Friday, January 20, 2012

"Packed in" for a wintry weekend, lol

We're expecting a snowstorm tonight, so my fuckbud Robert who makes me service his Big Black Cock came over this afternoon to give me a weekend's worth of black seed. Oozing it out right now.

We got down to business quickly, since he had to get home. In fact, as soon as he walked in the door, i was on my knees getting BBC out of his pants and slurping on it right there in my hallway. We moved only a short distance to the comfy floor of my living room, where we've fucked before, and then stayed there for the next hour or so.

Naked in about a minute we rolled and writhed and rubbed and hugged... it was all so romantic, right? Then in a split second, Robert rose up on his knees, grabbed my legs and flipped me in a wrestling move so I was face down and he was on top of me with his crotch and those brillo curly pubes grinding my cunt crack and tailbone and making me moan like a whore.

He was in me like that. and the pounding began. It hurt this time, since he skipped the rimming, fingering AND the fuckin' lube. Yow. Thank god I had sucked him. But I was as horny as he was and I knew it would slick up fast in my chute. I was not wrong.

He usually only grunts or breathes different when he's ready to cum. Today he was a bit more verbal. Damn that King can fuck. I was squeezing down as hard as I could, and that was all he needed to start flooding me. Yeah, a quickie, but a goodie. Like I said, I am all stocked up for a snowed-in weekend. ;-)

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