Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blogs getting hotter and hotter

Blogs come and go. It's the times we live in. So when I've got time to cruise around, I love it when I find one that has my cock popping out of my pants and I have to squirt from what I've just read...

I added a couple of new blogs to my "favorites" list off to the side here... One by a male escort (fuck worker) who bangs raw unless he's paid to suit up, the other from a pig bottom (smooth butt) who loves getting banged by older dudes. Both blogs got me off this weekend.


p.s. got a hot one you follow? share it with me, bro.

3-28: here's one more: rawmasculinity .... HOT!


  1. Champ,
    Here's a really hot fucker I've been following on tumbler...

    1. thanks stud... I've checked it out- HOT- and added him. much obliged.

  2. Right back at ya, mate!

    Cheers for the shout-out and for the email...always appreciate getting feedback from spunks like yourself - keeps me motivated to keep on doin' what I fkn luv doin'...

    Currently working my way through your blog and havin' difficulty pullin' the plug...reckon a good pull outta do the trick for the time-being, which then leaves me with somethin' to look forward to later... ;)