Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back to nature

I've been wanting to do this for a while: Get fucked in the woods to the true rhythm of the birds and the bees.

A couple of years ago a pair of online buds and I went to a campground in upstate New York that was clothing optional, figuring we would get some decent action in the wild. Unfortunately it was so hot during the day there was nothing much going on and we hung out at the pool, where no sex is allowed, and then we got kind of shit-faced that night and I was asleep/passed out in my tent pretty early. I missed an outdoor sling that was set up all night long at someone's campsite, which I had to hear about the whole way back from one of the other guys who stayed up all night.

So I've been itching to give it another go, only this time head out into the woods on a trail I'm familiar with and take along my best fuck bud Robert. I'd been trying to psyche him up for this but he's not the outdoors type. He always kids me about it, asking what's the point in living like an animal or a caveman when it's taken us thousands of years to build up all the creature comforts we enjoy today. Yeah, he's sort of a pansy when it comes to roughing it in the outdoors.

But I assured him we wouldn't spend the night, just get a good workout climbing some elevation and then letting him go at me with his raw cock till he either got tired or drained. The deal was made.

We got to the trail head late in the morning on Saturday and headed up. I carried a pack with plenty of water, snacks, a blanket, towel and some lube. No condoms. I knew exactly where we could go that was off the beaten track and remote enough for me to get noisy if need be. I sort of wanted to howl, in fact, even though we weren't going to be under moonlight.

It took a bit of bushwhacking to reach a pretty good spot but it was worth it. There were lots of pine trees around, and some rock ledges. The ground was carpeted in soft needles. A small brook was nearby but its banks were guarded by thick brush. The air was scented with pine and that lush, earthy aroma you only get deep in the woods. The only noises other than the faint gurgling from the brook were from a few birds. Sorry to all you nature buffs out there, I have no idea what they were. I know they weren't towhees or vireos, probably some kind of warbler. (I told you this was a story about the birds and the bees. lol)

All week I had visions of being on my back with my legs in the air, but as it turned out, we stayed on our feet almost the whole time. I laid the blanket on the bed of pine needles at the base of one of the granite outcrops that rose up pretty high, and then we stripped down.

Naked in nature. There's really something to it, bros. It felt so right, so free, so hot.

Everything came off except our sneakers. I quickly went down on Rob and he went down on me. (Is it me or does everything taste better outdoors?) We were sweaty from our hike and climb, which I figured was about 4 miles total. So we both got high on our pit smells. It was heaven.

Then Rob had me assume a position that's one of his favorites: I spread my feet wide, faced the rock wall and bent over, my hands spread apart with palms flat against the granite, holding myself up against what would be about a 45-minute onslaught. Rob dropped to his knees and started eating. My musky ass got him so turned on, he was loving every lick and tongue fuck he gave me, and I was squirming and starting to flex my arm and leg muscles from him pushing me into the rock.

Finally he stood up, pressed his head against my crack, and let go a huge wad of spit and throat juices he'd been working up while he was rimming me. So much for the lube in my pack. lol.

I took a deep breath (no poppers, oops!) and he was in me to the hilt just like that. There really is no substitute for a top who takes the time to prepare his boy's pussy with a talented tongue.

We got verbal, I let out a few yelps, then remembering where we were, I yelled out "FUCK ME" at the top of my lungs... He didn't hold anything back. I thought he was going to peel his skin off from the way he was ramming his fleshy cock in and out of me so fast and furious. The usual rhythmic slapping sounds of skin on skin were replaced by the loud banging noises, more like spankings, that his cock, bush and pelvis were delivering into my backside.

I did my job too, holding steady and even slightly pushing back to meet his thrusts, trying with all the strength in my jock arms not to let my head bang against that fuckin' rock.

Rob fucked and fucked like a boy in heat. He told me later he came in about 10 minutes but he never let on, not that it would've mattered anyway. He just never stopped fucking. About the time he gave me some good whacks on my ass with his flat palm is when I started to erupt, shooting and spraying all over that fucking rock, which we later dubbed Whale Rock, as in sperm whale. That's when I also let out my howl, throwing my head back and giving it my best wolfman impression.

My ass muscles tightened as I spasmed out my spunk, a rare event for me since I rarely cum while getting fucked. And it also pretty much spelled the beginning of the end for Rob's final load. He was soon spewing again and this time there was no mistaking it. He let out a yell, pulled back and ramfucked it inside of me good, hitting my walls and painting my gut white. He collapsed on my back, his chest and tummy heaving for air, our sweat coating each other, his hands finding my tits while his cock stayed inside of me, slowly recoiling after shooting cum.

We laid down on the blanket finally and made out, still totally naked and still under the trees in the great outdoors. I think the possibility that someone could come by, drawn by the racket we were making, added a bit to the supercharged feeling we had of being there. That we were doing something naughty made it all the more exhilarating. The thrill of possibly being caught cannot be underestimated, and I think it helped Rob go extra long with his nonstop piston-like fucking. My ass is still feeling it a day later.

It seemed like a longer hike back to my truck (I'm now driving a used pickup like a good ol' boy) and I could tell all the way down the trail that I was slowly leaking jizz into the undies I wore underneath my hiking shorts. Thank God nobody was behind us, lol. I changed into a fresh pair of undies for the ride home, during which Rob finally admitted that the outdoors was good for something else besides being one great big urinal (which he also took pleasure in, by the way).

Next time, we both vowed, we're packing in a portable sling.

Yee ha! I'll make a camper out of him yet.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Getting caught up in the moment

One of my recent rendezvous with Rob turned into something of a learning experience for both of us, especially for me. He wanted to take me out to a private club he knew about, sort of a dingy place that used to be a tiny corner bar in a working-class neighborhood but is now just a place where gay guys hang out, listen to music and I guess have sex in the bathroom. I never saw much sex but that's probably because of the cloud of smoke in this joint. Is it me or do too many gay guys smoke like chimneys?

Well, cigarettes and I don't mix too well. I nearly died of all the smoke and probably acted like a baby wanting to leave. So to make it up to Rob for him agreeing to leave earlier than he would have liked, I started going down on him as soon as we got back to his car
, then at his place, took 3 loads over several hours in every position including a little wheelbarrow action. Not only were we looking to unload but also looking for extra cardio i guess. lol. Only position we didn't do was what I call the cradle fuck. By the time we thought of it, Robert was exhausted, and he would've had to do most of the work on that one. ;-(

But I did try something different this time. You see, Robert is black, and I've gathered from the past few years of knowing him that racist stuff really, really bothers him. (It bothers me too, trust me.) And I know the N-word is one of his action words. In other words, he can get quite worked up over it.

So while he was behind me fucking the shit out of me and working to give me Load No. 2, we were both getting pretty verbal. He was calling me a white bitch whore and I was begging him to go harder. Finally, in the heat of the moment, i yelled out "Fuck me Nigger!" and that did it... He slammed his palm flat on my butt that sent shock waves through my skin. He followed with a couple more in the same spot (that's probably why it was still visible five days later.) And he started ramfucking me without mercy, where he pulled his cock out all the way then ram-slammed it, to the hilt, hitting my wall and hurting like a motherfucker.

In fact, from that point until he came about 10 minutes later, it hurt like it hasn't in a long while. I felt like I was being raped, for real.

He demanded to hear what I called him again, and I repeated it, only to have him repeat the spanking and the raping. The third time, I refused to repeat the word but instead begged him to forgive me. He ordered me to shut up and take it, that this was now a punish fuck and I was not going to enjoy it... Secretly, I loved every second, especially now in hindsight, but boy it did hurt, I gotta admit that.

Don't worry, we're all good. He knows I don't have a racist bone in my body, and just before we fucked we had watched some porn where the N-word was thrown around by a black bottom. We pillow-talked later about it, when I sought to make sure he knew I abhorred the word in real life, but in the throes of passion, using it at that time in that particular circumstance just came naturally and, in truth, had the exact desired effect of spurring him to fuck me like he rarely does. Rough, raw and relentless -- my Xtube code words, which are in honor of him. lol.

That was a couple of weeks ago. I'm tempted to try it again later this week when we hope to hook up again. But I don't want him to think I'm now hooked on that word. Guess we'll just have to play it by ear. I'm curious to hear what all my black online buds think...