Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weighty matters

Viewing this photo (reblogged from blk/in/white on tumblr), I’m imagining myself on my knees worshipping such an exquisite specimen, and my first physical contact is that moment when I reach out and heft this massive meaty appendage of black male potency, sizing up its length, girth, mass and weight in my inferior palm and feeling my pussy slightly twitch as my brain lustfully, willfully calculates the physics of accommodation necessary for my tight white cunt to be repeatedly raped raw by this black bull cock — moaning, screaming, even fighting — until in the end I am no longer the same person, my hole is left gaping open and my walls are coated with a stranger’s DNA that I can almost taste at the back of my throat.

God I love that moment… I love the physical sensation, the mental stimulation, the sexual anticipation, just from hefting it.


  1. Nice! Very nice! God,how I would love to be that man for you stud!

    1. thanks stud... coming from you that would be incredibly awesome.

      check your email. ;-)