Friday, January 10, 2014

First night 2014

New Year's Eve was set up finally as the time for a long-awaited fantasy of mine, and thanks to a summer fuck bud it really happened: 5 hung black tops, 1 white boy and a sling. Lots of poppers, lots of lube, no condoms.

My only request was that the guys all be negative. It had caused a bit of a rift between my fuck bud and his uncle, who was one of the tops originally slated to get in line. He was superhung around 9, a real black daddy type, and a fuck I was really looking forward to until my bud told me his uncle was positive. I had to ask that he not be there, and that not only postponed the gangbang but also got the uncle pissed off with his nephew. Sorry bro...

A couple of days before the new date my bud told me that one of the tops was poz but undetectable. I thought about it, knew that I've had a dick or two in similar straits, so it was still a go. In a way, it was hotter, since I didn't know which one it was. I got to the house and it was secluded enough I knew noise would not be a factor. As it turned out, it wasn't even an issue. These guys were so down low, they hardly said a word, let alone made any sounds. And one of them, in a cool sort of way, was actually a deaf mute. And he was by far the hottest. 

All were toned, tall and 2 were uncut. The biggest cock was close to 9 inches, the others from 71/2 to 8. I was definitely in the right place, doing exactly what I'd always wanted to do. The playroom was in the cellar, and it had the potential to evolve into an amazing party place if they added a few more things, like a TV for porn, a couple more slings, maybe a fuck bench. As it was, it had all I needed. A sling attached to the bare ceiling beams and speakers for some of my favorite fuck tunes.

I walked in with my buddy, all but one of the other four were already there and already naked, so I wasted no time and stripped down. I left my socks on but as soon as I got in the sling, my buddy took them off as he put my feet in the straps. Totally naked was how he wanted me. Since he had set this up, he went first, and he started by going down on my cock for a few minutes, then sliding his tongue down to my crack and teasing my hole. He got me loosened up a little with his finger, then stood up and started applying the lube to his dick and my hole. 

I had brought a couple of bottles of my favorite poppers, and had one with me in the sling. The cute one took it out of my hand and offered to hold it to my nose for me, and that's when I found out he was deaf and couldn't talk. Smiling the whole time, he motioned with his hands to communicate, not sign language since I didn't know it and neither did most of the other guys. He took a hit himself, then offered me one, and the rest of the night one of the guys would have me take several deep hits now and then. I was going to be waited on while hosting their cocks. Sweet.

My buddy is a little over 8 inches and thick. I was tight, but he knew the drill from our previous hookups and went slow at first. I could feel my shitter warming up, my head was swimming with poppers and anticipation, and the tune on the speaker was a low, sexy drumbeat pounding that would go on and on for most of the night. Within about 10 minutes that cock was going in and out pretty good, my hole was opened up and I was good to go for the rest of the night. 

I don't think my buddy shot his load that first round, and in fact all night long I could never really tell if they came or not with only a few exceptions, like when I'd see some cum still leaking as they backed away and fed it to me, or maybe it was residue from a previous load. I found out my ass got a good breeding though, once I got home (I know I don't have to paint you a picture). 

When my bud backed away still strokin' his cock, the very next top was the biggest, so I thought, here we go, I'm going to be ruined for the others. But it was totally cool... My ass was feeling fine, I had cleaned out and fasted for a day and a half in advance, so my cunt was literally starving for cock. He banged hard from the get-go and I was fuckin' delirious rockin' back and forth on his pole. So serious, he was the quietest of the bunch. Grunts were few. I was the loudest there of course, and the sound of those chains was like music in itself. This guy went about 15 minutes, and again I don't think he came that first run. But I was now opened up for good and the rest of the night my hole was a whore wanting more and more.

Sometime during this session the 5th member of the party showed up, and I watched him strip naked then walk over to me to offer his uncut boner to my lips. No one had thought to do this yet, so I was like, Fuck Yeah. I was rockin' back and forth a bit so I couldn't really suck him, but he slapped me in the face with that foreskin a few times and I knew in between fucks I'd start getting cock in my throat on a regular basis the rest of the night, and some of that cock was fresh out of my hole. I'd take a huge hit off poppers, then clean a cummy cock. 

One by one the other three got their first cracks at my ass, and as it happened the hottest was the last, the deaf guy was the cleanup hitter. I was so fucking turned on looking up between my legs to see this adonis of a black top enjoying the hell out of my stretched-out white pussy that I could've stayed there the rest of my life. He took at least a half hour and I didn't want him to stop. His fuck was the first one where I knew for sure I'd been seeded, and I was so fucking happy. He was very sexy afterward, leaning over to lick my chest, suck and nibble my nipples and, yes, tongue kiss me while we were both still breathing heavy from his fuck. I just wanted to have him adopt me and live happily ever after while he taught me the language of signing. 

That was pretty much how the first hour or so went. I ended up getting fucked for roughly 4 hours straight with only 2 breaks for me to try and take a leak. lol... I seem to dry up when getting fucked, so even though it felt like I had to go, very little came out. Then, after a longer break of about a half hour, I was back in the sling for a final round that went about an hour more. The bonus of this house was that, through sliding glass doors from the cellar, there was a hot tub outside. We were in the northeastern U.S., and New Year's Eve was fucking FREEZING, but man that hot tub was sweet. Some of the guys were going in during the course of the gangbang then getting back in line for another round on my ass. So when I had a chance to climb in, only my fuck buddy joined me for a nice break. The sky was clear and the stars were all out and it was so fucking relaxing, just what I needed for the final round. I put my ass up to one of the jets and let it get rinsed out, which is probably not cool in a hot tub but what the fuck, right? 

Other than my fuck bud, I have no idea what the other guys' names were. I'm sure they knew mine but there were no introductions, nobody called me by my name, and there was very little convo as I said at the start. It was strictly a breed and seed the white boy night for some DL brothers, and I think we all went home happy as shit. I had to drive a couple of hours home, and then, believe it or not, go to work that night (i know, right? FUCK), but I had no accidents in the pants and when I finally got home, I slept for about 12 hours. Took me a few days to really not feel tired, so even though I was kept in a sling most of the time, I really felt like I got a good workout. It has also taken me a while to get around to writing this up, so apologies for that... 

One more item off my bucket list, or in this case, my Fuckit List. ;-)


  1. Happy New Year Will! Great story. You lucky boy you. Lucky men too. Keep it up. Let me know when you plan that trip to Atlanta. Maybe I can meet you there. Help each other out. So fucking hot.

  2. It is nice to see someone who is comfortable bb'ing with a poz but undetectable top. It adds so much more excitement with remote risk

  3. Sounds like a hot, hard time was had by all. Happy 2014, Will!

  4. Looking forward to knowing your blog :-)

  5. WOW! So hot! Just found you through iama{GAY}tekeeper.

  6. Are you getting an HIV (and other STDs) check anytime soon?

  7. I get checkups at a college clinic, the beauty of which is that they know what to check for.

  8. Hey man. I just stumbled across your blog. It's fucking hot as hell. Can you blog about your fuck music playlist? I want to have a group action this summer and music suggestions would be great.