Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wicked hot website on Tumblr

Fellow fans and brother white boi worshippers of big black cock need to check out this page on Tumblr ... Blk/In/White ... at

It's got tons of photos, cartoons and some video clips featuring my favorite combo: Black cock, white hole. Join Tumblr like I did so you can leave comments and show your likes for your favorite hot scenes.

Talk about deep digging, I have been scrolling through all the photos since I woke up this morning with a boner, and I still haven't hit the bottom. FUCK. Was pleasantly surprised to see a few things I've written here copied and pasted into the pages of this sexy scrapbook... Much appreciated to feel, well, appreciated!

But the hottest part of this is all the photos of incredibly sexy Black Doms-to-White Bottom Boi situations... It got me horny as fuck to be banged / dominated / bitched out / whatever Right Now by Big Black Cock, and I got what I thought was my fill of seed this past week from my FB Robert...

Seriously, I need to unload a major buildup of sperm just from looking at this Tumblr page, so I'm cutting this blog post short and jacking off before my brother and other buds come over for today's football games. (NFL fans gotta love this Christmas Eve Saturday.)

Hope you check out ... Whether you're a top or bottom, you'll find it hot.


P.S. Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa to all my fuck buds. ;-)


  1. thanks for the hot new tumblr stream and happy holidays stud!

  2. Wish I was there to help with that major build up of sperm.