Thursday, October 17, 2013

Outed in Grand fashion

I was walking through Grand Central Station the other day, which I used to do on a more regular basis but not so much anymore, when I thought I heard someone call my name. I turned around and didn't see anyone I recognized, but there was one guy looking straight at me. I was ready to turn back around when he nodded toward me and asked, "Will? Will Win?"
Busted, lol.
My screen name on Xtube and elsewhere (dudesnude, etc.) is obviously not my real last name but when this guy had both names I knew he had to know me from some gay porn site that I belong to, probably one where my full face pic is actually posted (I keep it off of Xtube). I smiled right away and said Hey, then walked over closer and said something like "How you doin?" so anybody who was still nearby would think we might've known each other. No one paid a bit of attention to us, of course. It was New York City after all.
That was it. We didn't pretend to know each other and he didn't bother me with questions or chat or anything else, thank god. I really wasn't looking forward to talking about the latest hot BBC video I had creamed to, or whether my hole was leaking black man jizz at that moment, and there have been times when I've been in Grand Central and other public places where that was a distinct possibility. He just said he thought he had recognized me from my profile photo (I've given a few guys a Facebook link; otherwise, you can just look me up on dudesnude and use the password naked for private pics). I could tell he was a little excited to have actually met the real Will Win, and that made me feel momentarily more important than I really am. He was older, not bad looking, not tall, not overweight, and not a top (or at least not the kind of top that would turn me on), but he was totally cool.
I mumbled something about having to get going and he had to go too but I smiled the whole time and was probably chuckling about it all to myself as I turned and continued heading to my train. I wish now that I had asked his profile name but didn't want to run the risk of outing him either. (Hey, if you read this, hit me up! And thank you for not stalking me! lol). I sort of looked at other people differently from that point on, just in case I sparked another reaction of Xtube recognition. lol.... 

What are the odds of this happening anyway? I once bumped into the metrosexual hotness that is Caleb Lane and chatted with him briefly, but he's an international model and he must get that all the time, not just from folks seeing him in my all-time favorite gay-themed short film, "Seeing You in Circles." Has any other regular joe on Xtube or elsewhere ever been recognized in public based on his profile pic?


  1. Never been recognized, but have had guy hit me up on xtube and then a year later show up as being two miles away on the scruff app (the guy moved) and hit me up without realizing it was me. I'm like, the world of porn-viewing app users can't be THAT small...

  2. There's a guy I talked to several times on BBRTs but who was always too flaky so we never hooked up and I was over him. A week or two ago I was in the subway at Times Square, not a little drunk and dead tired at 3am, and who should appear but the dude. I recognized him but wasn't in any mood to talk; I just wanted to go to sleep. I briiiiefly acknowledged him with a look and slumped down into the bench and closed my eyes and zoned a bit. When I opened them, he was standing right next to me, absolutely bird-dogging me. This sort of took me aback and skeeved me out a little-- he was way intense, and there were people sitting right next to me, so I dunno if we could have had a jaunty little conversation about my ejaculating inside him sometime soon. If he had spoken to me when I raised my eyebrows at him the first time we might have had a friendly neutral conversation, but instead he moved around the platform, gaping at me hungrily from all different angles, until my train came.

    Eep! I was wearing something a little ridiculous, too. It can be weird when my depraved sexy life and my goofy normal life intersect, sometimes.