Tuesday, October 8, 2013

YoMuscleBoii ... I want your babies

You've got to check out this hottie on YouTube called YoMuscleBoii. (His real name is Josh Leyva and you can friend him on Facebook.)

Awesome pecs, muscled guns, sculpted abs and stunning looks. And he can act. The video that's my favorite so far is a takeoff on the 5 types of guys who do Instagram. I think it's my favorite because he's shirtless in one of the segments. (His pits are unbelievable.) here's the embed:

If he ever wanted to make a fortune in porn, it's all his. Gay or straight, wouldn't matter. Just hope he's not one of those hotties who isn't hung. Wouldn't mind seeing him bottom for a roomful of raw mammoth black cocks, but would prefer in my fantasy to have him topping me and smothering me in between loads with those sweaty hairy pits... ;-) 

And one more, showcasing his pits, pecs, abs -- and his thrusting abilities. 


  1. Fuckin' hot as hell! Would love to suck that hottie off, all day for months!!!

  2. He's 1 inch taller than I am.