Friday, December 17, 2010

Robert revisited

I had a recent rendezvous with Robert, but before I give you a few details, I want to apologize for being offline for so long. I usually disappear during warm weather, when I'm outside as much as I can be. But where I'm at, the weather hasn't been very warm for a few months now. In fact, lately it's been freezing my nuts off. lol. But I guess I was just in a stretch where I wasn't doing much sexually, so I wasn't motivated to write anything.

Still, I should've passed along some really hot fuck vids, but I didn't even do that. I'll make amends for that soon.

So back to my black fuck bud Robert ... We've been in touch and have hooked up a few times but this past Saturday was pretty hot. He came to my place again (we've been doing that more lately ... FUCK the neighbors), and this time I had the floor in front of the fireplace cleared out (moved the coffee table out of the way, etc), and lit some candles in there. That's the extent of romance when it comes to me getting fucked. lol.

I laid down a few sheets and we were ready to go. I was wearing my leather harness, which he loves to grip onto as he's banging me doggy style, and I had some lube out. That was it. No condoms, and this time, no poppers. I've sort of given them up for a while after experiencing some unexplainable spikes in bad cholesterol. (Long story, and I have no proof, but I think the nitryl has spiked my triglycerides, and I mean SPIKED.)

No problem on the poppers, though, since I feel like I've been hornier than ever since dropping them a month or so ago.

Robert stripped down, kicked his jeans to a corner, and started hefting his cock for me... Always a beauty, it is thick and long and unrelenting. I was on my knees ready to start slurping. But instead of swallowing his cock, I manuevered my head underneath his balls and started tonguing him along that line from his sac to his ass. I'd been chewing some minty gum, and still had the gum in my mouth in fact, thinking it would help me pleasure him the way I had in mind.. It worked great... He responded right away by placing a foot on the love seat nearby, opening a path for my tongue to glide from his leathery sac over to his crack, and yes, I let my tongue wander up to his hole. I don't normally do this, but I wanted to give it to Robert as sort of a Christmas gift, so the gum helped me overcome any issues. He was ecstatic. He quickly repositioned himself and bent over the love seat so I could rim him the best I knew how.

He was stroking his cock as I rimmed him and got so horny so fast, he turned around after only a couple of minutes and told me to get on all fours. He proceeded to give even better than he received, since he is a master ass licker. My hole was ready in no time. Staying on all fours, I soon felt his fat and heavy cock rubbing up and down my ass cheeks. He slapped me a few times on each buttock, then spit a huge gobber into my crack. So much for bothering with the lube. lol. He had that lucious head knocking at my door a second later, and in a quiet voice asked if I was ready. I pushed my ass pucker out a little, just as he started shoving inside. It helps glide the cock in easier. I gulped a deep breath, closed my eyes and felt him sink in all the way. Those curly pubes were soon pressed on my ass skin, and I knew he was in to the root.

Pulling all the way out, he let my hole recover from the first stretch by going down on it again. He was basically feeding me more spit. God I love this guy. He slapped my ass a few times again, then went back in, a little faster this time. I responded by flexing my ass muscles a few times, stroking him with my cunt. He let it slide out again, then shoved his face back in there. He is so fucking good at getting my hole horned and hungry.

The third and final entry, at least for the next 25 minutes or so, came like a sledgehammer. He didn't relent after that. It was his usual merciless ramfuck, making me grab onto the sheet i laid on the floor to help hold me up for his beating. His balls were swinging wildly, as were mine, but as he swung his sac back and forth, it fanned the smell of mint toward my face while I was looking back between my legs during his exquisite pounding. I had some fuck music playing but the sound of his body smackin into mine was all the music I needed to start leakin' like a faggot pussy -- both out of my piss slit and my ass, with all his spit leaking down my ballsac and splattering the sheet here and there.

We banged like this for almost a half hour I guess. Me holding my ass firm and high, sometimes gently pushing back against his forward thrusts. You know, the usual in-sync rhythm that he and I have developed between us. When he was ready for a break, I had one more present for him (well, for me really!) and told him to lie flat on his back. I sat on his crotch area, leaned forward and sucked on his neck. He returned the favor, and we both sucked as hard as hell on each other. He could probably never show a hickey on that beautiful black skin of his. But I was another story. I had a neck mark from his mouth for about 2 days.

Then I straightened up and told him to hold his cock up for me. I was going to ride him. I've never been much into that, but I was all for it today, what with the fireplace glowing alongside of us. I lowered my ass over his cock and slowly sank down till he was in all the way. Then we started fucking again. I started bouncing and he started humping and together we were making that noise all over again, although this time it was really squishy sounding. My ass was opening up, and now it was getting soaked with more than just his spit. He was leaking his precum. He swears he doesn't have any, but I've tasted it before while sucking him a long time. He leaks like a North Korean submarine. And now it was slowly oozing inside my shitter.

I rode him a long time. It was probably an hour and I am not exaggerating. I had never before realized how fucking hot it was to raise and lower myself on a raw boner like this, and I didn't want it to end. I played with his tits, he played with mine. I'd be on my knees, then I'd scootch up so i was on my feet for more serious bouncing action. It reminded me of a hot video I've seen where this white guy rides a big black dick like this for a long time till cum starts coating the niggah cock and you know the top has blasted at least 2 loads up inside this white pussy. Well, no loads were shot by Robert, yet. It was just his cock and pre getting worked up slowly for the ultimate gusher.

He always wants to give it to me in our favorite position, so eventually, I climbed off of him and bent over the love seat with both hands firmly planted on the back of the seat. My ass was positioned for him to stand behind me for the final, full fury of his fucking. He wasted no time either, so I knew he was getting close. He started ramfucking without mercy, hammering it inside of me like his cock was a metal spike. Quietly and with some effort, he gasped out his usual question: "Where do you want it?" I didn't bother answering. I just shoved back on him, and he proceeded to piston fuck even more savagely. I could tell he was cumming as his strokes lengthened, his breathing sort of moaned, and my ass started feeling all warm and wet inside.

When he started to slow down and finally stop, he left his cock in me a little while, then just let it slide out on its own. And then I felt a small warm trickle-like sensation oozing out of me, knowing full well it was his breedseed.

It was the only batch I got Saturday, but it was a big one for 2 hours' work. Robert had given me his Christmas present in return for mine.

Hope you all have an equally hot Merry Christmas. Till next time,


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