Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chad Douglas, the all-time champ

I started to post this on a video that someone posted on Xtube, and it just got a little too long, so here it is:

The following clip of Chad Douglas ramfucking Cory Monroe in "Spring Break" and Chad's tabletop fuck of Kevin Wiles in "Big Guns" are two of the hottest fuck scenes of all time. While there will never be another Chad Douglas, he lives on in spirit through heirs to his legacy -- hot barebacking tops like Lito Cruz, a similarly rugged-looking, rough, domineering stud whose cock is not as thick as Chad's but every bit as long if not longer -- and uncut.

There are a few other Chad Douglas heirs out there, but their names escape me right now. (Write-in your nominees with a comment below!)

Still, almost no one piston fucks like Chad Douglas did without mercy on his slutty boi bitches. Can you imagine how wrecked those holes were after an hour with Chad? Yeah, it was heaven. ;-)

For the uninitiated, here are other must-see Chad performances: drilling Kevin Williams in "In Your Wildest Dreams," and brutally raping the shit out of a manhole in the back of a pickup truck in "Manrammer."

Here's the clip of Chad fucking Cory Monroe I mentioned. In the flick, Cory is supposed to be Chad's nephew. But to his credit, he never cries "uncle." lol... His hole must've been stretched so wide, he could've dropped a baby out of his chute.


  1. WHAO! When you said, "CHAMP," you meant, CHAMP! Was floored by the way the 1st top pulled out that first time, threw Douglas into doggie style and fucking shoved that donkey dick back in again and again and again and again without a care in the world. GODDAMN! I'm not sure that I couldn't have taken all that. I guess that means that I have room for improvement.

    And the fucking fuck lift-up at the 4:09 second mark??? HOT SHIT! A new favorite position that I've gotta try out. Talk about a joy-ride.

    Now, the ending with dildo?? Right on!!!

  2. Yes! Cory Monroe gets ROYALLY FUCKED! This is one of the HOTTEST scenes ever by Falcon!

  3. that liftup at 4:09 is what I call a "cradle fuck." I got nailed like that by a hot brazilian top which I describe in an earlier post... It is fucking HOT as hell. ;-)