Sunday, January 20, 2013

Separated at birth?

I love the month of January when college football is retired for the season and pro football takes center stage. This year we've been treated to the Colin Kaepernick show, with a studly, tatted quarterback showing his prowess on the field with full use of his strong legs and muscled arms. Leave it to a team from San Francisco to show that domination can be thrilling. (I read that line in a book once and always wanted to use it!)

Of course I have an ulterior motive to watch every move that Colin-K makes, and that's because he reminds me of one of my favorite porn stars, the prolific Antonio Biaggi. Not as many tatts on Tony but all the muscle, all the strength, all the sexual prowess that Colin has, plus they share that sexy soul patch/goatee that must drive their partner wild when eating pussy, be it male or female snatch. 

In both of their cases, females have likely been the recipient of such pleasurable feelings, since Antonio fucks women as well as guys (he has at least one kid, a girl). Whether Colin is similarly bisexual, who knows, though I sort of doubt it.

Still, we know of course that Antonio has no problem going down on male pussy, and in fact relishes it before he ramfucks his bottom boys in all of his porn flicks. I'm not sure you can find a porn actor who loves the industry more than Biaggi, having seen him do films for almost every single studio out there, even low-budget outfits like the sometimes weird KnightBreeders, whose CEO and star appears to not only shoot all his fuck flicks in a trailer, but I suspect he lives in it as well. But there is Antonio Biaggi, patiently obliging the loud-mouthed Knightbreeder uber-bottom, feeding him his uncut hog the way we love seeing him fuck his willing bitch boys in more polished porn.

So here's to Colin Kaepernick in today's NFC Championship, which is already under way as I write this. Every shot of him -- and the camera loves him -- will remind me of my porn god Antonio Biaggi. I think halftime will find me jerking to one of Biaggi's best, something where he's hammering away at some tight hole, after he's painted it, of course, with that silky tongue and exquisite soul patch. Fuck!


  1. Antonio should be in EVERY PORN. I don't think I have ever seen a top to match his consistent energy and performance. Having his balls slapping your taint? We should all be so lucky. I would like to recommend that we bounce B-Bouncy and have Antonio bang a bottom for this year's Super Bowl halftime show! - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

  2. I just saw AB in an article in the Village Voice about the 125 most Important gay porn stars and it has an older photo of him with a full head of hair and a full beard. Damn he is a fine looking man! It's awesome how he has totally re-invented himself, but from the neck down, it's what we all want! Hot that you put a sports spin on it.

  3. "Leave it to a team from San Francisco to show that domination can be thrilling." What a game!!! SF Niners are the NFC Champs! You will see a lot of this man over the next few weeks as he and his team mates prepares for a win in New Orleans. As you can imagine the city is off the hook right now. Go Niners!

  4. yummy~~~ ^__^