Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poppers revisited

A while back I wrote about my favorite poppers, as well as my favorite way to inhale them while jacking off or getting fucked. (Here's the link to the previous post)

I wanted to revisit the topic since I've recently found another place to get the ones I think are the best. The outfit is based in Britain, and although I have to have them shipped overseas to me in the States, the shipping cost isn't as bad as you might think and it doesn't take any longer for them to arrive than it would if I'd ordered them here in the States.

European poppers cost a little more than what you'd pay in the United States, thanks to the value of the euro vs. the dollar But that could always change depending on exchange rates, and besides, the quality of the poppers themselves makes them worth the extra cost, and that is what I'm here today to talk about.

My favorite brand now is The Real Amsterdam. They are strong. Very strong. But they have an almost sweet aroma to them, especially when first opened. I have long since started inhaling poppers through my mouth, with a little bit of the liquid soaked into a corner of a white sock that I then roll up and put in my mouth to breathe through. (This filtration method is explained in that previous post I mentioned above.) The strength of this brand of poppers goes to work immediately, getting my boner rock hard, my tits rock hard, and the rest of my body rock hard. Even if I just inhale this stuff the old-fashioned way, through a nostril, I still get this incredible buzz.

I buy the big bottle of Real Amsterdam (partly because my sock method for inhaling uses more liquid than if you're just sniffing the fumes). And usually I buy several bottles at a time to save on shipping and to always have a supply on hand. The online store is fairly easy to follow, and it has a German language version, too.

I am getting zero compensation for this plug, trust me (yeah, I'm an idiot right! I should be demanding they pay me for this!!) but here's the website of the place I order them from: ... Like I said, they charge a little more for their products, but they aren't watered down like some places I know, they don't give me any headaches, and they come in that nice big 1-ounce (or 30-millileter) bottle that I love. The bottles themselves come packaged in little individual boxes... very cute. But I just store them in my freezer till it's time to crack open a new one, and I end up using every last drop of liquid before breaking open a new bottle.

I'm a connoisseur of poppers. lol.

I've tried some of the other brands offered by but confess I am hooked on The Real Amsterdam. It's the real deal. Remember how poppers worked the first time you used them? Well, this brand will bring you as close as possible to that so-called gilded age of your youth.

So I hope you'll give these a try and see how you like them.


p.s. They get delivered with the regular mail and I never have to bother to sign for anything ... It couldn't be easier for me to receive these European poppers in the mail. My Visa card works just fine on the ordering end of things, too.