Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rob's surprise

I hooked up with my fuck bud Robert again recently... He promised me a surprise so I agreed to head down to his place, even though it's usually a pigsty and now smells of cigarette smoke, since he started smoking again.

But I was so fucking horned up, I didn't care... I got there around 1 p.m. When I walked in the door, I grabbed his cock through his shorts right away and got on my knees to coax it out of his pants... So I started sucking him right then and there. He started talking dirty, something sort of new for him, calling me white boy and ordering me to lick his balls or stroke his cock harder as I sucked. After a while he asked me if I liked how he was talking dirty and I had to answer yes with his cock in my throat... it really made it hotter than usual having him talk that way. he didn't use the N-word but it was still hot.

Robert's cock is a full 8 and a half inches or so, and very wide, sort of flat even, so sucking it head on, so to speak, is the best way. He's cut, unfortunately, but it's a beauty of a black boner and I love having it in my ass.

When he reminded me he had a surprise for me, he tapped my head to get off his cock, told me to get up and he led me to the spare bedroom, which has always been piled with junk. Instead, it was cleared just enough for a sling. He slapped me on my ass and told me to start stripping. I was naked in no time and up in the sling... and that's where I was for basically the next couple of hours. He couldn't believe how good my ass felt, which I took for code that he was happy he had no condom on. He fucked and fucked and fucked. I think it was about 3 when he finally shot load 1. He took a break but I stayed in the sling, stroking my cock and tits.

When he came back, I had him put on these earplugs that are attached to my iPod, with a spur line so I can also be wearing earplugs at the same time. I wanted him to fuck my hole to my favorite fuck music, using a song aptly titled "Fuck Me Harder" -- the Thunderpuss Club Mix by Chris Cox. It's got a really really hot fuck beat and Robert was really into it. He knew right away he was supposed to thrust hard and deep in step with the fuck beat, so it was exactly how I wanted it to be... I almost came in fact, it was so fucking hot, and I rarely cum while getting nailed.

Robert's second load took about a half hour. He wanted me to suck his dirty cock afterward but I whimped out. That made him a little upset, so he kneeled down in front of my hole and started rimming me just to prove what a pig he really is. I couldn't believe that. He is a real pig, for sure... Then he shoved his cock back in my hole and rough fucked me ... I was fine with that. LOL. I am pretty sure he came again. At the very least he climaxed even though it might have been a dry one. By then he was spent. And I was, too.

I waited till I got home to shower, and jacked off under the water.

For our next rendezvous, I've talked Robert into meeting me at an adult bookstore so he can raw fuck me through a glory hole, something I've always wanted to try... Not surprisingly, as soon as I mentioned this, Rob got really excited and told me he's done it before. lol... I trust he'll know exactly where to go and what to do. ;-)


  1. Hey...good to see you back blogging ;) Your stories are always waaay hot.

  2. Will: I'm reading this with my ear-buds in... listening to "Fuck Me Harder"... I'm leaning back in my office chair with legs on my desk as if getting checked out by the gynecologist. With my 8x6 in hand I'm JO. It was a HUGE load. Thanks.

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