Sunday, April 3, 2011

My declaration of mansex

A fucking hot top got me worked up to write out what amounts to my ultimate fantasy in man-to-man sex. Here's what I sent him:

I'm into sucking, licking, burrowing in a sweaty hairy pit with my nose and tongue, and if it's clean (sweaty is ok), i'll service a top's ass, especially if he forces me to rim him... i love that. sitting on my face and making me tongue your hairy sweaty hole can almost make me shoot. and finally, getting practically raped by a rough raw cock for hours on end, taking breaks here and there but going back at it in short order.

My hottest fantasy: to be confined in a sling and have a succession of HOT tops -- white, black or hispanic -- all bigcocked, taking turns abusing my hole while the hot, sexy drumbeat of fuck music is blasting in my ears and poppers are filling my nostrils and cum-dripping cocks are wiping themselves on my lips and tongue, forced if need be.

Then, if you're into it, taking me over your knee and painting my ass red with your palm. I don't know if I can take that. It's up to you to find out if you want. But all the cum that was dumped in my shitter during my sling time and that didn't already drool out my hole onto the floor, can cum oozing out while i get my ass slammed by your palm or a wide leather strap. Again, I don't know my limit yet. I would only request that you ignore me begging for you to stop till you've worked me over for at least a half hour. That'll make a man out of me for sure.

OK, studs... any takers? lol...


  1. Damn Will! I see that I need to plan a trip to Philly.


  2. you have always been my fantasy. woooffff.

  3. re: asians... No intention to exclude them, bro... Just forgot. lol. As long as they're hung and thick and preferably uncut, they can get in line. ;-)