rarely cum while getting nailed.

Robert's second load took about a half hour. He wanted me to suck his dirty cock afterward but I whimped out. That made him a little upset, so he kneeled down in front of my hole and started rimming me just to prove what a pig he really is. I couldn't believe that. He is a real pig, for sure... Then he shoved his cock back in my hole and rough fucked me ... I was fine with that. LOL. I am pretty sure he came again. At the very least he climaxed even though it might have been a dry one. By then he was spent. And I was, too.

I waited till I got home to shower, and jacked off under the water.

For our next rendezvous, I've talked Robert into meeting me at an adult bookstore so he can raw fuck me through a glory hole, something I've always wanted to try... Not surprisingly, as soon as I mentioned this, Rob got really excited and told me he's done it before. lol... I trust he'll know exactly where to go and what to do. ;-)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poppers revisited

A while back I wrote about my favorite poppers, as well as my favorite way to inhale them while jacking off or getting fucked. (Here's the link to the previous post)

I wanted to revisit the topic since I've recently found another place to get the ones I think are the best. The outfit is based in Britain, and although I have to have them shipped overseas to me in the States, the shipping cost isn't as bad as you might think and it doesn't take any longer for them to arrive than it would if I'd ordered them here in the States.

European poppers cost a little more than what you'd pay in the United States, thanks to the value of the euro vs. the dollar But that could always change depending on exchange rates, and besides, the quality of the poppers themselves makes them worth the extra cost, and that is what I'm here today to talk about.

My favorite brand now is The Real Amsterdam. They are strong. Very strong. But they have an almost sweet aroma to them, especially when first opened. I have long since started inhaling poppers through my mouth, with a little bit of the liquid soaked into a corner of a white sock that I then roll up and put in my mouth to breathe through. (This filtration method is explained in that previous post I mentioned above.) The strength of this brand of poppers goes to work immediately, getting my boner rock hard, my tits rock hard, and the rest of my body rock hard. Even if I just inhale this stuff the old-fashioned way, through a nostril, I still get this incredible buzz.

I buy the big bottle of Real Amsterdam (partly because my sock method for inhaling uses more liquid than if you're just sniffing the fumes). And usually I buy several bottles at a time to save on shipping and to always have a supply on hand. The online store is fairly easy to follow, and it has a German language version, too.

I am getting zero compensation for this plug, trust me (yeah, I'm an idiot right! I should be demanding they pay me for this!!) but here's the website of the place I order them from: ... Like I said, they charge a little more for their products, but they aren't watered down like some places I know, they don't give me any headaches, and they come in that nice big 1-ounce (or 30-millileter) bottle that I love. The bottles themselves come packaged in little individual boxes... very cute. But I just store them in my freezer till it's time to crack open a new one, and I end up using every last drop of liquid before breaking open a new bottle.

I'm a connoisseur of poppers. lol.

I've tried some of the other brands offered by but confess I am hooked on The Real Amsterdam. It's the real deal. Remember how poppers worked the first time you used them? Well, this brand will bring you as close as possible to that so-called gilded age of your youth.

So I hope you'll give these a try and see how you like them.


p.s. They get delivered with the regular mail and I never have to bother to sign for anything ... It couldn't be easier for me to receive these European poppers in the mail. My Visa card works just fine on the ordering end of things, too.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Uh-oh, Ocho Cinco!

Chad Ochocinco visited his new football family the other day at the Patriots training camp.

Whoa, boy! I know you're turned on by playing with Tom Brady, but keep it in your pants! (Click on the image to get the full picture.)

So now we know what Ochocinco stands for....

8.5 inches.

Or does he look like a 10 to you?

It appears his sexiest organ isn't his brain after all.

Friday, July 29, 2011

HOT blog:

I recently found a fucking hot blog,

Awesome advice on all things from a bareback top's perspective, ranging from proper etiquette in bath houses to glory holes, the use of poppers, etc. Fellow powerbottom jocks take note: You can learn a lot reading his advice in his various guides. Even the advice for tops will teach you something you ought to know.

There are also some nice and very hot blog entries about actual encounters, all with a nice graphic element... A fucking hot website all around. It's a little slow to load but I imagine it's because he's on his own servers. It's worth checking out, though, and definitely worth supporting this one to keep it going.

His name is Mark. Very, very hot. Be sure to support his efforts....


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Takin' it like a champ to the N'th degree

Just when I thought it couldn't get any hotter, along comes a video on Xtube that just drains me dry.

And not just one video, but a set of three, all equally long in duration. This hung black uncut top named "CoolBreeze" has knocked my socks off. The link above will take you to the 1st of 3 clips on Xtube. His stamina is fucking amazing.

And here's a shoutout to the white boi bottom... You really took it like a champ, in the face as well as in the ass.... Fuckin' A, bro. You both are machofuckers in my book.


p.s. the link to the vid on Xtube is here. From there you can check out the other 2 clips in this series and also see all of his other vids. Very, very hot.

My favorite Movie Hottie

You guessed it... Chris Evans. I've been popping one for this beefcake stud since "Not Another Teen Movie" came out 10 years ago. I was psyched when he was cast as the Human Torch in "Fantastic Four" a short while later, and even when he was in "Cellular" before that. Lots of awesome shots of his bare naked chest. A huge turnon for me.

Then came news a year or so ago that he was cast as Captain America. Needless to say I was at the movie theaters this past weekend, its opening weekend.

So here's a pic to fill you in on what I'm talking about. ;-)
Fucking sweet.

Rimming Gregg

For a few years now I've known a hot white guy who's in a somewhat open relationship with another guy. We found each other by accident. Online, but not the way you might think. I bought some slightly used baseball equipment from him on eBay, and when I found out where he lived, I suggested I just drop by to pick it up... He literally lived 5 minutes away. We made the arrangements, I showed up at the given time, and we chatted for a while in his condo before I headed home with a pretty good bargain on stuff I'd need for that summer's informal baseball league I play in.

But while I was at his place, I started picking up on a few vibes, including the fact that he lived with another guy (I didn't know about his relationship yet). I was sort of intrigued then when he called me one day about a week later, explaining that his friend was out of town and that he was planning to watch that night's UConn game with a few friends and wondered if I wanted to come over. I had no plans so I thought, fuck, why not? The guy is hot, he's still in great shape even though he's a little older, he's probably an inch taller than I am which turns me on, and if his friends are anything like that, I could be in for a challenging night of hide the boner.

So when I got there, I figured I was early because no one else was there yet... But Gregg assured me I wasn't that early, so we went into his TV room with a digital wide screen and comfy big ass sofa and plopped down with beers ready for the game. He was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, and nothing on his feet. He invited me to kick off my sneaks so I did. The game got going and when nobody else showed up by the end of the first half, I was going to ask him what the fuck, but by that time we were both talking up a storm.. It was a great connection, we had a shitload of stuff in common, from baseball to hoops and even sailing and lacrosse, a very rare combo... I was getting more and more intrigued and turned on the more I learned about him. He let stuff slip out, like the fact that his housemate was gay, and then a little later that they had bought the condo together about five years earlier. I figured at that point it was safe to just come out and ask, so I did.

"Are you two a couple?"

Yeah, he said... And he sort of grinned. "Cool," i said, taking a swig of my beer as I kept watching the game.

"You don't have a problem with that?" he asked.

So there it was... My chance to unload my secret to yet another stranger. Funny how I don't have the balls to come out and say it to friends who I've known since childhood, guys who would probably take a bullet for me, but who I'm scared to death would drop me in a heartbeat if they knew I sucked cock and took it up the ass. So I just grinned back at Gregg and said, "You probably figured it out when I came by to buy that stuff, otherwise I never would've heard from you again, right?"

"Busted," he said, laughing.

So that's how Gregg and I became intermittent fuck buddies whenever his partner is out of town, starting that very night. He stood up, pulled out an 8-inch fat cock, and told me to start sucking him. I was on that baby in no time. He's cut, unfortunately, but it tasted so fucking good in my mouth we were both naked in a flash and upstairs in the guest bedroom. Of course, in the middle of blowing him, his phone rings and it's the boyfriend. I was quiet while they chatted, but Gregg never left the room. He was naked and bonered with a younger stud who was also naked and bonered, and I've gotta admit that was a HUGE turnon.

As soon as he hung up, i went back to work, but Gregg quickly pushed me off, saying he didn't want to cum yet. (I found out why later... he's only good for one load per session, unfortunately... Yeah, kind of disappointing, I know!) Instead, Gregg got out a condom and some lube, and told me to start greasing my hole. I protested that I wasn't loosened up at all, and he said he'd take care of that with his own hands, so he started playing with my hole while I was bent over in front of him. fingering my pussy over and over until I was moaning for his cock.

He got on his knees behind me and gave it to me. going very slowly at first but picking up the rhythm in no time and eventually ramfucking my pussy the way i absolutely positively have got to have it if I'm going to get fucked at all. He pulled out so he wouldn't cum yet, then went back to fingering my hole. He asked me if I had ever tongued an ass before, and I admitted that I had done it just a few times, but was forced to do it and therefore didn't know if it was any good. As soon as he heard that I had to be forced, he was psyched and horned up for forcing me to eat him. So I did.

I have to say his ass was the first one I actually enjoyed eating, and my previous experience was so limited and so terrible, I really didn't want to obey him when he told me to lick his hole and sat on my face to force me. But I obeyed, I stuck out my tongue, and lo and behold it didn't taste at all like what you'd think an ass would taste like, which turns me off bigtime. His ass was musky, sweaty -- all man. Sort of like a nice ripe pit, which I practically get high on. So I was in fuckin' heaven. Not once in all of this so far did I have even the slightest whiff of any poppers. I was getting turned on by the smells and tastes of manass being forced on me by this relative stranger who was about to go back to fucking me again.

When I'd satisfied his hole long enough, he ordered me back on my knees, facing away from him. I figured OK, this will be where he finishes himself off inside my ass, his cock still wrapped in latex. Instead I felt him fingering my hole again. But then it felt a little different, and I assumed he was starting to feed his cock back into my shitter. But this felt different from that even. Whatever it was, it felt fucking Awesome.

I finally turned around to see what was driving me insane, and he had his arm inside my fucking cunt. Not sure how deep he got. I doubt it was past his wrist, and I have to admit I was a little freaked out by it and sort of pulled off it right away. But in hindsight, I realized that it was just as fucking hot as all the other sex we'd already had, and in fact, it was 10 times hotter even. He climbed on me to give me a nice brutal fuck, and in about another 20 minutes he was panting and moaning and filling that condom pretty good.

I offered to lick his cock clean, and he was a bit surprised that I would want to take it in my mouth while it was still covered with his cum. I said fuck yeah, and proceeded to go down on him again, but that's when I learned he's one of those guys who quickly shuts down as soon as he cums, and in fact was now quite ticklish when I touched his cock with either my hand or lips or tongue. We cleaned up and I sensed it was time for me to go so I suggested I do so and he didn't insist I stay. (No, I didn't cum, but that's the true bottom in me... I often don't feel like I have to cum to get off, and you fellow bottombitches know what I mean.)

After that Gregg had me over to the condo a few more times, but then he felt comfortable enough to come to my place, so now whenever we hook up, he comes here, fucks me in either my bedroom or on the living room floor, empties his balls then bolts. It's cool, though. I enjoy that fucking beautiful cock, I love it that he gets off being very very dominant, and to this day there isn't another hole I would rather eat than his. I guess you always have a soft spot for your first ass.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My declaration of mansex

A fucking hot top got me worked up to write out what amounts to my ultimate fantasy in man-to-man sex. Here's what I sent him:

I'm into sucking, licking, burrowing in a sweaty hairy pit with my nose and tongue, and if it's clean (sweaty is ok), i'll service a top's ass, especially if he forces me to rim him... i love that. sitting on my face and making me tongue your hairy sweaty hole can almost make me shoot. and finally, getting practically raped by a rough raw cock for hours on end, taking breaks here and there but going back at it in short order.

My hottest fantasy: to be confined in a sling and have a succession of HOT tops -- white, black or hispanic -- all bigcocked, taking turns abusing my hole while the hot, sexy drumbeat of fuck music is blasting in my ears and poppers are filling my nostrils and cum-dripping cocks are wiping themselves on my lips and tongue, forced if need be.

Then, if you're into it, taking me over your knee and painting my ass red with your palm. I don't know if I can take that. It's up to you to find out if you want. But all the cum that was dumped in my shitter during my sling time and that didn't already drool out my hole onto the floor, can cum oozing out while i get my ass slammed by your palm or a wide leather strap. Again, I don't know my limit yet. I would only request that you ignore me begging for you to stop till you've worked me over for at least a half hour. That'll make a man out of me for sure.

OK, studs... any takers? lol...

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chad Douglas, the all-time champ

I started to post this on a video that someone posted on Xtube, and it just got a little too long, so here it is:

The following clip of Chad Douglas ramfucking Cory Monroe in "Spring Break" and Chad's tabletop fuck of Kevin Wiles in "Big Guns" are two of the hottest fuck scenes of all time. While there will never be another Chad Douglas, he lives on in spirit through heirs to his legacy -- hot barebacking tops like Lito Cruz, a similarly rugged-looking, rough, domineering stud whose cock is not as thick as Chad's but every bit as long if not longer -- and uncut.

There are a few other Chad Douglas heirs out there, but their names escape me right now. (Write-in your nominees with a comment below!)

Still, almost no one piston fucks like Chad Douglas did without mercy on his slutty boi bitches. Can you imagine how wrecked those holes were after an hour with Chad? Yeah, it was heaven. ;-)

For the uninitiated, here are other must-see Chad performances: drilling Kevin Williams in "In Your Wildest Dreams," and brutally raping the shit out of a manhole in the back of a pickup truck in "Manrammer."

Here's the clip of Chad fucking Cory Monroe I mentioned. In the flick, Cory is supposed to be Chad's nephew. But to his credit, he never cries "uncle." lol... His hole must've been stretched so wide, he could've dropped a baby out of his chute.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Smokin' hot couple

I love how these guys make love. It's hot, raw and sometimes a little rough. And they are hot to look at, too. Check out their other videos on Xtube but here's the climax of a 3-part series on their profile page. It's one of my favorite scenes of them:

's the link to their Xtube profile name of ynghungfun. Again, tell em Will sent you. ;-)

Monday, February 28, 2011

Been a while bros

Can't believe I haven't posted anything here since December... That's what happens when the holidays kick in and the weather turns nasty... I've been keeping it flowing all this time, both real and cyber, but nothing that would make for a film script starring me in a best supporting bottom role.

i can't believe how fast some of the hot flicks I've shared on here have disappeared from xTube and elsewhere. Sorry about all the broken links. I guess that goes with the territory. I do have one to share with you all, from a hot fucking top with a beautiful uncut cock and a very willing, hot, sexy bottom who takes it all, over and over, deep, raw and rough.

Enjoy this one bros... Hope you taste that load you shoot and think of me, ;-)

P.S. this hot fucker's name on xTube is deepbreeder and I think this link will take you straight to his profile page with more hot vids posted there. Tell him Will sent you.