Monday, February 28, 2011

Been a while bros

Can't believe I haven't posted anything here since December... That's what happens when the holidays kick in and the weather turns nasty... I've been keeping it flowing all this time, both real and cyber, but nothing that would make for a film script starring me in a best supporting bottom role.

i can't believe how fast some of the hot flicks I've shared on here have disappeared from xTube and elsewhere. Sorry about all the broken links. I guess that goes with the territory. I do have one to share with you all, from a hot fucking top with a beautiful uncut cock and a very willing, hot, sexy bottom who takes it all, over and over, deep, raw and rough.

Enjoy this one bros... Hope you taste that load you shoot and think of me, ;-)

P.S. this hot fucker's name on xTube is deepbreeder and I think this link will take you straight to his profile page with more hot vids posted there. Tell him Will sent you.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Will,

    Been missing you, bud. Thanks for this "short". It was hot, and was more like a feature film with awesome camera angles and asses to boot :) And yeah, we agree that this XTube links (in particular) don't last long. Not sure if their owners take 'em down fast or if it's an XTube thing or a combo of both.