Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Mystery man comes forward

I got this email today via Xtube after my post about a Grand Central encounter:

that was ME!
wow, i just now read your blog about a guy recognizing you in Grand Central, and believe it or not, that was me. lol. too funny. I would never stalk you bro so no worries there, haha. So fucking awesome to have seen you that day, I thought it was you and yes I did follow you for a few seconds before I was positive enough (and bold enough)to call out your name. You were by yourself so I knew i wasn't going to tip your hand to anyone you knew.

You are as hot as your pictures suggest and even hotter and I hope to see you in action in video someday. Thanks for being cool at Grand Central that day. Any other guy could have really ripped into me I guess. I never thought about it too much. Didn't have time to think at all, in fact. I guess I was so swept up by the whole thing.

Name here is Bill, nice to meet you Will.

So I'm glad to know who it finally was, he's a big fan on Xtube and DN, and it's all good. (that's his xtube profile pic; he's a bottom too). I don't have to look over my shoulder anymore, and as it turns out, we may bump into each other again someday. 

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